True life story: My roommate and a snake


I feel that I should also share experience of my
roommate in school. Her name is Linda; a 300 level
student of the Chemical engineering department. It
happened that she met this man from a particular
social network called “badoo”. At first, she was
always excited every evening when this man calls her on phone. I was genuinely so much happy
for her, because she has gone through a lot in the
hands of
terrible men.

The man on this particular day invited
her to
his country side, but since she has not met with him before, she begged me to accompany her to the
place. So we both decided to make a 6hour trip just
to make her happy.
Meanwhile, I called my Pastor and told him about it,
he tried to stop me from following her. I never
wanted to look like enemy of progress; I decided to pray and ignore
pastor and follow her on that said day. On getting to
the said address, he was there waiting for us. We
pleasantry as we followed him to the room where we will
pass the night, so I excused myself from the room to
allow them have plenty of time to themselves. I didn’t
eat from him that night because we ate on the road
while coming. I was just too tired, so I dosed off.
Around 2:15am exactly, I heard some noise, so woke up and turn on the light in the sitting room, it
sounded like a serious struggle. So in my mind I felt
probably they were having sex, I tried to ignore the
noise, but I was kind of disturbed. Linda managed to
let out a scream calling out my name, immediately I
jumped up. I dashed straight to the door, it was locked, I did all I can to open it, but no avail, I no
remember the technique my younger brother taught
me about door locks, so I immediately tried it on the
door and it open. I was in shocked when I discover a
snake swallowing my roommate, which was all I
remembered. Next was that, I woke, but the snake was just still and calm steering at me, it couldn’t make
any move, I ran out to call for help that morning, it
around 6:40am, so passersby came by to help, but it
was too late. They killed the snake, but she was
dead. It was just too late, too late. *Tears.*

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