Pemisire was still at the same spot until she made a move to peep at the entrance, if there was no one there. She didn’t know what would become of her father and twin sister if she ran away. She was agitated, short of ideas at that time. If she didn’t leave that spot as early as possible, she might even be caught.


    “Alright, tell me. Where are the classic documents?” The guy questioned Davies.

    He had already made them kneel on the floor as he stood like a mountain before them, wearing the face of a hungry lion that could devour any animal seen. He was breathing heavily, to make his anger known to them. “There are no documents.” Davies replied.

    “I hate liars!” The guy roared as he hit his hand on Davies’ head and made him lay on the floor. His breathing hadn’t changed, neither the look on his face. He looked into Pemisayo’s eyes and walked closer to her. “I repeat, for the last time. Where is that bag in which documents are?”

    Pemisayo couldn’t tell. She didn’t even know any document existed, if she knew, she’d have told the meniac guy before her as she shivered on her kneels. She was just quiet, it was just a earring that was on her, the second one must have fallen while she was trying to obey the assassin.

    He gave a wicked laughter and brought out his phone. He punched some buttons and stepped aside to make a call, maybe to the person who sent them. “Proving stubborn, boss.” He said and was quiet for a moment.

    “Alright, the ball is in my court? I’ll waste them.” He said and ended the call. He walked back to them exasperatingly and pulled Davies up. “Now…” he was about to talk when his accompanist stepped out. “No other person.” He stated as he walked closer.

    “No problem. They will be wasted.” He laughed and faced Davies again. “Where are the documents? For your information, Mart is already dead and all his companies would be shut down soon. You know what I’m saying, don’t you?”

    Davies had lost control then, he looked worn out as he knelt before him. “I.. d.. don..don’t.” He stammered.

    “Don’t tell me that crap!” He blurted as he stood upright and faced the fellow guy.

    “What do we do now?” The guy asked.

    “I was told they are three in this house, make sure you get that last lady! From all indications, it seems she has the documents.” He responded swinging his hands along.

    “Alright.” The guy replied and hastened back.



    I think I better go inside back. This guy keeps repeating that word ‘waste’, was it Lawrence that sent them? If this classic documents will be the one to destroy my family, I think going back will be the best. Pemisayo must not die, neither dad. What have they been passing through there? There’s no way I can raise an alarm, I’m not sure if they’ve not been in some places, hiding and watching out to get me. This is frustrating! I reall.. I really don’t know!

    Money is the root of all evil, if not for the wealth, why would they be looking for the documents? What’s the….. wait, was that a gun…shot gunshot?”


    “Pemi!” Pemisire screamed as she shook her twin sister continuously. She was shivering, tears running down her cheeks as she held on to her and screamed again. She had flung the attaché case to a side and was in the saddest mood ever. The white terracotta tiles had turn to red already as the blood of her twin sister and father had gushed out immensely. “No!” She weeped.

    She turned around and sighted her father again. “Your…id..identity..tity..” he said and gave up at once.

    She never knew he could still speak, she held on to his Ankara dress and shouted. She turned to her twin sister too, she didn’t even know which to hold, it was still like a dream. She was breathing heavily, her cherished white skirt had turned red, even her v-neck was blood-stained. It really looked like the end.



    Richard rose up from his brass full-sized bed and yawned. He shook his head and yawned again and stretched along. As he opened his eyes fully, they caught the pieces of the shattered mirror on the floor. He couldn’t pack it up the night before.

    He took a glance at his wounded hand and raised his head to check what time it was. It was six-thirty in the morning. He scratched his head snd sank back into the bed.

    As he sat, he stared at the picture of his sister that was placed on the Sony Television which was at a certain angle, facing the bed. His room was not too big but it was well decorated for him, by his friends. He didn’t have time for decorating the room, all he did was to enter into the room to either sleep or cry.

    The room was wallpapered in predominantly christain calligraphies on the lavender walls. It had two windows, adjacent to each other and with a computer table which had a swiveling lamp, placed on it. He had his shoe rack at angle, near to his wardrobe and checkered curtains. The room also had a small gray bookshelf filled with some of his files and diaries, a well rugged abode with a brown ceiling fan.

