9ja_Issues: The consequences of going to visit a man at his home.

I am an ardent reader of your blog and I would like to remain Anonymous. I have never thought i would ever in my life need to send you a mail, But something happened to me and i would like to share so as to free my spirit from guilt. I met a guy about One(1) month ago and two weeks after we met, we started a relationship. He asked to see me a week afterwards but i was not available so we arranged to see on the 3rd which was a Sunday after Service. He had invited me to come and know his house which i bluntly refused (with the thought that it was too early for the relationship). So we agreed to meet somewhere. At about 11:00am on the 3rd he called to tell me to please come over.

to his house that the money he was expecting wasn’t forthcoming and he is financially down that i should please bear with him. So it was on that note i decided to go to his house. I got to his house at about 1:00pm, We chatted and all and at about 4:30 when i was set to leave he pleaded with me to stay another 1hour that will be till 5:30.
So i thought to myself 1hr will not hurt since i wont be going home to do anything. When it was 5:30 i told him i was set to leave and he asked if he could kiss me, i refused because i thought we were still getting to know each other and i thought it was too early. Little did i know i was in for a show. I got up to leave and he got up to act like he was going to see me off only for him to lock the door and kept the keys in his pocket.
I asked what all that was for AND he immediately changed and shouted that i should take my clothes off. I stood in shock where i was and couldn’t move cos i wasn’t sure i had heard him right. He just headed straight inside and told me to meet him in the room if i wanted to go home. Long story cut short he came out after about 20mins later and started rough handling me and eventually Raped me. After the deed, he went on his knees and started begging that he couldn’t resist the urge. He called throughout that evening but i didn’t pick his calls and eventually sent some messages asking for forgiveness. The first thing the following day i had to go run some test, only for my doctor to tell me i have got some infection. Am grateful to God its not HIV or any other demoralizing disease but he wont still let me be. My advice for my fellow girlfriends is that never go visit a guy alone, they can’t be trusted.

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