“Will you please leave me alone?” Richard said.

“Alright, it seems you look unhappy. God will make you happy.” She took some steps, walking away.

“God.. hmmn..” He chuckled and poured some wine into the cup.

Pemisire halted and turned around. “What is it about God? You don’t look like a Muslim,  are you one? Even Muslims believe in God’s existence.” She walked back to him.

“Who are you? What do you want from me?” Richard wiped his tears as he spoke. He was down already, crying as usual. He found it difficult to stop thinking about Christie, what would become of her? Where would he get a donor as soon as possible?

“You’re crying, what’s wrong?” Pemisire was concerned, she frowned her face instantly as she approached him. She hoped she hadn’t started being too familiar with a stranger, all she was after was to make him attracted to the bar so as to patronize regularly.

“Please.. just leave me.” Richard said quietly dismissing her with the wave of his hand.

“You can’t tell if I can solve your problem, there’s no man without his or her own problem.” Pemisire spoke softly.

“I’m… sorry, you can’t be of help and besides I don’t share my personal details with strangers.” He said.

“Alright, I pray God will make you happy then.” She smiled and walked back to her post.

Richard watched her as she walked back to her post, wondering how friendly she was. Despite she didn’t know him, she was friendly. Wait, I can’t tell, she might be of help! Can’t she donate the kidney? Who knows when a donor would be gotten? I can just pay her off and besides she can use the money to start something meaningful other than being a bartender.

“Hey.” He waved at her.

Pemisire smiled and waved back. “What else should I bring?” She asked.

“Bring yourself here.” He said as he dropped the cup of wine.

Pemisire looked around. The other bartender that had been putting her through the work had left, there were also few people in the bar, drinking. She pressed her lips together for a while before she walked up to him. “Anything the matter?” She asked.

“Why do you wish to be my friend?” He asked her.

Pemisire laughed. “Your friend? I never said such, did I? I was concerned about you and God.”

“That man and I? So, what about me? Why are you concerned about me?”

Pemisire tilted her head for a while. “Why did you term God as ‘that man’?” She asked him.

“You’ve not answered my question.” Richard said.

“Neither have you answered mine.” She replied, squinting her face.

“What’s your name?” He asked.

Pemisire grinned. “Call me… the unknown.”

“You are weird!” Richard smiled.

Pemsire laughed again. “Honestly, you’re weirder.”

“Why do you now work here?” Richard asked.

Pemisire exhaled deeply. “Why do you come here to drink too?”

“Why are you difficult!”

“You’re more difficult!”

Richard smiled again. “You haven’t answered any of my questions.”

“You haven’t answered any of mine either.” Pemisire replied him.

“You’ve made me smile, even in my predicaments. I don’t know the kind of person you are. Alright, which of the questions do you want me to answer?” He asked her.

“Just be patient, I’m on duty right now. I have to leave.” Pemsire left him on seat, smiling.

She relates well, she’s full of life! This kind of person will make Christiana happy, wait… she hasn’t told me her name!

Doctor Kate sat down as Uche and Jay sat too. She got them invited concerning the donor, it seemed she found one already as the guys could read in her expression. “What of Richard?” She asked them as she put the stethoscope on her table and rested her back.

“He went out, probably to drink as usual.” Jay replied her.

“That’s bad, you should have at least stopped him, anyways, I found one already but there’s a problem.”

“Problem? Is it concerning the donor or our girl?” Uche asked.

“Concerning the donor.” She replied and kept quiet for some seconds before she spoke again. “He’s demanding for a huge amount of money because of that.” She added.

“Wao! Like how much is the guy collecting? Why are people thieves like this? Whenever they see you in a problem they tend to take advantage of you, it’s not right.” Uche hissed.

“Do you know I’d have volunteered if we had the same blood group? But, that’s another problem on ground.” She said.

“That’s true.” Jay scratched his head.

“But how much is the money on ground?” Uche asked.

“Three hundred thousand.” She replied.

“What? Then Doctor, we have to go then, let’s go and try our lucks outside there if someone better can be gotten.”Jay stood up.

“That’s also good, it’s a nice idea. Who knows if the guy has contracted a deadly disease?” She laughed.


JUNE 11.

Everywhere was busy already, a time for bars and joints to make money and sell even more than their satisfactions. Hexagon Club and Bar was full of both males and females ready to watch to watch the very first match of the World Cup that was held in South Africa. It was time for South Africa to face Mexico when Richard took a sip from his cup again.

