“Getting that lady was a very easy step, I just watch movies and criticize the writer whenever it comes to getting someone easily. It’s really by luck.” One of Lawrence’s guys said to him.

    Lawrence yawned. “It’s late already, I think you guys should go and rest too.”

    The guys smiled and hastened to their feet. They were tired too, getting a big white board into the empty room wasn’t an easy task that day.

    Lawrence had made up his mind that he would do everything to get the attaché case back before everyone would know about it. He had gotten a big white board and all other accessories that could be needed to get and track down Helen’s movements and that of the attaché case after getting hold of it. He had been nodding continuously to his evil thoughts, if he should leave Pemisire untouched, she might later become an instrument of backlash to him.

    “We can’t go to that place tomorrow. We have to plot the graph and get some other guys that might be of help.” He said.

    “Why? Don’t you think getting the attaché case will be easy? Firstly she’s a lady, secondly, we have all the necessary information with us. So, it shouldn’t be a tedious thing.” One of them said.

    “Do you think a sensible person will keep that kind of thing in her friend’s house? I have been painting a picture, perharps she might have gone into a bush to keep it. We have to get it, no matter what. So, we gonna research about that estate and street to know how much security in case an alarm is raised after our departure. Besides, we have to be masked.” He expatriated.

    “I never knew this things will be taken this way.” One of the two guys grumbled.

    “Don’t you know we have to do everything without leaving a trace, a print? This are Mart’s documents, don’t you know?”

The guys exhaled deeply.


    “Now, I don’t think that blood will be enough for him, you guys will need to buy.” Doctor informed.

   “I can still donate..” Pemisire said.

   “No, not at all. You’re a lady and besides it’s too early to.” He smiled.

    Uche stared at her, she was wonderful.


    Pemisire left the Doctor’s office and waved at Uche and Jay, telling them she was leaving that night. It was past eleven in the midnight, she felt Helen might be uncomfortable without seeing her and besides, she would sleep and be able to bring Richard something to eat, the next day. “Let me go and drop you off.” Jay said pushing Uche back. :Monitor everything that has to do with blood transfusion and getting blood from the bank.” He told him.

    “Your help won’t be needed, I’m really alright.” She told Jay that was already approaching her with a smile.

    “You are a lady and besides it’s very dark out there. I can’t thank you enough, you are just like an angel God sent to us. By the way, what is your name?” He asked.

    Pemisire smiled. “I’m the unknown, you can’t know my name for now.”

    “You are beginning to scare me. Don’t tell me you are really an angel from heaven or probably a ghos..” He smiled.

    “I’m none. When it is time, you’ll know me better but for tonight, i have to go home now.”

    “I’m serious with this, you can go out there all alone this night! Let me help!”

    Pemisire chuckled. “Alright, thanks.” She concurred.


    Pemisire entered into the room and took off her sandals. She stretched and yawned before she reached for the brown towel hung near the wardrobe to take a cold shower. Helen had slept off before she disturbed her with creak of the door, she was sure going to explain everything to her after having her cold shower that night. “I’ll be back.” She informed as she walked out of the room.

    Helen sat up and yawned. The sleep had been disturbed already, she wasn’t sure if she would sleep soon again. She picked up her phone and started punching some buttons there until Pemisire returned into the room. “Won’t you sleep again?” She asked her as she enteted into the room.

    “Sleep? I don’t think I can do that for now. By the way, what kept you this long? I think we should buy a phone tomorrow so that we can communicate properly.”

    “Alright, maybe you should do that while I rush to the hospital tomorrow. I quit the job.” She informed.

    “Quit? Where have you been?” Helen asked.

    “I ran into the guy I told you about and we went to the hospital to donate kidney for his sister but unfortunately, the lady died before the surgery.”

    “That’s sad! The guy must be totally apart now.”

   “That would have been better but he went ahead to stab himself! It was a bad day.”

    Helen shook her head. “The guy shouldn’t have done that. So, good samaritan, you left your job because of him!”

    Pemisire laughed. “It was meant to be, not my own fault.”

    They continued discussing for a while till Helen remembered Michael called her. She got Helen informed about her and his wish to come and greet them.

    “And are you sure it was Michael?” She asked.

