It was late when Judith and Jude returned from their day-trip. They both had focused on the scenic areas and the various tourist attractions. But now, back in the house, Judith immediately thought of putting on another show for her nephew. Jude was hoping for a another good look at her. He had behaved all day, but often had an erection when his mind focused on her sexy form. The tight flimsy top and denim skirt, made her seem much younger. Now he wanted to see her naked.

Judith did her routine, undressing slowly, giving Jude plenty of time to get into the voyeur position at the hole in the door. Images of his cock flashed through her mind all day. Naked now, she put on her highest heels and strolled around the bedroom. It had its desired effect. Jude’s cock was hard as he watched through the hole and snapped an occasional pic with his cell phone. His right hand slowly stoked his rigid meat. His cock surged when Judith bent over with her sexy ass pointing to the door. 

Judith looked over her shoulder and could see his eye peering at her. She put her hand between her legs and beckoned him with her index finger once again. Jude knew what to do this time. He inserted his cock through the door knob hole. Judith gasped looking over her shoulder. Instinctively she pressed back allowing his cock to touch her ass. Jude wasn’t sure what happened but it felt wonderful. 

Judith’s passions surged when she turned, dropped to her knees in front of his cock, and licked the tip tugging the shaft. “Very big, very sexy” she thought. “How long can he be?” Nibbling and sucking his cock-head she softly stroked what seemed like 8 inches sticking through the hole. Judith wanted him. 

She stood up and turned, pointing her ass to his cock. As her pussy heated up her heart began to race. She backed into his cock and pushed the tip towards her cunt. As the cock touched her ass again Judith realized that the high heels were putting her pussy at the perfect angle. Thinking of this big cock entering her, she ran the flared cock-head over her pussy lips getting him slippery with her juices. Masterfully, sister Judith manipulated him inside her. No regrets. It felt incredible. After a minute of frantic pumping, Jude shot his load into his aunt. He was pretty sure he was in her vagina this time but wasn’t confident. But his thoughts raced. Pulling out, he went back to his room to hide and pretend it didn’t happen.

Judith wanted to clean up his cum with her mouth, but that could wait until tomorrow she thought. She had another week alone with Jude before her sister and uncle arrived. She would have to go back to her normal work routine in the morning, but they would have their evenings. 

The next morning Judith was her usual pleasant self. She had made breakfast for them before she went to work. Jude thought how great it was that they didn’t talk about last night. It was so cool he thought. In a way, it was like it never even happened. 

At noon, Jude went to the backyard to sit in the sun. The neighbor, Sam, noticed Jude and said hello. Hitting it off immediately, Sam invited Jude over to their pool to hang out and swim. Jude was not bashful in the least. He was younger than Jude but very outspoken. One of the first things they talked about was girls. After several minutes of talking about “girls”, Sam invited Jude inside to surf his favorite porn sites. MILFs was Sam’s favorite. He talked about seeing his sister naked and how he planted a web cam in her bedroom to watch her. He even showed Jude a recording of his Sister. She had brought her date home and she was like a porn star. It didn’t bother Sam at all. Sam asked if Jude ever watched his mom naked. That is when Jude told him about his voyeurism and his tricks for loosening door trim to peek inside rooms. Sam asked about his “hot” big sis. Sam said he watched her every chance he had since she was such a hot MILF. Jude confessed to peeking on his big sister and about the door hole incident. Somehow he couldn’t keep any details a secret. 

“Oh wow.” Sam said. “That reminds me of a video. Sam immediately pulled up a sex video about a “glory hole”. He asked Jude if this is what she did. Jude watched and nodded. “Exactly”, he said. Sam was excited about this. His fantasy was going on in the house next door. Sam asked if he could come over and watch. Jude nodded yes. The boys went out back for a swim and to wait for Judith to get home. It was all Sam talked about.

Judith arrived home in a very horny mood. She was ready for her favorite nephew as soon as she could get out of her cloths. After checking on Jude, she seductively whispered into Jude’s ear that she was going to change into something comfortable, then walked down the hall to her room. She made sure her ass swayed exaggeratedly, sending out the message to Jude that it was time for action. Jude took the hint. As soon as she closed her door, he went to the back door of the house and let Sam inside. They walked down the hall, still wearing only swim trunks, and peered into the hole. 

