#Seductionseries: The Night Is Just Beginning…

#Seductionseries #06

Let’s start the story with panties off. That means we’re past the part where I’m running the tips of my fingers up and down your legs.

In what seemed like a pattern of slow, slow, fast, fast but never seems to stick long enough where you want it to. But just enough that you want to see what I can do. With the panties off comes the real teasing. As I slide my finger just along the edge of your pussy. In a clockwise direction. Tingling sensations. A good tingling. It’s obvious where I’m going next isn’t it? Not so much as I venture south down your inner thigh. Jumping over to the other thigh and running up back to the ‘clock’. A few more strokes past midnight and this is becoming just a little too much as sweet juices start to seep out of your still unparted lips. I immediately use this opportunity to rub my finger straight through the middle. Opening the lips, wetting my finger, and giving you a slight gasp. A nice slippery slide down the left, and up the right makes you whimper ever so slightly because you know I’m not done teasing quite yet.

My clockwise motions around your pussy seem to narrow getting smaller and smaller. Small enough that only one thing could possibly fit in such a beautifully crafted circle. One more run through the center as I instinctively find your clit and start circling it ever so gently. Sometimes to the left, and sometimes to the right. If there is a pattern you really can’t tell and you really don’t care because now it’s starting to feel real good. Your breathing is getting heavier and your body tensing. Focusing on my finger, following it with your mind, itching for more. My lips close around your mouth and yours instinctively do the same. You give a slight opening with your tongue ready. An invitation not hesitated upon as my tongue comes out to greet yours. The activity downstairs never stops, or misses a beat as we continue making out.

My lips part from yours drawing over your cheek with a kiss, down your shoulder for another kiss. The top of your chest down to your stomach the kisses continue. Just above your hip is the last kiss before I slide back up for a kiss on your lips. As I open my mouth wider to allow for more frenching you mirror in anticipation. I drop all the way down to your other lips completely throwing you off. I slide my tongue along your inner right thigh straight to your pussy. The same clockwork the finger did, the tongue now follows, except it feels so much better this time. So much more intricate and pleasing. You go back to closing your eyes, focusing on long deep breaths. Your hands instinctively reach for my head holding it down in case there was just a thought of surfacing for air or a break. But there never was 😉 My tongue continues what it does best. Being long, slippery, unconstrained and unpredictable. Pleasing each and every corner of your pussy and clit. Taking a moment to focus on one then the other then both.

You start stretching and breathing harder. Your fingers grasping at my head as I bring my free hand up near your mouth. You take a finger in your mouth rolling your tongue around it. Something to keep it preoccupied as the rest of your body swims in pleasure. I can’t stop, I don’t want to stop, and you don’t want me to stop either, but eventually it becomes too much for either of us to continue on. We must move on to other activities. I mean the night’s only just beginning…

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