    “Em.. Sure. Though his voice has changed but all what he said was real. Why did you ask?”

    “I am not comfortable with that call. Something in me tells me that wasn’t Michael. My… diary! Your mobile number is in there.” She remembered.

    “No, get this now, even if they get the mobile number, how did they know Michael? I don’t know why you are always afraid.” Helen laughed.

    “I wrote something pertaining to the three of us inside that diary, even close to where your mobile number was written. I am not sure we are safe any longer.”

    “We are. You’ve written many implicating things too, I should be careful of future calls then.”

    “You’ve sent the address already, why couldn’t you reason that it might be me they tried to trace? I’m sure it wasn’t Michael. The last time we spoke, he said he was traveling to Ghana for some years.”

    “Maybe he just returned, who knows?” Helen added.

    “I know you are impervious, I pray he was the one.”


    Pemisire walked into the hospital, dressed in a simple brown gown and her pair of sandals. Her hair, though undone but was neatly packed, her face was a little oily and her legs too. She greeted the nurses at the reception and few Doctors before she checked the waiting room for Uche and Jay.

    She smiled on seeing only Jay on seat and approached him. “Good morning.”

    Jay  stood up and grinned. “Good morning, how was your night?” He asked.

    Pemisire blinked. “Short. Thanks for yesterday, God bless you.”

    “I should be the one prostrating and thanking you.” Jay grinned.

    “I see.” She chuckled. “So what of Richard?” She asked.

    “He’s fine, he’s been expecting your arrival to thank you for the support. But, he’s just been down in tears again because of his sister.” He replied.

    “Really? It isn’t easy though, has he eaten?” She asked sitting down.

    “He said he wasn’t going to eat.” Jay replied.

    “I brought… food.” Pemisire drawled.

    “See you!” Jay laughed. “I’m sure he is not going to eat it.” He concluded, still laughing.

    “Who told you? I’m sure he will eat.” She smiled.

    “Hmmn… if he takes the food from you, then I’ll have no choice tan to call you the names I called yesterday.” He grinned.

    “Call me even worst ones, they are okay by me.” She stood, smiling. “Can I see him?” She asked Jay.

    “Sure, let me lead you.” Jay stood and led the way.


    “Summon the two other guys, there’s going to be a meeting this afternoon concerning our move to Ibadan.” Lawrence told his guys.

    “Alright boss, done already.” The guys chorused.

    “The operation can’t be done in the night, it has to be in a broad day light.” He added.

    “I have been thinking we are going to appear there as thieves and take away the attaché case, so, why the daylight, boss?”

    “What if the attaché case is not inside the house? I think we have to all think together, that’s why I want every hand on desk.”

    “No problem, done already.” The guys walked out.


    “Hey, Rich.” Pemisire smiled in.

    Richard turned his head to the direction and smiled faintly. Though he wasn’t crying, but his face was wet and it was glaring he just concluded a phase to mourning. Pemisire noticed immediately she entered and sighed.

    Richard was happy to see her too. It was marvellous to have her by his side just like that. He had been thinking too that he shouldn’t die because he still had a lot to do on earth, after killing his parents, he then might die.

    “Good morning the unknown.” He said.

    “Now you’re greeting me and I’m sure you just finished crying. How are you?” She asked.

    “I’m better. I really appreciate you for your help, God bless you.” He said.

    “God?” Jay chimed in, wondering if he heard the correct thing. “Did you just mention God?” He asked.

    Richard smiled. “Don’t mind me and that man.”

    Pemisire and Jay laughed. “I told you not to call him that man again.” She cautioned.

    “He is still that man until I know the reason why he made my sister go through that much pains and trials. Thanks for saving my life.” He added.

    “Hmmn… do you know you can’t question him? By the way, your friends saved your life.”

    “I thank you all. God still owe me a lot of explanations, a whole lot!”

    “Foolish guy.” Jay chimed in again.

    Pemisire laughed. “Anyways, I heard you haven’t eaten.” She said.

    “He hasn’t laughed too until he saw you, I said it, you are cherubic.”

    Pemisire smiled. “I am not, I don’t think I worth that word.” She told Jay and faced Richard back. “I brought you food because you must eat.” She said.

    “Who… who are you?” Richard asked slowly, looking into her eyes.