It was just 4:00pm, the match was about to be started when the bar became full. Richard had been thinking that Pemisire would soon be through with all she was doing so that they would talk and know if she could donate kidney to her sister. From the look of things, it seemed she would be really busy that evening. Several people had started making their orders and she was occupied already.

He picked up his phone and called Uche to know what the latest development was when he heard that there was still no donor. He would have left the place if not for Pemisire that might be of help to him, he still had to wait, he needed something.

It was the end of the week already, he looked around and saw the people already ready to watch the game all in the name of buying a bottle of wine to chill and watch the two countries trash each other as the first to kick the ball after the four years of wait. He wondered when Pemisire would conclude her work, he needed to talk with her and share his story to make her pity him and donate her kidney for his sister. He was cursing Jay and Uche deep inside him, if not for them, he would be able to donate the kidney for his sister.

“Weldone, the unknown.” He smiled faintly as she passed beside him to serve the guys next to him.

Pemisire grinned, exposing her beautiful and neat white set of teeth. She looked even more beautiful as the grin supplemented her beauty. “Thanks.” She replied, rushing back to her duty post because an order might be placed very soon.

[i]She’s beautiful, is she from a poor background or what? But if not, would she be working in this kind of place that can make one lean like a cane? Anyways, I pray she closes soon so that i can know my fate. But wait, there is another match between Uruguay and France tonight, when will she be through?[/i] He wondered.

He sighed and sipped again as the match unfold and the players played on.



Pemisire waved at her colleague as she left the the duty post for the guy. She had concluded her own part that day, she was weak and tired. It was her first day, people could be really troublesome, ordering almost every time.

“Unknown, you through?” Richard asked Pemisire as she left her post.

Pemisire walked to him with a smile. “Yeah, I’m through for the day. Why have you decided to wait till now? You wanna watch the match by 8:30 too?” She asked him.

“Did i watch the previous one?” He stood to his feet. He had just taken like three glasses from the bottle of wine, just unlike him. On a good day, he’d have drank up to four or more bottles, and possibly be ranting nonsense then. “Are you going home now?”

“Y… yes but why the question? I think I have to leave now because it’s getting late.”

“Please wait, can’t I take you home?” Richard asked her.

….please Pemisire, know the kind of person you put your trust in, if possible, trust no one… Her father’s voice reechoed after Richard asked her the question. She swooshed out a long breath and shook her head. “I’m alright.” She told him.

“You think so or what?” Richard asked.

“I’m sure, I think I have to leave now, it’s dark already.” She smiled.

“Wait… I need your help.” She said stammering.

Pemisire stood akimbo as she stared at him. “Please let it be tomorrow, I’m really tired. Or is it urgent?” She asked.

“Yes, a matter of life and death.” Richard replied sadly, already making up tears.

Pemisire tweaked her nose. “Let’s go outside.” She told him and headed outside.


Pemisire smiled as she halted at the front of the gate, she looked tired but had to know what Richard wanted to say. “So what?” She asked him.

“I need your kidney.” He said.

“You need my kidney? What do you mean?” Pemisire frowned.

“I don’t know how tired you are but I know you must be very tired. But i want you to hear my story if it will move you to give me one out of your kidneys.” Richard spoke.

Pemisire chuckled and stared at Richard at the same time, wondering what he meant. “I hope I am safe, I don’t understand all what you’re saying. Please, hope I am safe?” She repeated.

“That man called God is a wicked person, he’s heartless and wicked! Just tell me why he is so partial to people, tell me why some people are in sound health why some people are in real sickness and even die, why is he as wicked as a hungry Lion? Is it fair? It isn’t fair! It is not!”

“Easy man! You are somehow funny.” She chuckled and continued. “I’m late already oh, and what is this thing you are saying about God? It isn’t good to be saying rubbish about the maker of heaven and earth, what is your problem?”

“We were just two, two children from useless parents that do notcare about my sister and I. I don’t know why they got married, just to punish the poor girl. I don’t know why they are still heartless after the crime that cannot be forgiven which they’ve committed, I don’t know another name to call them.” He started crying.

Pemisire sighed. “Take it easy, you’ve not told me what the problem is, tell me what it really is, tell me.”

“My sister is down, she’s anemic. I fear death, I don’t want her to die, I don’t!”