Judith was already naked, on her hands and knees, crawling around on her bedroom floor as if looking for something. But it was just for show. Jude took pics with his phone. She knew his eyes were watching her every move. As she crawled, her big tits hung down making them look even bigger. Her ass undulated side to side in an inviting manner. Her shaved pussy and protruding lips were very visible to the boys. Sam was hogging the view, but jude didn’t mind. Sam used his phone to video her. Sam watched intently as Judith crawled towards the door. She put her lips to the hole making sucking sounds and Sam took the bait. Jude nodded. Sam pulled his stiff cock free and pushed it into the hole (just like in the glory hole video). Judith’s lips wrapped around it and sucked him in. She noticed the size immediately. “Not very big today”, she thought. “I can fix that.” It didn’t make sense to her but she was enjoying herself. When Sam shot his load in her mouth, she swallowed and licked. Sam’s cock spurted a few extra loads across her lips and face as she cleaned him. “Odd,” she thought. “His pubic hair is so pale and soft.” 

When Sam pulled away, Jude put his phone to the door-hole and took a few more pics of cum-covered sister Judith. 

She wanted more. She pushed her finger in the hole and beaconed for more cock. This time Jude put his cock in the hole and Judith could see the difference. “What’s going on?” She questioned silently. But Jude’s giant cock demanded her attention and she slid her wet pussy onto him and gyrated. Jude’s orgasm escalated quickly. She could feel his cock-head pulse and flare inside her. Her pussy squeezed tightly around him. He pushed harder, much deeper than before. His length felt amazing, filling her up even through the hole in the door. Judith heard a strange voice cry out, “Wow!” just as Jude thrust and exploded inside her. As he pulled back, her vagina squeezed tight, milking cum from his cock. She wondered about the voice. Who was there? What could she do? But now her orgasm gushed. Her spasming pussy held Jude’s cock inside her. Judith gasped and moaned. “Don’t stop!” She cried out. 

As before, Jude pulled away suddenly and quickly went to his room. But who was with him? She pulled the door open to see that his door was already closed. Putting on her robe, Judith walked down the hall to see what had just happened. 

Knocking on the door she called to Jude. The boys were in the room staring at each other not knowing what to do. Still wearing only swim trunks the boys still had visible tents. 

Then came the question, “Jude, are you alone?” Sam was in a panic and Jude had no idea what to do. 

“It’s OK Jude.” She calmly stated. “I really don’t mind. Really. But I need to know who. Please open the door.”

Sam was still scared, but Jude told him that it would be cool. Jude opened the door. Sister Judith stared for a moment, taking in what she must have done. “Sam, I had no idea you and Jude were friends. When did this happen?” 

Sam said, “Today.”

“That’s great Sam. You can come over any time you want.” Judith said with a smile. “Are you two having a good time?’ 

“Lots of fun.” Jude said. “So you don’t mind Sam hanging out here? We swam in his pool this afternoon.” 

“That’s fine Jude.” Judith said. “But how did you like your visit so far Sam? I hope you had fun.”

“I want to fuck you.” Sam said bluntly. “I have videos of you and if you don’t fuck me I’ll post them.” 

“What did he just say?” She thought in stunned speculation. But then her inner slut replied, “Well then we better get busy. I can’t have people watching me on the internet.” 

Judith dropped her robe, got down on the floor, and crawled around like she did before. “Well lets all get naked then.” Judith stated. Judith was impressed by Sam’s brazenness. It turned her on. Looking at him she would have expected a timid boy but he took charge like a young man. A very horny young man.

Sam and Jude pulled off their swim suites to reveal two solid cocks. It looked as if Jude was twice as big as Sam, both in girth and length. But she liked Sam’s cock. She was going to fuck him.

Sam positioned himself behind her. Judith wetted her fingers and reached between her legs to guide the tip of his cock into her moist hole. Sam pushed his cock hard and Sue gasped. “Not as big,” She thought. “But very good.” 

Jude was busy recording the action. Cell in one hand, cock in the other.
Judith watched Sam over her shoulder. Sam was giving her everything he had. Forceful thrusts and gyrating strokes soon put Judith on the edge. Judith hoped Jude was paying attention. The situation intensified her lust. She watched as Sam closed his eyes and arched his back. Hot cum filled her pussy again. Judith’s pussy clenched his cock as she erupted in orgasm. Her moans were inspirational. Sam shot another load into her talented cunt. 

Jude dropped to his knees in front of Judith. His cell phone recorded his cock slipping into her mouth. Sam grabbed his phone and returned to Judith’s wiggling ass. He began recording as his cock slid back into her pussy. Judith was drowning in pleasure. Immersed in her ecstasy, she climaxed again and again. Completely drained, Judith rolled on to her back and the two boys now stood over her recording everything. They videoed the cum oozing from her mouth and her plump pussy lips. Sam pushed her legs apart, did an extreme close-up, then panned up her body, over her tits, to her face. 

“Now she’s going to have to fuck me any time I want.” Sam declared. 

Jude stood there nodding. “I don’t think that’s going to be a problem.” Jude said gauging the look on his big sister’s face.



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