     “I think this alcohol worked out.” He said softly as he laid his hand on his sister’s picture and stared at it. Usually, he wouldn’t sleep like he did, he did sleep for few hours and use the remaining hours of the night to cry or question God.

    It would be a very nice thing to keep doing, if that would scare his worries away. “Christina Omolara.” He called her name softly and smiled faintly. As he kept staring, his phone buzzed.

    “Hope there’s no problem again?” He asked Stephanie as he picked up the call.

    “She’s ill.” Steph replied Richard almost instantaneously.

    “Again?” He asked as he looked terrible, down in tears again. He flung the phone to the other side of the bed and knelt on the floor as usual. “Anaemia!” He burst out.

    He stood on his feet at once and walked out of his room, aiming to drive to his parent’s house. He looked bellicose.


    “Off to where?” Uche asked Richard as they both ran into each other.

    “Somewhere important.” He replied without waiting to discuss more.

    “Richie! Where? You look horrible!” Uche shouted and walked before him as quick as he could.

    “Guy! My sister is ill again. I think I still have something to sort out with these parents of mine.” He replied as he halted.

    “Your sister is ill, instead of you to go to her place and help her to the hospital, you’re here talking about fighting your parents.” Uche hissed.

    “You won’t understand me.” Richard walked away.


    “Tell me this is a lie!” Helen shut the door and moved closer to Pemisire.

   “They… d..died.” Pemisire cried.

    “Died? Wait.. I don’t get this. You came all the way from Lagos to Ibadan here?”

    “Helen, please.. I just don’t… I don’t know!” She kept crying.

    “What happened? You shouldn’t be here crying.” Helen sat beside her on the Vitafoam that was on the carpet in the small room. It was a small room with the small matress at the left corner of the room when the door was flung open to the right. It had a black wall clock, a small television and DVD player with a fan near the reading table which was located close to the wall at the back of the room. The room was painted bice-blue colour and had asbestos ceiling. It was a rented apartment.

    “They were killed.. Dad.. Pemisayo..”

    Helen shook her head sadly and held Pemisire’s shoulder. “You shouldn’t cry, don’t cry.” She repeated.

    Pemisire couldn’t hold the tears back, she didn’t even care if she’d be killed overnight, she sat with the corpses till it was morning again and left the house when it was past four that morning. Her eyes were red and her body was still stained with blood. “I shouldn’t?” She continued weeping.

    “Yes! Remember all you did tell me when we were in school, remember life is not a bed of roses, do you remember your nickname? A man’s destiny? I think you should recall all those days you’d sit with me and admonish me about my future, about life. Don’t let this weigh you down, and besides, what really happened?” She asked.

    They were close friends when they were still in the university, they were also roommates that did share everything they had. Helen had lost her family to a fatal accident while she was about completing her secondary school education. She was living with her father’s sister who turned out to be monstrous to her overnight and made life uneasy for her after he tertiary education. She had to rent a room and became a chemistry teacher to make living.


    “I was with my family, twenty-four hours ago. I was talking with my sister.. many hours back. I never knew that would be the.. the very last time we would talk.” She burst out again.

    Helen heaved a sigh and wiped her lone tear. “You can’t be like this forever! We should thank God for sparing your life. Let me give you one fact of life, one thing is that God created us in such a way that we are greater than all things. All the animals, even weather! We can shield ourselves whenever it rains or when it’s sunny but animals can’t do this! The first thing is to always thank God for creating you as a man, not a goat and even appreciate him even in the times of trial. You can’t tell who might have killed your family but it might be you the person came for! Something is just that you can’t have everything in life!” She clapped her hands together and paused.

    Pemisire turned around and looked at her. “One can’t have everything in this life?”

    “Sure! I know you’re full of wisdom and you’re as well comprehensive. The news that was broadcasted last night was about the death of the popular man your dad worked with; Mart. It’s all over the world already that the man died, even though he was in money, I mean cash! He didn’t have everything! He had sickness, some people’s maybe be barreness, others maybe any other kind of disturbance. It’s for a purpose.”

