Jude and Judith [Part 5]  ||written by #michael_ghost






Mary had forgotten her wallet. With no cash or credit cards she had to drive back to the house to retrieve her money. Parking in the driveway, she told Jude to wait and she’d be right back. But once in the house she could hear the unmistakable voices of her sister and uncle. She stopped suddenly to listen to her uncle confronting Judith with Jude’s voyeurism. Judith was somewhat surprised but knew that Jude often peeked at her too. But as the conversation went on she was amazed as to how far it had gone. Then she could hear her Uncle moaning. She peeked around the corner to see her uncle pushing his cock through the hole in Judith’s door. Obviously it was going into her sister’s mouth.


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Mary remembered back to her high school years. She remembered how competitive Judith would be about boyfriends. When Mary would have her boyfriend over to the house, Judith would always find a way to “just be taking a shower” and walk around the house with just a towel wrapped around her. It always seemed to slip a bit or drop off complete. She’d apologize, smile, then slowly cover herself up. Judith’s body was incredible and she knew it. She loved showing it off. Mary remembered how horny her boyfriends would get enjoying her sister’s immodesty. 

Mary’s thoughts went back to the night she was watching a movie with her boyfriend and taking a break to make some popcorn. When Mary returned from the kitchen she froze in her tracks. Judith was on her knees completing a blowjob. Mary’s boyfriend, still sitting on the couch, shot his cum into Judith’s mouth. Judith then got off her knees and ran out of the room. Mary remembered how she stood in silence and watched in pleasure. Mary ducked back into the kitchen and announced that “The popcorn was ready” and walked into the room with a large bowl. Her boyfriend, still sitting with his erection sticking out of his zipper, began to struggle, unable to get the stiff cock back into his jeans. Mary remembered saying, “Oh! Is that for me?” She handed him the popcorn and got to her knees. It was her turn to blow him. Mary hoped Judith was watching. As Mary sucked his cock, she visualized him fucking Judith. Completely overwhelmed, Mary pulled off his jeans and underwear, pulled off her panties, and straddled her boyfriend on the couch. Putting a knee on each side of his hips, Mary kissed him passionately as they fucked face to face. 

But now Mary watched her uncle go into Judith’s room. Mary snuck down the hall and peered with one eye around the door. Her uncle was fucking her sister dog-style. Her uncle then flipped her over and fucked her in missionary position before pulling out; cumming on her tits and face. She watched Judith lick up all the cum. Mary heard everything that Daniel said about her “Never swallowing”. Daniel was right. She didn’t get into it the way she once did. Not knowing what to do, Mary grabbed her wallet and headed back out to the car mildly angered, but totally aroused. Jude was wondering what was taking so long. “Lucky he didn’t come inside.” Mary thought. 

After two hours of shopping, Jude and Mary returned to Judith’s home to find that Daniel and Judith needed to run errands of their own. After a brief conversation they left for Wal-Mart. Mary decided it would be the perfect time to talk with Jude. 

“Something has come to my attention that we need to talk about.” Mary said to her nephew. “I understand that you have been peeking at your big sister when she is undressed. And, that you two have had some physical contact too. Is this true?”

Jude stared in shock. He was sure no one knew. How did his mom find out? Did she really know anything or was she guessing? “Judith wouldn’t talk.” He thought. 

“I’m not sure what you mean, Aunty mary.” Jude replied in his most innocent voice. 

“I mean looking through the hole in your big sister’s bedroom door while she is undressing.” Mary explained. “I wanted you to know that I understand. Your big sister has a history of showing off for men.” 

“History?” Jude questioned.

“Yes history. She’s what is called an exhibitionist. It is a long story, but let’s just say that she enjoys letting guys see her naked. And then she makes herself accessible to them.” Mary continued. “She has been that way since high school and apparently she is still doing it. I know about the hole in her door and what happened between you two.” 

“But I didn’t mean for anything to happen mom.” Jude apologized. “I was just looking through the hole and before I knew it I was pushing my junk in there. She wanted me to!” 

“Well come with me and show me what happened. I want to know the details.” Mary said. “And you are not in trouble. Neither is Judith, but you and I have to talk about it.”

