The club was insanely loud. Lagos clubs usually are. Party girls and boys littered the not-so-large space on the dance-floor. I was tired and I decided to sit this dance out. My boyfriend was somewhere in the bar, trying to get us drinks. I tried to catch a glimpse of him but it was impossible through the crowd. My eyes caught something I was not searching for.

He was attractive, in a rugged way. He hung out alone at the corner, checking out the dancers and partiers. As if he felt me looking at him, he looked my way. Our eyes met, and something sparked. I was suddenly so glad I wore my green, sparkly and tight mini-dress tonight as opposed to the jeans and T-shirt my boyfriend wanted me to wear. I felt sexy as the stranger kept drinking me in – from my straight, long hair to my hot-red shoes. I saw approval in his eyes when he looked at me once again. I avoided his gaze. It was starting to excite me.

About 5 minutes later, my boyfriend came back with our drinks. I must have looked like someone that wants to be fucked because he asked “babe, what’s wrong?”

‘Nothing. Just a little tired, that’s all.”

“You wanna dance? You might feel much better and energetic after another dance.”

I doubted this.

“Nahh, I would much rather hang here and enjoy the view. You could go dance, if you want.”

This was one of the things I loved about our relationship. We are not overly jealous of each other. I could ask him to go have some party fun with girls on the dance-floor without any kind of resentment.

He hung out with me for a couple more minutes then got up to go.

I watched him leave. I watched him approach some girl to dance. No doubt about it, my man’s got moves. I tore my eyes from them and proceeded to search for my my hot stranger. Couldn’t find him. I wondered if he left.

Some barman tapped me and gave me a note.

“Wanna come outside the bar for a quick conversation?” The note said.

I did not hesitate. Boyfriend was having a great time and once he starts to get in the zone like he obviously was, it takes him hours to take a break.

I stepped out into the cold night, It did not take me long to spot my stranger. He was leaning against the wall, having a smoke.

“Errr, you know you cannot just assume I would leave my man and come right out just ‘coz you called.” I said when I approached him.

“You man seems not to be missing you, and I was.”

“You were missing me? You don’t even know me.”

“You don’t know me either, yet you are out here. Do I assume you do this to all the men who come calling?”

I did not reply. I took the cigarette from his lips and puffed, eyeing him as I let the smoke out.

“So, I am here, what do you want?” I asked.

“Lift up you dress. I have spent the better part of tonight wondering if you are wearing panties.”

I gave him back his cig, slowly raised my dress and I could see him squint in the dark to catch a glimpse.

“You like what you see? It’s all shaved.” I said with a smile.

“Hmm….” He reached into me with fingers.

“You are moist.” He whispered. Then to my disappointment, he took out his hand, leaned back against the wall and kept on looking at me thoughtfully. I said nothing. I knew the games he was playing and I was willing to play. He kept his eyes on me as I leaned beside him and took in the scene around us.

I wanted him, no doubt. I wanted him to fuck the hell out of me. But I was willing to wait.

He took his time, finished his cig and turned to me.

“Would you like to go somewhere a little more… private?” He asked.

“Why? ”

“Because, in case you haven’t noticed, Sexy, we are in full glare of anyone passing by”


My stranger gave me his curious look once again. I met his gaze this time, for  few seconds and said “You wanna take off my clothes or shall I?”

Everything happened in the space of 2 seconds. He pushed me against the wall, took of my dress, wrapped one of my legs around me and drove deep into me.

“Ahhhhh… yeah. I knew it. I knew you had a big, hard dick.” I moaned

He suddenly kissed me with such passion and need that, for a moment, I forgot who or where I was.

He then decided to put his mouth to another use. He moved to one of my breasts and proceeded to take my nipples in his mouth. I moaned even louder.

“Fuck this pussy baby, fuck me fucking harder. Tear this damn pussy up like you paid for it.” I screamed.

In the haze of my being-fucked-state, I could a glimpse a couple of people looking into our corner. This got me so damn turned-on. I loved being watched. It was exciting to know that people were hearing me scream like a pussy being fucked good.

“Harderrrr….” I screamed even louder.

He did as he was told. He fucked me so hard it started to hurt. This was what I loved about men with big dicks. They know how to fuck you straight to your bone. I could feel him in places no man has never been able to reach. He opened me up wider by adjusting my leg and lifting it even higher. His head was buried in her neck while his other hand pushed against the wall as he gave me some good, hard, fuck.

“Ohmygod, don’t stop, I am cumming, please don’t stop now.” I begged as I began to feel myself drift into that zone that made me know I was about to explode.

He reached for my breast once again and began toying with my nipple with his mouth. I lost it and screamed out loud as I released my orgasm.

My legs were trembling now and I was loving this. He flipped me over so fast that before I knew it, his finger was in my asshole.

“I have been thinking about you ass all night.” He said as he began to rim me. “Spread your legs,” he added.
I did as I was told and without warning, he brought is dick straight into me from behind and began to fuck me in earnest. With each thrust, I could feel myself building into another orgasm. He grabbed my ass, with his nails digging hard into me and continued to fuck me. He suddenly reached to my clit from the back and started the sweet, torturous massage. I knew my next orgasm was going to be fucking loud. And I was right. I screamed into the wall as he massaged my pussy in the most sensual way ever.

“I want to fuck your asshole.” He whispered.

At this point, I did not care. He could fuck whatever hole he wanted. I felt his hardness up my ass and bit my lips as I felt the sweet combination of both pain and pleasure.

He gave my tight, asshole a good fuck until finally, he grabbed by breasts from the back, went into me as deep as he could go and found his release up my ass.

While breathing heavily, I adjusted my dress and hair while be zipped his pants.

“Nice meeting you.” I said. And without another word, I walked out into the club.

“Where have you been.” My boyfriend asked as he met me at the doorway.

“Just went out for some air”

“Ohh.. ok.” He looked at me curiously for a while and asked “We can go home now if you want, so you can get some rest.”

“Nahhh,” I replied “I feel suddenly energetic. Let’s go dance”

I smiled to myself as he held my hand and led me to the dance floor.