Jude had just finish secondary and his parents were in the process of sending him to stay with big sister (his mom’s sister’s daughter) in Ikeja GRA for a couple of weeks. Jude was looking forward to getting away on his own. He was to go there and his parents would drive down a couple weeks later to visit and pick him up. Judith lived by herself her parents had traveled she quite a grown up tho. She was in perfect shape for 24. 





Judith picked Jude up at Maryland. His eyes took in the sexy contours of Sister Judith. Jude was at the age where his hormones pulsed every time he would see a girl. The female shape drove him crazy, but he concealed his excitement well. 

It was getting later into the evening by the time they got back to the house. Judith showed Jude the layout of his room and the bathroom down the hall, then said goodnight. They both settled into sleep quickly. 

The first morning Judith had showered and walked downstairs into the kitchen in nothing but a robe. Jude was sitting at the table as she walked in, robe partially open, exposing her body to Jude. Embarrassed, he looked away, stood up, and turned his back to her. She immediately tied the front shut realizing what she had done. Both acted as if nothing happened. Judith was a lot of fun to talk to as she made breakfast for the two of them. Jude was going to chat on 2go, and generally do nothing. Judith had to cover her job part-time for a few days before she was officially on vacation.

As soon as she left the house, Jude went to her bedroom with a screwdriver. There he checked out the door frame and pried the trim apart slightly so he could see inside with he door closed. This was a trick he learned at boarding school spying on his seniors who were girls. Girls in school had a really great body. He spied on them every chance he got and was now well versed in voyeurism. His cock got hard as he replayed on past images of his seniors. Their full round breasts and tight curvy ass drove him crazy. Only once did he get a clear look and their bush and protruding vagina lips. His engorged cock released its load spontaneously. 

Now he wanted to see his big sister’s body. He thought she looked a lot better that those seniors at school, just a couple years older and sexier. From what he saw that morning, sister Judith was going to be worth a good look. 

After the bedroom door he did the same to the bathroom. He checked it out. With the wooden door-stop trim pried apart, he could see into the room through the crack. It was narrow, but it worked well. He would get the nails loose so that he could push it flush when he was done peeking and pry it open easy when he wanted to look. 

When Judith got home in the early afternoon she went to her room to change and Jude stood outside the door watching everything. His cock was ready to cum. Her tits were beautiful. The still stood up like a much younger girl but also hung down full like a mature woman. Her waist was tight and her ass was perfect like his mom’s. When she unexpectedly got close to the door he backed off to his room to avoid getting caught. His last view was a close-up of her left nipple which caused a little cum to drip from his cock as he retreated down the hall. When she came out they began to plan dinner and decided to eat outside at the picnic table. Later they watched a movie. All the time he was playing back the images of her body in his mind. His cock remained hard for hours.

At the end of the movie Sister judith went to the bathroom to take a shower. She said she had to go into work early the next morning but would be home by noon so they could go to the state park nearby. As soon as the bathroom door shut, Jude was there with his screwdriver prying open the door trim again. He was right, her tits were bigger than those girls spied on in school. He was focused on her breasts but soon was gawking at her bush. He noticed how short her pubic hair was and how it was shaped. Her lips jutted from her well trimmed hairs and for the first time Jude was getting a good look at a live pussy. Once in the shower she was out of view, but Jude waited for a second look once as she dried heself. It didn’t last long but he got another good eyeful of pussy. As she put on her robe he again ran back to his room where he pretended to be the innocent teen. Judith said goodnight, but Jude stayed awake and masturbated until he had cum three times. 

The next day Judith kept her word and returned home by noon. Jude watched again as she changed her cloths. Great ammunition for a horny mind. The drive to the Ozone cinemas was less than a hour and they enjoyed hours of window shopping and sightseeing before heading home. They agreed to go to the pool next time since it was very hot. Jude knew that he wouldn’t be able to hide his erection in a swimsuit. 

That night Judith’s door did not latch closed when she went into her room. It was a wider gap to peer through, but also a bigger chance of getting caught peeking. But the temptation was too much for Jude. He stood in the hall in boxer shorts and allowed one eye to peer through the door. He had a great view of her undressing. She was preoccupied looking at her naked body in the mirror. She took a bottle of lotion from the dresser and applied it all over her body. Jude let his hard cock free through the front of the boxer’s and stroked himself as he watched. Jude failed to see Judith walk towards the door. Suddenly it was open with nothing between their naked bodies. The sight of her sexy body got Jude off instantly. Cum shot from his cock on to Judith’s leg. Totally flabbergasted, Jude turned and ran to his room, boxers hanging off one foot, closed the door, and waited for the aftermath. How could he have not seen her? He sulked in a combination of terror and embarrassment. But to his surprise, nothing happened. No knock on his door, no scream, no confrontation, no cell call from his mom.
The next morning Judith knocked on his door and asked if he was hungry for breakfast. She acted like nothing happened and Jude decided to follow her lead. It was a wonderful meal and Jude thought that Judith was as cool as anyone could be. There was not even a hint or innuendo of what happened the night before. As the time neared 10am, Judith headed into work.