Walking down the hall to Judith’s room, Mary stepped in and closed Judith’s door between them. 

“Now look at me through the hole Jude.” Mary instructed. 

But Jude was thinking about all the times he peeked at Judith when she was naked. He pictured her beautiful body. He was hard thinking about those high schools he peeked at and his big sis, Judith parading in the room naked for him. 

“So what happened Jude?” Mary asked. “I want to know everything.” 

Talking through the hole in the door, Jude explained how easy it was to look at her through the large opening. 

Mary got on her knees in front of the opening. “So what did Judith do to entice you Jude?”

“She put her face close to the hole.” Jude said. “Then she put her finger through and gestured for me to come closer.”

“Like this?” Mary asked as she put her finger in and beckoned him.

“Exactly.” Jude said.

“She must have been trying to seduce you. That’s deliberate and not your fault.” Mary said. “Then what happened?”

“Well, when she took her finger back I looked in again.” Jude explained. “And, and, well, all I could see was her lips and open mouth. She was right up to the hole.” 

“And how did you end up making contact with her?” Mary asked.

“I pushed my junk in the hole.” Jude replied.

“So you just pushed yourself into her mouth?” Mary asked in a very puzzled tone. “I don’t think it’s possible to do that through a door. What really happened Jude. Tell me the truth.”

“But that’s how it happened, aunty. Honest!” jude exclaimed. “I was just too excited. I wasn’t thinking.”

“I just don’t see how that is possible to get into this hole.” Mary said. “It’s too high. How could you get it in there and then through the door. Please Jude, what really happened?”

“Honest aunty!” Jude exclaimed. “That’s how it all started.”

“Well you are going to have to prove it to me.” Mary replied. “Show me right know what you did.” 

Jude’s cock had been trying to get out of his pants anyway. All the talk about Judith and thinking about her sucking his cock and seeing her naked had made him uncomfortably hard. He submissively but happily did what his Aunty told him. 

Mary was stunned when her nephew’s huge cock came through the opening nearly poking her in the eye. 

“You were telling the truth!” Mary exclaimed, “And then what did your aunt do?”

“It felt like she put it in her mouth.” Jude said. “For sure the first time.” 

“You did this a few times?”


“And how did it feel?”

“It was warm and wet, and tight.” Jude whimpered. 

“I mean did you like it? She asked.

“I’m sorry aunty, but it felt great.” Jude confessed. “I really liked it.”

Mary took a big gulp looking at her nephew’s cock. The long shaft and pulsating purple cock-head was impressive. She was mesmerized by how tight and shinny the skin was over his blood engorged helmet. As it throbbed and twitched she felt incredibly attracted to it. Sticking through the door It was just a cock, not her nephew’s cock, just a huge throbbing man-sized fuck tool. Excitement shot through her body. She just stood and stared, wanting to put him into her mouth and suck him dry. Suddenly she wanted to do all the nasty things her uncle said that she “never did” any more. She wanted to feel cum shooting into her mouth again. 

“It’s OK Jude.” Mary said licking her lips. “I can see how it all happened now. Sometimes your urges just get away from you.”

“Exactly mom!” Jude replied through the door. “But you won’t tell aunt Judith or my uncle that you know will you?”

“No, I won’t tell.” Mary said as her nephew withdrew his cock. “Now get dressed and we’ll go get something to eat.”

“But how did you find out?” Jude asked.

“That is my secret.” Mary replied visualizing his hard cock. 

Mary noticed that her panties were soaked. She wondered how much longer she could have looked without sucking her nephew’s cock. She wondered how it would feel in her mouth and how much better she could suck him than her sister did. She reached up under her skirt and pressed against her wet panties. Pressing against her lips she found her swollen clit and massaged herself. Through the hole in the door, Jude watched every moment of his aunty’s exhibition. 

Minutes later Mary came out of the bedroom, grabbed the car keys and they headed to a local fast food hot-spot. Great burgers and fries hit the spot. 

When Jude and his Aunty returned home, Judith’s car was in the driveway, but the house seemed empty with the exception of the TV blaring in the living room. 

Mary walked down the hall to Judith’s room to see if she was there. The door was closed, but she knew how easy it was to see inside. 

