9JA Story: Love And Sacrifice Untold. [Part 3] || written by #michael_ghost


Yea we all know Segun and Foluke had s3x to save dayo but what we don’t know is what really happened at the hotel, Now let’s find out what really happened….

…..She couldn’t believe segun, her husband’s best friend, ‘he use to be a nice guy then, why would he want to hurt her this bad.’ she was in thoughts. Segun locked the door and decided to tease her little trying to be gentle and she started to struggle. He held her down with one arm, his elbow digging into her back he tugged her skirt up over her hips, exposing a black lace thong. She heard his low chuckle as he removed it and pushed it in front of her face. “Tell me you don’t want this… look how nice you saint, folubaby”. He ground his now obvious erection against her arse, and she could feel the heat of his hardness even through his clothes. “It’s OK, I’m feeling it too, do what want do to me fast i don’t have much time i need to save my husband”, she said. I’m going to f¿ck you like a good wife, make you scream before I’m done”.

I’m going to spank you until you apologise. I want you to say ‘my love, I’m sorry. I’ll try to be a better wife’. Do you understand?” segun replied.
“Fuck you segun, get off me, all because of my husband’s predicament abi”.
She yelled in shock as he slapped my bum hard, his hand spanning the entire cheek, a dull thud of pain fading to a stinging burn. He paused a second, then hit the other cheek. There was another small pause, and then he started to laugh. “It’s only going to get worse foluke. You don’t have a choice, so you should just give in and say it”.
She shouted in anger. No way was she going to let him win on this, ‘no way was he going to get away with manhandling me like some wayward schoolchild. She is an adult and she is somebody’s wife at that. “You filthy sick bastard, you pervert”. She yelled.

She never intended it to go this far, and her plan was to make him not enjoy himself but Segun himself had other plans. Maybe she never really understood segun properly, he was suppose to be her husband’s best friend after all, she knew she was going to regret her actions but she needed to save her dear husband.
She knew she didn’t have a hope of fighting him off, and the knowledge so outraged her that she started to struggle in earnest, yelling at him to let her go. “So… my little foluke needs discipline? Too bad you just have to be obedient, I don’t really have time to struggle with you and I can’t let such blatant disrespect go.
Suddenly segun stopped everything, and lay across her back to let her feel his full weight pressing her into the bed, making it difficult for her to breathe. He whispered gently into my ear “That’s fine, oya Come dey go, e be like say the money no too important to you. Your husband will just die because of your shakara, after all two of us were suppose to be dating, I don’t know what you saw in dayo but that’s not my concern. Your call.”.

She couldn’t believe what she was hearing, but in a sickening jolt of realisation she knew he was right, her struggling might lead to dayo’s death, if she was not fast enough, it would be terrible for her to loose in two places. She realised she had no power to stop this unless she was prepared to lose her husband. She couldn’t afford not to get the money unfortunately Segun was her only possible option. She became more conciliatory, wheedling almost, feeling all her power ebb away and desperately trying to come up with a new plan, her mind reeling. “segun, please i really need this favour. Please, let’s work something out without involving s3x. There has to be some way to resolve it.”
“There is. You’re lying across my bed, my handprints on your arse. Do as you’re told and you get to save your husband. Be disobedient and you don’t. It’s quite simple, I assure you”.
She thought about it for a second, and realised that infuriatingly she had no choice. She couldn’t bring herself to speak, so acting on the premise that actions speak louder than words she dropped her head to the bed and moved her feet apart, giving him better access to her p**sy. When he was sure she wasn’t going to struggle he stood up, and grabbing her bum cheek with one hand he landed the hardest blow yet, sending a thud of pain through her body, making her core ache with the sting.
“I’ve said OK segun, I’ve told you I’ll do it. Please, there’s no need to hit me”
“Have you said what I asked you to foluke?” *smack* “Have you?”
She couldn’t remember what she was supposed to say. Her mind, her greatest asset, failed her completely and remained determinedly blank, and segun started to spank in earnest until her whole bum was burning and she was shaking with pain and hatred. “segun, I-”
“my love, anytime we are alone, in private, in my office or at my house from now on. My love”
“I’m sorry my love, I can’t remember what to say”

A pause, and then he sighed in exasperation, his breath brushing her neck to send a shiver through her as he bent down to murmur in her ear. “Fine, repeat after me. My love, I’m sorry”
She hesitated for a second, knowing that once she said the words there was no going back, then she steeled herself and in a voice barely higher than a whisper she repeated “My love, I’m sorry”
He threw his head back and laughed in joy at her submission, at having beaten her and broken her will. “I’ll try to be a better wife”.
“I’ll try to be a better wife”
“Good girl, say it again”

Her face was burning, an ominous pressure behind my sinuses suggesting tears were threatening as she repeated in a stronger voice “I’ll try to be a better wife”.
She moaned as she felt segun’s ease his hard preeq into her, and couldn’t help more noises escaping as he pulled his hips back only to swing them back into her, moving faster and harder as he used her. It was too frantic to last long, and he bit her shoulder before growling “again, louder”

“I’ll mph… try to be mph… a better wife”
He let loose then, hammering away at her, pulling her hair, slapping her tits, shoving brutally into her. “Scream it baby, cum for me”
She screwed up her face as she screamed “I’LL TRY TO BE A BETTER wife SIR, OH GOD!”. Very funny she started to orgasm around segun’s preeq, grunting and moaning, and he grabbed her hips to shove all the way into her as his hot cum spurted deep within her. There was nothing but their panting for a moment, then as he pulled out he wiped his preeq across her crimson arse before fastening his trousers. She stood up on shaky legs and tried to rearrange her clothing, adrenaline coursing through her and making her hands tremble.
“So, please feel free to come back if you want, I am sure you enjoyed it. ”
She was taken aback, she thought this was a one-off, not to be repeated, and she said as much to him. “Oh no, a whore gets paid for sex. If you’re taking an ongoing salary I expect this to be an ongoing arrangement” segun told her.
“But I’m not a whore, I’m not, you took advantage of me and you know it”
Segun laughed loudly before gently slapping her face. “You just fucked me to save your husband. You had sex for money, and that makes you a sex worker but if it becomes a constant contract between us, you become my wife. Don’t fight it, revel in it. You’re a hot fuck and it makes sense to do what you’re good at”.

He unlocked the door and let her out, as he gave her more than enough money. She felt bad, she could smell her s3x and she looked back at him, unsure, even as shecould feel a combination of hatred and her p¿ssy was saying thank you instead.
“be fast and go and save your husband, consider me a helper anytime”.
“Yes se… my love” she heard herself say as she scurried away, humiliated beyond belief…..

To be continued.……….


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