Segun likes foluke alot, he approached her many times to make her aware of his love and intentions to date her but foluke did not accept and was not interested in him. Anytime segun pays shola a visit, dayo would always follow him. like play like play, foluke start to dey like dayo bacause dayo was the gentle type, before you know wetin dey happen, naa dayo and shola begin dey date. Finallly segun gave up trying to woo foluke and allowed her to date dayo. few years later, they graduated from school, went for NYSC, later on they got jobs. dayo works at a construction company, foluka also works in another company but the company doesn’t really pay much. dayo and foluke eventually got married.

******************2 years after **************

the love foluke has for dayo was unconditionally, she was so much in love she could do anything for him. On a faithful day at work, dayo mistakenly stepped on a nail, he was pained, he got put small spirit and plaster, life continues. Dayo’s injury refused to heal unfortunately, 1 week, 2weeks, 3weeks, on the fourth when he was about to go to office on a monday morning, he fell down he felt like like his leg was on fire. he was eventually taken to the hospital, after series of test, the doctor made it clear to him that his refusal to treat his injury properly, he has been infected with tetanus which is the reason he is a bit paralysed and he has to treat it within 3weeks to avoid the leg being amputated. the doctor administered a medicine for dayo to get, the drug cost alot, foluke went to dayo’s office to ask for funds but she was ignored by her husband boss. The husband’s boss was like he does not know anything about dayo’s injury and he cannot be of help to her. foluke also tried going to her office to ask for advance payment or loan but she threatened to be fire, she tried several other friend but everybody kept giving her excuses. after thinking for what seems an endless period of time, it struck her mind to call segun. she decided to call segun who happens to be in Abuja, she called segun and narrated the story to segun, the next two days segun arrived in lagos, segun tried to see dayo in person but he was not allowed at the hospital as the situation of dayo’s leg has worsen, he then asked foluke what was the necessary things needed. that was when foluke started crying, segun had to pity her, she told segun she has only one week left to get N450k to treat dayo but she does not know where to get that kind of money. segun smiled, yea you need this money desperately, he said and i know i am your last option, you know what, come meet me at my hotel tomorrow morning by 10:30am/11am. foluke thanked segun in advance that was it for the day as segun departed the hospital.

*********************Next Morning*****************

Next morning, foluke made it in time to the hotel to meet segun for the money, on getting there, she knocked, as Segun open the door, foluke meet segun in towel, she entered the room thinking maybe segun just finished having his bath but on the contrary just stood there with his towel looking at her, after like 2minutes of silence, foluke decided to break the silence by instructing segun to go and dress up but segun refused saying that there is no need to dress up after all she was suppose to be his girlfriend in the first place that if not of dayo she should have be married to him. foluke was suprised at the statement and taught to herself “wetin concern my husband’s health with the trash wey segun dey talk”. see you know you are still pretty i can’t get over you, segun said, “thank you” she replied.
Segun: you know what, the reason why i told you to come is because i wanted you to do something for me, the money is not a problem but i have a bigger problem.
foluke: which problem might that be?
Segun: the same problem i have always had with you, i can’t seem to get over you. i can’t stop.
foluke: what are trying to say.
segun: (wicked laughs) you can see me in towel, i will advice you to do the same.
foluke: what are you trying to say? you want to have s3x with me
segun: if you call it that, i don’t mind (sarcasm)
foluke: (starts sobbing) how can you do this, Are you mad? Are you ok? You must be joking, abi you you have forgotten i am your best friend’s wife nii? your best friend that use to help you in university days when you are always broke.
segun: That was in the university, this is my hotel room, are you ready or not?
foluke: (looks at segun in a disgust way and hissed) in your life, never you try that rubbish with me again. she carried her bag and storms out of the hotel room. segun was just giving a wicked laugh as foluke left his place in anger, in his mind he said “you will be back, i’m not going anywhere soon” meanwhile foluke was crying seriously on her way out as she was thinking on the next step to do. After three days she was contacted by the hospital and was told her husband once to speak with her. she rushed to the hospital, on getting there she found out that her husband case has gotten worst, as matter of fact she did not have a week to spare again, the infection needed attention, if not the infection would spread to the heart and that would be the end of dayo’s life. she was given 2days ultimatum to find money to treat her husband as the infection was spreading faster than anticipated. foluke was deep in taught with no possible outcome, she deicided to call segun.

foluke: hello
segun: hello, who is on the line
foluke: are you still at the hotel, its foluke
segun: which foluke
foluke: you know now, dayo’s wife
segun: oh ok, i am still at the hotel, what do you want?
foluke: oh ok, i would come.
segun: (evil chukles) ok. don’t wear something that would stress me, i also have other places to go, i don’t want to waste time.

Foluke hangs up, sat besides her husband, watching him sleep as she cries bitterly as she as made up her mind to rescue her husband at any cost. from there she went straight to segun’s place.

knon knok! she was at sgeun’s door step

segun: yes, who is that (he opens the door)

foluke hissed as she finds her way into the room, she was looking all sad, her eyes were red full with tears.

segun: do you want something to drink?

foluke: no

segun: would you eat, why are you so sad?

foluke: (with some anger in her tone) is the money available?

Segun: calm down baby, money is available…..
To be continued……..