    “You forget things easily, I am the unknown.” Pemisire replied almost immediately and grinned.

    Richard smiled too. “I don’t know the kind of person you are. I think God purposely sent you to me.” He said.

    Jay cleared his throat to get their attentions. “Mr man, wetin you dey talk?”

    Pemisire laughed. “Just sit and eat.” Pemisire replied.

    “It is too early for food.” Doctor Martins smiled in.

    “Good morning Doctor.” Pemisire bowed.


    It was two hours after, the guys summoned had gotten to the room where the secret meeting would be held. Not quite long after their arrival, Lawrence walked into the room and greeted them all.

    That must be one of the reasons that made him send his wife and two children abroad while he remained in Nigeria. He looked serious as he stood before them all and removed his gold-rimmed glasses on the table before him. If meeting the guys and working hard would make him get the attaché case, he was really ready to be patient. “Get everything set.” He told one of his guys that headed to the laptop and punched some buttons.

    Pemisire’s photograph was projected on the screen after the guy finished with the work on the laptop. “This picture was gotten from her profile pictures on Facebook.” Lawrence said and pressed his lips together after.

    He was silent for a while before he continued. “To start with, the lady that sent us the address is a very close friend of the lady in question.  The house is located at No 4, Omolayo Estate in Oyo State.”

    He continued discussing with them until he picked up a marker and went to the white board. He made a point there and termed it Helen’s place, he made another point there as an uncompleted mighty duplex and made the roads where they were meant to be. “From a reliable source, this can be pictured as the estate where her house is. Another thing is that the house is a rented apartment but we don’t know the room for now. I hope you guys understand all I have been explaining?” He asked as he walked back to the table and dropped the marker.

    “Yes boss.” The chorused.

    “The main reason why I am doing all these is because I want everything to be done neatly. I don’t anything to be traced back to me at all.” He said.

    “Yes boss.” They replied him.

    “Now, let’s get to businsss. From the look of things, I don’t think our mission is inside that rented apartment. A place where she must have hidden it might be the uncompleted building.” He said.

    One of the guys stood up. “I don’t think so, and, is the uncompleted building on hold or are labourers still working there?” He asked.

    “No, it’s been on hold for a while so I think she might have kept it there.” He replied.

    “I don’t think so, she must have kept it in a more secured place. And, she is new there, don’t you think the case might be with someone she trusts so much?”

    “No. Her father didn’t make her and her twin sister mix with his own family and that of her mother. I don’t think she has anyone apart from Helen.”

    “Alright.” The guy replied and sat down.

    “So, when do we go?” He asked his guys.

There was a brief silence.


    “When will he be discharged?” Jay asked the Doctor.

    “Anytime soon. I want him to respond to treatment well before letting him go for a while then he returns for us to complete the post operation.” He replied.

    “Alright.” Jay replied.

    “I have eaten enough.” Richard said as he closed the flask.

    “I thought you were going to finish the food, glutton.” Jay said, smiling.

    Pemisire laughed. “You are really funny!”

    “Should you be saying that? Instead of you to be caring, foolish boy.” Richard said.

    “So, what should I have said?” Jay hissed.

    “A weldone should suffice.” He replied, smiling.

    “Weldone? Na which job you come do?” Jay laughed.

    Richard frowned now. A moment when he tried to be cheerful but his sister’s death would make him go down again. “How do we bury her.” He asked, ready to start crying.

    “Richard! Just rest, I’ll go and check on Doctor Kate now.” Pemisire said.

    “Just don’t start thinking, remember you have to rest and put your mind at peace because you just concluded a surgery.” Doctor Martins told Richard. “Let’s move him back to the bed.” He added, taking to Jay.

    “No, I’d prefer if you allow me go there to check on my sister.” He started crying.

    “No! You can’t be going around now and besides you really need to rest!” Jay affirmed.

    “Rest? Jay, I want to see her!” He shouted.

    “You can’t shout! Your internal organs need to rest for the wound to heal as quick as possible. Please, just sleep.” Doctor Martins said.

    “Doctor, I want to see Christiana.” He said again.

    “I think I should confess now, I spoke with Doctor Kate earlier, she.. she has been taken to the..mortuary.” Jay stammered.