“Alright, now it’s getting vivid. She’s in need of a kidney right?”

“Yes, the sickness has caused her jaundice, arthritis, and many more. Now, it’s kidney failure. Where has he been? Why hasn’t he performed as they call him, is he not the miracle worker again? I know he knows I’m in problem, he just likes closing his eyes when it comes to my sister and I.”

“Alright, I won’t add petrol to the burning fire. I know you are hurt already but I want you to calm down because if you keep talking, you’ll utter something worst than you’ve been uttering. I hope your sister is not like you.”

“Like me? How? What do you mean?”

“I hope she’s not an unbeliever like you.” She told him.

“It’s just that I need your help, will you donate?” He asked again.

“I’ll meet you tomorrow.” She said and waved at Richard.


Pemisire was deep in thought as she walked down to Helen’s house. She was wondering on the kind of person Richard was, was he real? If he was, his type would be rare on the surface of dust. Many guys wouldn’t care that much, never.

Who could tell her if he was planted to be trailing her or if he was real? She couldn’t get it right, she was confused already until she knocked at Helen’s door leaned against the wall, waiting for her.

“He’s cool, he has a soft heart with all I’ve seen. See how he was crying like a baby, as if it was his lover that was in a big problem. His sister…”

“Pemisire!” Helen tapped her as she opened the door.

She got self conscious again and sighed. “How are you?”

“I’m good, really good.” Helen smiled and walked inside with Pemisire. “What of you?”

“I’m not really good, I was weighed down by someone.” She replied as she dropped her handbag.

“Weighed down? Because it was 1-1 South Africa played? Helen grinned as she sank into the bed.

“Hmmn.. That match got many people glued to their seats, it was breathtaking but at the end, a draw. But, someone made me uncomfortable.” She said.

“Uncomfortable? Who’s the person? How was work?” Helen asked.

“It was a guy, he told me about his sister and her illness. He wants me to donate kidney for her.”

“Kidney? Is the person real? I pray you don’t dig yourself into trouble.” Helen said and paused for a while. “What did you tell him?”

“The story of that guy was pathetic, very sad. I think I should do it.” She sighed.

“Pemisire! Do what again? Don’t forget some people might be out there spying! Girl, wake up!”

“Helen, we should always try to help. I think I should see the lady.” She unbuttoned her shirt.

“Hmmn… now that you will be coming home very late, how’d you do it? And, know that I’m not in support of it.”

“But I feel I should… I didn’t tell him my name oh.”

“That’s nice, it’s a good thing. But, just tread softly.”

“Thanks, let’s just see how it goes.” She smiled.


Richard rushed back to the hospital to check on Christina again, thank God it was Friday evening, even if it wasn’t, he had been unfaithful to his work. He was sad as he saw her just lying on the bed, probably thinking she might die. “Christie.” He tapped her as he sat beside her, on the plastic chair.

“Welcome back bro, how far?” She asked.

“Still hoping, I met a lady and I discussed a little about us with her. I pray she considers me and help us out.” He said.

“Will it even be necessary again?” She smiled.

Richard frowned and stood up. “Don’t start saying any rubbish, don’t say anything frightening over there, Christiana.” He warned and sat again.

“Bro, it’s a matter of knowing the truth and the truth, setting one free. I pray I’ll be alright, but…” she smiled again and kept quiet.

“It is better that way, than saying any rubbish that might annoy me. What have you eaten or what will you eat?” He enquired.

“I’m alright.” She waved her hand.

Richard stared at her as she waved her hand. She had grown leaner than before, it seems that yellowish pattern on her skin has reduced but she looked dehydrated also. He sighed and kept quiet for a while. “I’m asking, what are you going to eat?” He asked again.

“I’m serious, I’m alright.” She replied.

“You’ve grown leaner, but your beauty can’t fade. I love you Christiana.” He said, squinting his face as tears almost fell from his eyes.

“I love you too, Richard. I think you should go home and rest properly.” Christiana said.

“What are you saying? I can’t leave here tonight, I’ll sleep over.”


Jay clapped his hands together after receiving a call from the Secretary of the office and sat down beside Uche. “This one na die.” He clapped again.

“What did she say? At least we got the Boss informed about our absence today, hope we are not in trouble?”

“None. She told me the Director asked her to draft Richard’s sack letter this afternoon, isn’t that bad?” He hissed.