What Jude did not know was that the sight of his hard cock brought back memories for Judith. After Jude ran down the hall she closed her door and reminisced. In college she loved to party. Her favorite was club parties where she was often the center of attention. She liked winning wet t-shirt contests. Her perfect tits were always just a little bigger, fuller, and rounder than the competition. Her nipples became long and firm, standing out from her shirt. She loved seeing the guys get hard for her. And after a few drinks she was always looking for a guy to blow – one of her specialties. In fact One night at a club she was giving head to the captain of the football team when two more players walked in. Judith liked being watched and felt her sexual energy peak as she sucked him. The captain told them to pull out their cocks. Judith remembered how she took one cock in each hand as she sucked off the third, then would move over one guy to the right and continue. All this while on her knees. Over and over again. Round and round she went until all three had cum in her mouth, hair and face. She loved this. Her college years were filled with sexual teasing; eaten-out, blowjobs, and an occasional sex.

For some reasons she knows not of she got tired and She decided to stay single and rarely even dated in spite of her beautiful form. Many were interested but she just wasn’t ready. But she was still very sexual. She had many fantasies about her university days with young, hard bodied, university boys. This is where her sexual tastes run. So Jude masturbating while watching her naked, drove her crazy. It was great sexual stimulation for her. And as far as him cumming on her leg – no problem there.

As soon as Judith left, Jude grabbed his screwdriver and went to work on the doorknob to his big sister’s room. He enjoyed the view so much that he wanted to make sure the door wouldn’t latch. He took the assembly apart and removed a spring that operated the latch. He was rather proud of this move and couldn’t wait for sister Judith to get home.

When she returned, Jude met her in the driveway and followed her into the house. It was late afternoon and no plans had been made. She suggested she change her cloths and then they could decide what to do. Judith mentioned a restaurant or maybe another movie.

Once Judith closed her door she noticed immediately that the latch wasn’t working but that just made her interested in putting on a show. An excuse to leave the door ajar and entertain her nephew made her wet. And Judith did exactly that. She knew he would be watching and loved it. She would point her ass next to the door and bend over at the waist. Her pussy was in full view just two feet away from Jude’s eyes. 

She made sure not to actually look at the door, not wanting to spook him away, but longed to see his face. She felt like it was college all over again. Judith made sure he got a good look at her tits too. She bent over at the waist again but this time facing the door. Keeping her eyes on the floor, she pretended to be looking for something. Her full tits bobbed and swayed invitingly. Her pussy was dripping. Now she dropped to her knees and crawled around the floor making sure to wiggle her ass and shake her tits.

Jude was watching. His boxers were on the floor at his feet as he masturbated. He had to take his hand away often to keep from shooting his load. It was the best show of his life. As sister Judith crawled towards the door he began stroking his big cock again. Judith opened the door and watched. Raising herself up to her knees, she was face to face with the flared cockhead. Jude could feel his orgasm building fast. Judith reached up and helped him finish. Cum shot all over her face and hair. As it dripped down she smacked her lips and finished pumping his cum with her soft hands. Jude then bolted back to his room.

Judith got up and took a shower. Her fingers were buried deep in her pussy as she fanaticized again. This time it was her nephew and his big cock, shooting gobs of cum over her body. When she finished masturbating, she softly knocked on Jude’s door and asked if he would like to go out to eat. Jude opened the door fully clothed. They both continued on as if nothing had happened. A wonderful meal followed by a wonderful movie. When they returned home they both went to their rooms. Jude was very happy and comfortable with Judith. 

The next morning Judith asked Jude if he could help her fix the door knob. They took it apart and Judith decided it couldn’t be fixed. She said they would get a new one and to throw the old knob out. This left a three inch hole in her door which Jude thought was perfect – an even better view. Sister Judith was thinking the same thing. 

With the entire day off they had a leisurely breakfast and sat on the deck talking about what they could do to while away time. Judith suggested a trip to Silverbird gallery. That was a two hour drive. (not a bad idea Judith thought) Or maybe a trip to national museum and just see what they could discover. They finally decided on a day-trip to the Ibadan zoo.  

They each went to their rooms to change. It was going to be a hot day. Jude just stripped and went to get a look through his new observation hole. Judith was so aware of jude that her pussy was already drenched. For his viewing pleasure, Judith had completely shaved her pussy. She walked up to the closed door and stood with her crotch in front of the hole. Jude drooled as he stroked his cock. Then he watched as a finger came towards his face. Judith pushed her index finger through the hole. Jude was intrigued. Now, with a gentle gesture, judith motioned him invitingly to the hole. Jude didn’t know what to do but decided she must want to touch him again so he pushed his cock to her finger. But Judith maneuvered his cockhead until it was into the hole. Judith loved how big the tip flared as it poked through the door. Her loving lips wrapped around his cock and softly sucked. Jude couldn’t hold back, shooting his load into sister Judith’s mouth. Judith moaned and swallowed, not wanting it to end. Reality then set into Jude’s mind and he pulled back and ran to his room. 

As usual, Judith acted as if nothing happened. Jude was so relieved. No lectures, no shame, no secrets . . . nothing. Just another day. They got into the car and drove off. Judith’s body pulsed with sexual energy, but she behaved herself. She contemplated jude’s cock size. Even through the door hole it was about 6 inches, about the size of the average guy she thought, but his was several inches longer than that. The door was two inches thick, she thought, so he must be at least a nine or ten . . . or maybe longer. What luck she thought. They smiled and laughed as they off. 
To be  continued………..



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