9ja issues: Once a cheat, always a cheat.

I am married with children to a tdh type of man, for about 5 years now. Our marriage was never the Romeo/Juliet kind marriage but we get by and we actually love each other. I found out he cheated on me early last year when I was out of the country for a few months. Checked his phone and saw chats with the woman and even her picture. I was hurt and made a big deal out of it, reported to his mother and she scolded him, he denied it but eventually apologized (wonder what he apologized for if he didn’t do it).

He lost his job shortly after but I still had a job albeit a small one so we kept managing, a while after that we had a fight one day and he slapped the shit out of me, it turned into a big fight and it took his mother to stop us from killing each other.
He apologized thereafter and things went back to normal, although those things he did are things that ain’t easily forgotten. I am writing this chronicle to rant and ask for some advice cos he got a new job last year but I resigned to stay with the children and I noticed few months ago that he has started the kind of “waka”(moves) that preceded the cheating I caught.
He has always been a drunk and smoker but now he goes out almost every night of the week. I used to have passwords to all his phones and social media handles but now I don’t have them anymore. He changed everything and anytime i’m close enough to guess his password he changes it again. He is always on his phone chatting, someone that used to fight with me about social media concentration. One woman called him a few times when he was not with phone in the late evening like 10pm on different days. When I asked him why she called a married man that late, he said she asked her to do something for him & that she’s married with 2kids. Anyway, my question now is am I right to suspect he’s seeing someone? What do I do about it? Should I just leave him alone and give in to this guy that wants to smother me with love and attention? or just turn the other eye and be the good housewife?


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