9JA Story: Mother’s Pain || written by #michael_ghost

A man is in a hotel lobby. He wants to ask  the clerk a question. As he turns to go to the front desk, he accidentally bumps into a woman  beside him and as he does, his elbow goes into
her breast. They are both startled and he  says, “Ma’am, if your heart is as soft as your breast, I know you’ll forgive me.” She replies, “if  your penis is as hard as your elbow, I’m in room


 Just kidding anyway, they exchange numbers, from there they became good friends, close friends, soon enough they started dating, one thing let to the other, Bimpe got pregnant, she told her boyfriend she was pregnant, Bayo got furious, asking her why she did not prevent it, that she wasn’t a small baby, he said he wasn’t going to accept the pregnancy that he was not ready for it, he was even sure if he was her only boyfriend. She told him she could not abort the baby that she has not being pregnant before, at her age 31, she wasn’t going to take such risk, she doesn’t even know if she would ever get pregnant again. They argued and argued but Bayo was adamant that she should abort it. Bimpe decided to report Bayo to his parents but to her surprise his parents supported him, they told her that if Bayo said he is not responsible for the pregnancy, then he is not, afterall he is not a small boy. Bayo started avoiding Bimpe since that time. Bimpe refuse to abort the pregnancy. 9months after, Bimpe was with a baby boy. Bimpe went through the struggle of bringing up the boy has a single mother, She did her best, raised her son the best way she can, once in a while James would disturb his mother to know who is father was. Anytime James goes to school and hears his friends talk about their daddy, James always feel bad, he would cry home asking his mum, who is dad was, when James trouble was to much for her, she eventually told her son that his father is dead. James believed and did not bother his mum about the matter again.

Meanwhile a stranger has being monitoring Bimpe right from the day she delivered James, this stranger on a particular day after Bimpe had drop James at school, the stranger went to the school premises told the school authorities he wanted to see James, security of course questioned the stranger, who he was? He said he was his father, at first he was not allowed to see James, he later went but came another day, this time he met James at the school gate, he called James and tried to discuss with him, but James was adamant. The stranger had to tell James he was his father, James did not believe, then Bayo showed his son a picture of himself and his mother, James had no choice but to believe, he was very angry with his mother for lying to him. How did you become my father, James asked Bayo, my mother told me my father is dead. You mother lied to you, replied bayo. He started misbehaving, acting rude towards his mom meanwhile James was now closer to his dad day by day, they got closer. His mother was confused, wondering while her son was misbehaving, so one day she sat her son down and asked him while he has being acting strangely, why he also refused to eat her food. James did not reply, his mother was persistent, then James reluctantly ask her who his father was again, she told him again his father was dead, that his father died the day she got pregnant. James now asked, “who is this person” showing her the picture his father has given him earlier.. The mother had to ask where he saw the picture, her son said it was his father that gave him, she asked again since wen have they being seeing, her flare up, told his mother not to question him after all she lied to him, the madness continued for weeks, James did not eat his mother’s food through out that period. When James mother could not take it anymore, she traced and figure out where her son and Bayo use to meet, fortunately she found him, she gave Bayo the warning of his life, not to see him with her son again.

Bimpe: i don’t want to see you with my son again, sheybi when I was pregnant, you said you don’t want the baby, now the baby has grown up, you now want to disturb my life. [she yelled]

Bayo: why would you tell your son that I’m dead, who does that.

Bimpe: Since the day you denied the pregnancy, that was the day you died in my own eyes

Bayo: that doesn’t give you any right to say such, I’m still is father after all.

Bimpe: I have warned you, if you don’t want trouble, I don’t want to see you near my son again!!!

Bimpe left in anger, she tried to console her son but James won’t listen, he kept misbehaving, James got closer to his dad. Even after the warning, Bayo did not listen instead he started buying things for James, he also both phone for James, so that he would be able communicate with him. Take note Bayo is married but he has no child of his own.
On a very funny day, Bayo decided to sneak into Bible’s house  to see his son, Bimpe found out, got furious and started screaming “thief “, before 2mins people gather, carried out jungle justice on Bayo, he was beaten severly.
Later on, police came to arrest him, every one saw him has kidnapper.

At the police station, Bayo was opportuned to narrate his story, where he made it clear he was the father of the child, and later took the case to court. Bimpe and her son where summoned by the court, everyone narrated their own side of the story but in the end James chose to follow his father because he felt his mother shldn’t have lied to him. Bimpe begged her son to stay but he refused. When Bimpe got home, she cried and cried to no end. After weeks of crying, she manage to gather herself up and continue with her life without her son. After few months James started to fall sick, Bayo tried all his best, took his son to all the best hospital but none could cure they boy. Bayo and his family had no choice but to call James’s mother to come and help them cure him. Bimpe refused, she said she would never go to their house to help them.

The End

What your own opinion about the whole story?



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