“Sack letter again? In this problem! Though, to be realistic, hs deserves it, but Director should have at least pitied him.”

“He has done his worst, my prayer is just that his sister doesn’t die, the guy might die too. But, today na Friday night na, we no go go club tonight?”

“I’m not in the mood, I don’t feel like.” Uche laid on the sofa.

Jay took a deep breath.


“When the frustration one is passing through is too much, the person might say bad things to God.” Pemisire said as she dropped the bread In her hands.

Helen cleared her throat. “What on earth are you trying to drive at again? I hope it isn’t that you want to cry again?

Pemisire had started crying within a twinkle of an eye. “The last time I ate bread, it was with Pemisayo. She was discussing about death that day we were eating. She told me one isn’t ready for death until it comes, she never knew her own days were numbered already.”

“Just take it easy! If I knew you’d do this, do you think I’ll allow us take bread tonight? Stop it!” She cautioned.

Pemisire sniffled. “Alright.” She wiped her tears and dropped the bread. “I have never seen a guy weep like the one I met today, I never knew many people love their siblings too.”

“I hope you won’t tell me you aren’t eating this bread again.”

“I lost.. I lost the appetite.” Pemisire replied as she stood up.

“I miss her, I miss Dad, I miss my acoustic guitar and… Helen!” She exclaimed.

“What?” Helen raised her head quickly.

“My diary! It is still in that house!” She shouted.

“What do you mean? Did you write anything implicating in there?” Helen asked.

“I wrote the secret about the attaché case, I left it on my bed. They must have read it!” She shouted.

“Take it easy girl. They might know you have the attaché case but how are they going to get you? You better let go of these scary thoughts.”

“No, I repeat, no! Something tells me I might be caught, Helen, do you think this place is really safe?” She asked.

Helen laughed. “You this girl, even if they get hold of your diary, how will they know you are here? It is not possible! You have no mobile phone that can be used to track you down, and many things like that.” She smiled.

“I pray so.” She sat again, battling with her thoughts.

Pemisire got to the front of Hexagon Club and Bar and met Richard out there, crying already. It looked really strange. It was early in the morning, why would he come and sit at the front of a Bar and start crying? He also cried the night before, wasn’t it getting too much.

What could be making him weep? Or has his sister died? She felt she was getting to close to him, as a stranger but his tears had always made her affable. She felt for him as she saw him. She had felt something even much more than that and knew how it’d be to loose such a treasured person.

She stood awhile from him watching him as he cried there. She couldn’t force back her tears too as she swallowed hard and started crying too. Seeing him made her remember her twin sister and father again. She also remembered her mother who had died of cancer.

As his last hope, if his sister should die, he might not forgive her again. When his sister was still alive and he turned himself to a useless person through drinking, what if everything should end?

She swallowed again as she wiped her tears. Though, she didn’t know him, though they just met but it seemed Richard was real. It must be her gregarious character that brought him back to her again, if the transplant is protracted, she might really die.

If a pea falls out of the pod, leaving the other pea, it would be so sad and lonely of the pea still enclosed in the pod. She had stood there for five minutes already, crying and wiping her tears, wondering if she could help him out.

If she had someone to help her, her family might still be alive. “I’ll help him!” She said and looked determined as she approached him.

“Hey.” She waved at him.

Richard sprung to his feet on seeing her. “Unknown, please help me.”

So, he hasn’t forgotten this my name… She thought as she smiled faintly. “Where are you here as early as this?” She asked him.

“Because I really need you to help me. A week is running out and the kidney transplant hasn’t been done on her, please!” He begged her, crying.

Pemisire looked at him with leery eyes and shook her head. ‘He looks real!’ She affirmed deep in her. “Even if I die all in the name of helping him, I have a reward from God.”

“Em… What’s your name?” She asked.

“I’m Richard. I’m really serious, I’m real.” He repeated.

“I think I’m going to give up on working here becaus of you, I don’t think kidney transplant is an easy thing. I.. I believe all will be well. Can you take me to that sister of yours and let the preparations start.”

“What? You are really..” Richard jumped happily, that was what she also wanted, joy, happiness, being ecstatic, being enthusiastic. “Are we good to.. good to go?” He stammered.


God please help me, please assist me. I’m just acting by your words which is to assist anyone in problem. I still have many battles I have to fight, please strengthen me and don’t let this guy turn out to be a hired killer.