    “No!” Pemisire squinted her face.

    “Christie!” Richard bellowed.


    “How do we bury her?” Pemisire asked Jay.

    “I don’t know, he will be the one to tell. But, I don’t want him to be there while burying her.” Jay replied.

    Pemisire snorted. “It will tear him apart. So, when did they move her?”

    “Today. That was why Doctor Kate called me because of the money that would be paid at the mortuary. Now, she has to be buried as soon as possible because they take money everyday.” He replied.

    “I don’t wish to ask him but I think the best place is.. a cemetery. Do you know we have no choice but to ask him?” She snifled.

    Jay sighed. “Yeah, the earlier, the better.” Jay replied.

    “What of that guy.. the other friend.?” She asked.

    “Don’t mind him, spending a whole year to get Richard’s clothes.” He hissed.


    “We will move next week Friday.” Lawrence said, walking around the room slowly.

    “Boss, don’t you think that is too far? The earlier the better, Boss.” One of he guys objected.

    “I think everything should be done in that Oyo State, we have to lodge in a place where we won’t be noticed so we can go check on the street well before the operation and after the operation, if she doesn’t want to release the documents, we have to kidnapp her to torture her well.” He explained.

    “I reason with you boss, we have to get that done.” Another said.

    Lawrence smiled. “We always have to think well and vey fast. So, I’ll start making the moves on where we are going to lodge in, where we might put her if she wouldn’t release the documents.”

    “That is easy now, a hotel.” One of the guys stood up and spoke.

    “How can we do that in the hotel? What if she raises an alarm or if the hotel has hidden cameras!” He shouted.

    “So, I’ll rent a house for the operation. If she’s stupid and we are lucky enough, the documents might be inside that house, we just take it and waste her. If we aren’t lucky, it might take days because she must tell us where the documents are before we waste her.” He told them.

    “Yes boss.”

    “So, start getting set. It might be an easy game, also a tough one.” He laughed wickedly.


    Pemisire walked into Richard’s ward and sat on the plastic chair beside his bed. “What would you like to drink?” She asked.

    “I’m alright.” He replied.

    After the meal, his mood had been disturbed by the remembrance of his sister. He couldn’t help himself too, it was just like a fresh wound that might take time to heal. Having his sister smiling, laughing was all that had always made him glad, seeing her corpse was the worst thing in his life. June 12, a day of remembrance.

    “I can prepare you a cup of tea.” She said.

    “Unknown, I’m already fine.” Richard replied her.

    Richard’s phone buzzed. He picked up the call from the unknown number and waited patiently to hear the voice. “My.. my son.” He heard the woman’s voice.

    “Son? Please, who’s this?” He asked.

    “You’ve forgotten your mother’s voice right? It’s me, it’s your mother. Richard how are you and your sister?”

    “What?” Richard ended the call. “What nonsense! That was her voice!” He exclaimed, frowning his face.

    “I hope there’s no problem.” Pemisire said.

    Richard glanced at her. “You are now more than a friend, more than a companion and more than a helper. I don’t know you from anywhere, so you don’t too. Even though, you’ve been great and kind. I think that was my useless mother.” He replied her.

    “Useless?” Pemisire sprung to her feet. “Never call her that again! No matter what has happened, never call your mother a bad name!”
Pemisire shouted.

    “She really is.” Richard said, already crying. “She’s not a mother among mothers, not a guardian among guardians, she’s nothing but a useless one!” Richard repeated squeezing tears out.

    “No!” Pemisire sat down again, going down in her tears. “It…it’s wrong.” She stuttered as she started crying too.

    “Why are you crying? Because I called her a useless mother? Honestly, that’s what she is! She’s not a mother but a killer!” Richard burst out more.

    “No!” Pemisire repeated. “You still have a mother, if I had, I don’t think I’ll be in this state.” She added.

    “But unknown, her death is better than her living body. If she had died immediately after giving birth to Christiana, it wouldn’t have been better than living without impact!” He said.

    “A mother is a mother, no matter what.” Pemisire wiped her tears.

    “Not in this stage, not now! Why on earth is she calling me after she killed Christina? I’m an orphan, no father, no mother. I’m better that way than having foolish parents.”


    “The unknown!”

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