    “What purpose?”

    “Hmmn…” Helen smiled faintly.


    “My friend, get out of my way!” Richard pushed the security man out of his way and entered into the house. He looked browned-off and blue in the face as he stepped inside the compound. For the gate keeper to have refused opening the gate, it must be an order from his parents.

    He was dressed in casual white shirt and a brown loosed-fitting trouser as he stood before the house in the compound, checking the house out. It had changed from how he left it. He hissed and walked in briskly, that wasn’t what he came for.

    “Hello!” He bustled in through the door and met his parents on the dinning, already eating breakfast.

    “Breakfast?” He glanced at the wall clock and walked closer. His ‘hello’ wasn’t replied, he never cared likewise. Wasn’t it too early to eat? “I said hello!” He walked closer.

    “How did you get into this compound? Have you forgotten your words?” His father challenged him.

    “I came here just to tell you that you’ve succeeded in making her sick again, everytime she gets sick, I’ll curse you!”

    “Was Musa not at the gate? How did you enter?”

    “I never knew you’ve told him you don’t wish to see me any longer. I have never seen this kind of parents before, you’re callous, always unmoved, wicked and heartless! Don’t you two know you aren’t meant for each other? See what you’ve turned Christina too, a sickler without hope.. you’re wicked!”

    His mother smiled faintly. “You’re so senseless! You lack courtesy and etiquette. She has anaemia, yes, we never denied her until you two behaved stupidly. I thought you could handle it yourself.”

    “Is this a mother?” He gave her a stern look while the woman stood furiously and slapped him. “How dare you?”

    “I’m not moved to an inch, even if you wish to stab me. I know your type, always trying to satisfy your selfish desires at the detriment of your children. If she dies, I’m going to kill you, Dad and myself.” He walked out as he held on to his cheek, weeping.


Lawrence walked into Davies’ house with his two men. He looked enraged as he stepped into the house. “You mean that last lady must have escaped?” He asked.

    “Yes sir.. or maybe she wasn’t around.” One of the guys replied.

    “No, I’m sure! I’m really sure.” He repeated. “We have to get this place cleaned up and make sure these corpses are packed. I called the hospital already, for the ambulance. And, search the whole house thoroughly for that attaché case, it contains the vital documents.”

    “Yes boss.” The guys chorused.

    “After we worked for many years, how could he be the only one who will inherit all the companies? Just get all that done, I hope you aren’t armed.”

    “We are not, sir.”

    “That’s good, you know I have to be at Mart’s place too, concerning his death and the likes.” He said.

    “Alright boss.”

    “So, search everywhere thoroughly for the documents or any vital evidence.” He said and walked out.


    Richard hastened into his sister’s room as the door was opened by Stephanie. “Bestie, how are you?” He quickly asked.

    She looked pale and ill. “I’m not alright at all.” She replied as she breathed slowly.

    “Again? What really happened?” He asked Stephanie.

    “She’s been feeling somehow since yesterday evening till this morning that everything had gone worse.”

    “Alright… but you should have called me yesterday, that’s not the case now sha let’s go to the hospital.” He said as he brushed to his feet.


    “Did you bring your wears?” Helen asked Pemisire.

    “I’m with nothing but the attaché case on the floor. That was the last thing my dad gave me.” She had laid then with her hand crossed over her head.

    “Like.. you mean the whole documents to Mart’s wealth is in there?” Helen asked as she gazed at the attaché case.

    “Yes, all. I never knew that what all that would wipe my family out, if I knew, I would have fought against it.”

    “How? You ran away when the beasts entered into your house, how would you have done it?”

     “Helen.. I’m not feeling very alright at all, I’m feeling sleepy but I don’t know why I can’t sleep.” She spoke quietly as she took off her hand.

    “Hmmn… the best thing to be done is just to take a cold shower and then you sleep. I have lesson notes to write and as well wash some clothes, will you come and take your bath now?”

    “Ye..yes.” She had started crying again.


    “Romeo… a whole bottle.” Richard sat down as he addressed the male bartender. He had dropped off his sister at the hospital with her friend and thought he should come and wash down his worries.

