meanwhile foluke just turned her face to the wall and cried. “i just want my husband to survive, he must not die” she taught. after all was said and done, segun gave her the N450k and added an extra N100k + transport fair of N50k to it and told her if she feels she can take it up from here, he is willing to pay a monthly salary of N300k. segun really enjoyed himself as he also teased foluke that he is sure she must have enjoyed it also. foluke just ignored collected all the money and ran to the hospital, paid the necessary bills, and told them to attend to her husband quickly. with immediate alacrity the doctors started work and in 2days dayo was already able to work tho he has not being discharged yet meanwhile for those 2days foluke was crying bitterly.

on the forth day the hospital contacted her that her husband was ok. on the getting to the hospital the first thing dayo did when he saw is wife was pray for her, he prayed and pray and also prayed that the source of the money will never go dry, on hearing that foluke started crying again. dayo felt it was tears of joy not knowing it she crying because of what she had to go through to get the money. after one week things came back to normal, dayo resumed work back, two months after the incident, dayo came back from work, sat his wife down as they started to gist, they had fun chatting until…………

dayo: do you know that exactly two months back i could have died
foluke: i thank God for your life
dayo: come to think about,do you know that up till today i have never asked of how you were able raise such an amount. how did you do it, you gave gave such money, i think we should at least show appreciation to the person and thanked the person.
foluke: (she looked at him in a pitiful way) no, never mind , don’t worry.
dayo: nooo, noooo, noooo, i’m feeling bad, even if it’s N50k we should be able to do something, 10;10k from my salary no bad,we need to show gratitude, this person saved my life, abi which bank did you loan it from?
foluke: (looks at him with pity and asked) do you want to know the truth?
dayo: ahn ahn! why not, this person saved my life naa.
foluke: you have to promise me that anything i say to you, you won’t use it against me?
dayo: you are my wife naa, why would i do such, what can it be, it can be that bad naa.
foluke: do you remember segun
dayo: my best friend, why not, so naa him provide the money, wow that’s great, i must go and pay him a visit then….
foluke: (interupts his excitement) no i haven’t finished.
dayo: what do you mean you haven’t finished, how much did he give you?
foluke: he gave me N600k
dayo: Oh God, that’s a good friend
foluke: (looks at him with disgust) A good friend ! a good friend you say?
dayo what do you mean by that question?

that’s was how foluke sat dayo down and explained the whole ordeal. dayo found it hard to believe because segun was like his best friend. foluke told him to call segun to confirm, as dayo wanted to do so, she told him “see it would only get worst if you call him because i’m sure he would brag over it with you. i’m your wife, i have never lied to you, you should believe me”. dayo was in shock and great disbelieve. “that was the only way i could raise money to save your life” foluke said. that’s how dayo just stood up and left the house, foluke tried to ask him where he was heading to but he did not reply, he just left. he came back home late at night fully drunk. from that day on, he would leave in the morning and come back drunk late at night. he would sleep in another room and lock the door preventing anybody from entering. after a while he stopped talking to the wife. after like 5weeks dayo called foluke for a serious discussion. foluke was happy that finally her husband wants to talk to her. “i am going out now, by the time i come back i want all your belongings out of this house” dayo told foluke. dayo went out after he made himself clear, foluke did has instructed. foluke later tried reaching dayo hoping he would eventually forgive her but to her suprise, dayo filed for divorce. foluke was shocked. “after all i did for this man, he wants a divorce, i did it for him to survive, i know he is just annoyed, i will be patient with him” so she taught. like play like play, one month pass, two months, three months, six months, the next thing foluke heard was her husband was getting married to another person. foluke lost balance, hope, faith, she starting pondering every second of her life, until she was hit by a truck while she was crossing the road, she did not die but she is in a state of comma. dayo was informed about foluke’s state and he was like he would see what he can do but he cannot do more than himself that the hospital can also contact segun too.
To be continued………….