Looking through the hole Mary could see Sue on the bed with her legs spread high and wide. Daniel was between his sister’s legs grinding his cock deep inside her. Mary was both shocked and excited. Mary loved watching Judith fuck guys, even when it was her uncle. Mary flipped up her skirt out of the way, reached up between her legs, pushed the panties to the side, and inserted a finger. Gazing intently, Mary fingered her pussy. 

Jude watched in awe of his aunty. He knew what she was doing, it was the same thing he loved to do, but Jude didn’t know what his aunty was seeing. Jude had lusted over his aunty’s body for years. But now she was in front of him, bent over, ass swaying as she looked through the hole. 

He walked up behind her, pulled out his cock, and began stroking and he stared at his aunty’s exposed ass and pussy. Mary was only peripherally oblivious of Jude as she used her phone to video the action in Judith’s room. Jude could now see in the phone’s display that sister Judith was being fucked by his uncle. Overwhelmed with teen lust, Jude pulled at his aunty’s panties. Mary visualized the huge purple cock-head she had watched an hour earlier and offered no resistance to Jude’s advances. 

Judith was moaning and telling Daniel that he was “so big”. Mary thought “He really is . . . but so is Jude.”

Mary wiggled her ass invitingly, wanting Jude to fuck her. Jude pulled her panties to the floor and Mary stepped out. Her pussy pulsated with anticipation. Mary wanted what her sister was getting. 

Jude’s hands roamed his aunty’s body, fingering her cunt and squeezing her tits. Mary reached between her legs and motioned with her finger to “come and get it”. No foreplay was necessary. Jude excitedly plowed his massive cock into his aunty. Waves of pleasure shot through her body. “He is huge.” Mary thought. Mary dropped the phone to the floor and braced her hands against the door frame to keep from falling into the door. Jude continued fucking her. Mary responded to every thrust. Instinctively she synchronized vaginal squeezes to his thrusting rhythms. 

Mary now watched as Judith switched positions with daniel. Judith wrestled her uncle onto his back, rolled on top, and began riding his cock. 

Mary moaned involuntarily. Judith recognized the unmistakable noise of her sister. Judith road Daniel even harder, moaning louder with intense excitement knowing Mary was watching. As judith felt Daniel’s first spurt, she slid off his cock and wrapped her lips around him, taking the remaining cum in her mouth. 

With Jude’s huge cock buried in her pussy, Mary orgasmed. As her pussy clenched tight, Jude immediately shot his load, filling her pussy with fresh teen-cum. 

“We can’t let your uncle see us,” Mary whispered to Jude over her shoulder. “Back to our rooms. Get dressed fast.” Jude pumped two more times before pulling out with a gentle slurping sound and mild “pop”. 

“Quick before we get caught.” Mary whispered. 

Judith continued to suck and lick Daniel’s massive pole until all the cum was cleaned. Crawling up his body she gave him a cum-filled French kiss that had Daniel instantly hard once again.
“Hurry and get dressed,” Judith whispered into Daniel’s ear. “They could be home any time.”

Mary and Jude had quickly dressed, returned to the car where they sat in silence with their hearts pounding. “What have I done?” Mary thought. “What can I say to Jude?” 

“It’s OK aunty.” Jude said seeing the look on her face. “We just got carried away. Just like I did with sister Judith.”

“Yes we did Jude.” Mary said. “We just can’t talk about it to anyone. Agree?” 

“Yes.” Jude replied. “It’s our secret.” 

“Let’s give them a minute and go in.” Mary said. 

Minutes later they got out and slammed the doors, announcing their arrival. Walking into the kitchen they found Daniel and Judith sitting at the table. 

The four talked and laughed as if nothing had happened. It was getting late and Daniel, Mary, and Jude were to return home in the morning.

“We better get some sleep,” Mary reminded everyone. “It’s a long drive starting early tomorrow.”

After Daniel and Mary disappeared into their room, Jude gave Judith one last good look. Judith was so stirred, she moved close and gave Jude a long seductive kiss. 

“Better do what your aunty said,” Judith teased sarcastically. “I can’t wait for your next visit.” 

“Goodnight sister Judith.” Jude said as he walked to his room completely embarrassed.

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