    It had been hard on him to avoid thinking on what was happening. The only new companion he had was alcohol, it would make the worries fade away. He smiled as the bartender approached him, he was wondering that he had started knowing various types of wines. “Thank you.” He said and poured the wine into the wine glass cup before him.

    It was Saturday morning. He looked around and could sight just few people in there, they might have come to wash down their worries like he was doing.

    Within ten minutes, he finished the whole bottle of the red wine and demanded for more. It was working out for him, he smiled as he continued drinking until it was twelve noon. He was already drunk then and out of control. He went ahead to pay for his drink and overpaid before he walked out, into the sunny atmosphere with his eyes dimmed and laid down at the back seat of his car and slept off.

    He also knew if he should try driving that time, blood would flow.



    Richard came out of the car soaked with sweat. He stretched and yawned continuously and fickled his hand to check what time it was, on his leather wristwatch.  “Ah!” He exclaimed and entered into the car quickly. He removed his phone and car key from the pocket as he shut the door with his left hand and yawned again.

    He had sixty-one missed calls already, from his friends and from Stephanie. As he sighted Steph’s name, he sped off to the hospital to check on his sister.

    As he flung the door open, he saw Stephanie seated on a brown seat at the waiting room. “How far?” He approached her fleetly.

    “I don’t know, I called you earlier but you didn’t pick it.” She said as she rose to her feet.

    “Yeah, I.. I was doing something. So where are the Doctors?”

    “See, her condition is somehow critical bro, Doctor Kate has been with her since.” Steph explained.

    “Critical again?” 

    “Yes, I don’t even know what to do.” She sighed as she sat again.  Richard turned his back at her and looked sad again, he really looked annoyed and fed up of the whole situation, what would he do? Pray to a God that wouldn’t answer him or what?

    “Whether you like it or not, my sister must live! Why do you like being partial? You give some people sound health and some, a very bad one! Some people are as rich as Dangote, Mart, Bill Gates and many more, why is mine this way? Why is my sister’s health upside down? And you call yourself a God!” He shouted.

    “Easy, Richie.” Stephanie tapped him.

    He had started crying again.


    “We couldn’t find the documents and attaché case but we found an evidence.” One of Lawrence’s guys stated.

    “Really? What?” Lawrence asked.

    The guys brought out Pemisire’s diary and gave Lawrence. “This diary.”

    Lawrence smiled as he collected it. “That’s why I trust you guys!” He looked through it and found Pemisire’s picture, and her top secret on the issue of attaché case that her father gave her. “It means this girl knows the secret, she has the documents, we must get her!” He stood up as he looked indignant. “She must be gotten!” He roared.

    “Yes boss, but how do we start?” One of them asked.

    “Just leave for now, I have to read this diary well, I think it should contain places where she might have gone to.”

    “Alright boss, that’s true.” The guys stood up and left.

    Lawrence sat quickly and started reading the events in the diary well, he had to get Pemisire, she was his last hope then.


    “He kept on repeating my identity before he finally died.” Pemisire told Helen sadly, with her back against the wall as she was seated on the floor.

    “Really? So how do we start? We really have to hide your identity and this attaché case. If you’re gotten, it might lead to something even more disastrous.”

    “Yeah, the first problem is you. How are you going to keep it unknown to people that I’m not Pemisire, I’m not the one with these documents?”

    “It’s a simple thing, we’re sisters and I can’t betray this trust that you have in me. Pemisire, the problem is you. You should be the one to know how you will keep your name unknown to people. You know you won’t be able to return to Lagos, even for years because of this identity.”

    Pemisire stood up and smiled faintly. “Alright, that’s not a problem. Once I don’t have a problem with you, there’s no problem. The next thing is just about the work I’ll start doing.”

    “Can you work in a bar for now? I saw a vacancy post at Hexagon Club and Bar, the place is not really far from here.”

    “I will, but for now I wish to be at home. I’m not in the mood to do any work, or else.” She said and laid on the bed.

    “I understand you.” Helen smiled too.



