Love and Jealousy   ||written by #michael_ghost 

Photo credit to @penciledcelebrities


A man and a woman got married for like 3 to 4 years but with no child yet. The husband was not too rich but they could afford anything they needed.

The man is not at rest with his wife, he usually suspects his wife secretly because she usually makes money more him, he was just wondering what work she is doing that would be giving her such money aside her official job, as timed went on the wife’s income increased more than usual. On a particular day while they were gisting and having fun, he decided to chip in some questions just to satisfy his curiosity.


rafael: baby, honey , did you know that since we married you have not really told me any thing about your past or your deepest secret.

rebecca: which secret, i don’t have any deep secret

rafael: ok, tell me about your ex-boyfriends

rebecca: ahn ahn, what do you mean?

rafael: i want to know your best ex-boyfriend before you met me

rebecca: that has being long naa

rafael: lemme tell you about mine first, so you will know there is nothing there, my best babe then use to be moji, but then she broke my heart, she allowed my best friend to disvirgin her while we were still dating. if she had not broken my heart she would have been my wife but God has his ways of doing things and i thank God he provided you to me. what about you?

rebecca: well, there was one time while i was in university, i met a guy, we were so much in love but because of family issues we could not marry, his name was kelvin.

rafael: you never told me about that

rebecca: why should i, it’s past now

(discussion ended after much charting and laughing)

*******************************************6 months after that discussion***************************************

One busy monday at rafael’s office, an announcement was made by his boss that the regional manager was going to pay them a visit and inspect their work, so everyone has to be on their best behaviour. The regional manager would be around for like 2weeks. eventually when the regional manager came to the office, surprisingly it was Kelvin but rafael did not know him because he introduced himself as Mr Bamidele so everything went as normal, kelvin, the regional manager did his introduction to the staffs, as a fine boy, all the female secretaries of the office were misbehaving has they were showing sign of interest and lust towards him. Kelvin was rich but not yet married. kelvin decided to chat with each staff one after the other to get to know them better. After all that he eventually reintroduced himself and stated that he would prefer the staff to call him by his first name “Kelvin”. it was then it struck Rafael that the name sound familiar but he over looked it, Kelvin continued with his introduction by stating his biography. it was then it occurred to rafael that the name of kelvin’s secondary school happens to be the same with his wife. he started wondering “could it be the same kelvin my wife told me about?”. later that day when his wife came back home, he requested his wife to tell him more about her best ex-boyfriend, that she should describe him. his wife tried to wade him off and told him not to find her wahala, that the gist was stale but he insisted, he eventually told her he met his regional manager who said he was Kelvin and went to the same school as she, so he wanted to confirm. she was surprised . Rafael started suspecting rebecca, he assumed his wife must have known Kelvin is around, too many thoughts were running trough his mind , he was not at ease.
After a week of Kelvin being around, rafael decided to summon courage and stylishly ask his regional manager about his school, then he told kelvin he had sister who happened to have gone to his school (referring his wife as sister). kelvin was surprised, he had make confirmation from rafael again if truly rebecca was his sister and he said yes, he continued whinning kelnin, saying he did not want to conclude before that is why he did not tell him earlier. “How is she doing” kelvin asked, “she is fine” he replied, she even told me that somehow you two still keep in touch (rafael trying to use style to find out from the man if they are keeping in touch). kelvin replied saying they haven’t seen in a long time and he would love to have her number. rafael was not satisfied he still went ahead to tell kelvin that rebecca told him that he broke her heart before. kelvin in return told him its not really true, that; she was the only lady he has ever loved and it was because of his family he could not marry her and he hasn’t found anybody that would replace her. rafael swallowed hard when he heard what kelvin said. since you said she is your sister please give me her number – kelvin requested. rafael had no choice but to give him his wife’s number. When he got home he told his wife that he confirm from the regional manager that it was ex-boyfriend and that he gave him her number because he requested for it, he did not say more than that. His wife was not too pleased with him giving her number out, she told him she was not happy with the idea. Not long after Kelvin called and rebecca decided to answer it in front of her husband so has to avoid unecessary suspicions but still rafael was not satisfied, he knew his wife was not cheating on him but since he gave kelvin his wife’s number, he has not had peace of mind , he became more suspicious of his wife. he started causing trouble at home, accusing his wife of cheating and all sorts. rebecca got  tired of his ranting but was still humble enough to do her work has the wife of the house. One saturday like that, rebecca had an important business which took her time, she called to inform him she would be coming late, rafael oked it but when she came back rafael started accusing her that she has gone to see kelvin and accused her of being a slut, he eventually chased her out of the house, she begged and begged but rafael did not answer her. rebecca had no where to sleep so she called Kelvin to her aid. she explained everything to kelvin, he felt pity for her, he took her to his place and offered her food and took care of her. 1week, 2weeks, 3weeks rafael did not ask about the welfare of his wife meanwhile kelvin has made his intention known to Rebecca that he still loves her and he wanted to marry her. After a year, while at work, rafael got promotion he was to be introduced to his new boss he would be working under directly. While he and his colleagues were gisting and congratulating themselves over their promotion, kelvin stepped in and introduced himself has their new boss as he also introduced a lady who was heavily pregnant as his wife, Guess who?


The End……




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9 thoughts on “Love and Jealousy   ||written by #michael_ghost 

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  6. hmmmm….. Thank God say d gal no dull hasef.. men can b rili funny…. something u ain’t sure of n u even sent ur wife out of d hauz coz of suspicion… dats too bad

  7. Lolz d husband go jes faint shey u chased her out men dont tink at times dey jes blive dey re d boss u pushed her to her ex nd d married nd she bcame pregnant so u were okobo

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