    Richard and Stephanie walked into the ward and met Christina in pain as she was treated by Doctor Kate and Doctor Esther. Both walked fastly towards them with widened eyes, wondering what had made her be in severe pain. “Doctors, what’s wrong with her?” They chorused.

    “I think you should see me in my office.” Doctor Kate told him.

    He quickly grabbed her hand and checked her pulse and face the Doctors again. “Her rate of breathing is severely bad, talk to me  what’s happening?” He started weeping as he saw tears in Christie’s eyes. The Doctors also looked sad and unhappy with the situation on ground, “just let us meet.” Doctor Kate said again and walked out with Doctor Esther, both were sad and downcast. “How are you bestie?” He held her hand again.

     She shook her head continuously, trying to tell him she wasn’t alright. She was in pain as she writhe to the right and left sides of the bed, weeping along. Her heartbeat had increased rapidly and she had shortness of breath. “I’ll be back, let me check in the Doctor. But, crying won’t solve the matter, please don’t cry.” He wiped her tears with his right thumb and broke down in tears again. “I’m sure you will live, I’m sure this is just a test, I’m sure it’s just a trial to know if we can withstand this. You will rise again to be greater than who you… who you.. are.” He kept crying as he stared into her eyes.

    Christina wished to speak too but she couldn’t. Her two lips were shaking but her words weren’t heard again, Stephanie was crying also, pitying the condition she was in. She wished it could be taken away from her. If she really scrape through death, God really loved her and must have preserved her life for his glory. The room was filled with sadness and tears from them all. “Please stop!” Richard wiped her tears again, tears hadn’t stopped rolling down his cheeks then but he couldn’t watch Christie cry, even in her condition.


    “What’s the problem now, Doctor Kate.” Richard flung the door open as he entered into the Doctor’s office with her. “Don’t be broken apart Mr Richard, please sit down.” The young lady said as she took off the stethoscope from her neck.

    Richard sat quickly. “What’s happening?” He asked again, impatiently.

    “The problem for now is the shortness of breath, the rate of her heartbeat and painful joints caused by arthritis. What we should start doing is to be prayerful concerning her health so heart failure wouldn’t start soon because of too much iron from blood transfusions.” She stopped for a while and continued. “We also have to carry out these tests as soon as possible.The Complete blood count ( CBC ), Hemoglobin electrophoresis and Serum creatinine.”

    Richard placed his head on the table and continued crying. His face was oily already, the home sadness and tears. “Just do anything to save Christina, anything!” He repeated and stood up.

    He pulled up his dress to wipe his face before he left the Doctor’s office to check on Christiana again, and drove back to his abode- Hexagon Club and Bar to drink.


    “I’m getting impatient, Jay. He didn’t pick up his calls since morning, neither did he call. I think we should go and check on hkm in the hospital.” Uche said.

    “Do you think Richard is in the hospital? I don’t think so.” He hissed and squinted his face.

    “But at least, let’s go and check on him.” Uche said and rose up.

    Jay hissed. “I just pray this guy won’t disturb my night, I have to be in club tonight.”

    “Let’s try, let’s look for him and I’m sure he must be there.”



    “What is your problem? I’m I not… not going to.. pay you?” Richard accused the bartender.

    “I just feel you’ve taken enough sir, please you should now take your leave.”

    “What.. an insult! What’s your.. own..” He spoke and hit his hand on the table before him. “I want Baron!”

    Uche and Jay walked into the bar and sighted him at their usual place. They had gone to the hospital and couldn’t find him, it was Jay that suggested their search to the bar. “I told you!” He said as he walked in with Uche.

    “I never knew he could come here.” Uche approached him. “Richard!” He called him as he stood at his front.

    “Tope, how are you?” Richard asked as he tried to raise his head up.

    “Who’s Tope? This guy’s completely out of it.” Jay hissed and tapped him.

    “What’s happening? Since when has he been drinking?” Uche asked the bartender.

    “For some hours. I was telling him to stop when you came in.” The guy replied.

    Jay shook his head continuously, pitying him. They paid for his drinks and drew him out of the bar.


To be continued………