Her name was Temitope. Her family had moved next to ours when I had been four, but somehow I still remember it. My earliest memory of her is when I had been playing hide and seek with a couple of my friends, and she had appeared and asked to join us. My mother had often reminded me to always be nice to girls, so I had welcomed her. After that Temitope had joined us in everything we were up to, and in time us two became inseparable. My other friends always seemed to think of her as one of the boys, but for me she was like the sister I never had.



Despite her being a year younger than me, she was only two inches shorter and in at least as good shape as I was. She could hold her own against us boys in anything from football to a game of tag. I could have won her easily only at arm wrestling, but she could have beat me at a number of things: she was great at throwing ball and was one hell of a sprinter. It was obvious that I respected her greatly, and not only because of her physical qualities. She was smart and funny, always cracking up jokes, lightening up even the darkest atmosphere with her lightheartedness, and she had an easy smile.

She played as ”one of the boys” until I was 14 and she was 13. Somehow, slowly yet surely, our bunch of friends grew apart. The boys and I would go see a movie or hang out at the mall and she would go with her girlfriends and do whatever it is girls do among themselves. She and my other friends wouldn’t see each other anymore. There was no separating us two though. We still saw each other almost daily, went canoeing in the summers, ice skating in the winters, or just sat by their fireplace and talked about things, all kinds of things. There were no boundaries between us.

It wasn’t until I turned 17 that things *really* started to change. Temitope had always been just a friend to me, but lately I had begun seeing her in a new light. I came to realize she had developed some rather interesting physical qualities. Out of nowhere she had grown a pair of the cutest, roundest and perkiest breasts to ever have resided on a girl’s chest. I’m talking about those kinds of boobs that seem to be unaffected by gravity, except when she would move, when they would bounce and sway hypnotically. Despite their considerable size they would always point straight forward as if as a tribute to the goddess of beauty.

Her hair was a wavy mess of auburn and chestnut. When she had been younger she had kept it almost boyishly short, but now she had let it grow and it was already halfway across her back. Her eyes were blue, and they seemed to have brightened as she had reached her teenage years, as if to reflect her overly positive personality. She had a cute, pointy nose and her full lips would often spread in a tantalizing smile.

Her frame was athletic yet feminine. She had pronounced hips and curvy, ladylike shapes, but there wasn’t an ounce of excess fat on her, only well-toned muscle. You could even make out the shapes of her abdominal muscles on her flat stomach. Her thighs were strong yet ladylike, a little thinner at the top, so that when she stood with her legs together there was a small gap between her legs. Her butt was a plump, protruding, heart-shaped eye-catcher, well developed from all the running she liked to do.

I had only recently begun paying attention to these things, and sometimes when I thought of her like that, I would feel a strange tingly sensation inside of me. Similarly to her, my own body had developed. My muscles had grown on their own, hair had appeared where there hadn’t been hair before and my voice had deepened. My dick had grown in size, hanging at a nice and fat size now. Some years ago dad had had a one-on-one talk with me, and we had talked for a long time about sex, girls and in time becoming an adult mentally and physically. My family had always been extremely open when it came to these things, and it never bothered me in the least.

During all this Temitope and I kept seeing each other, but sometimes it would feel like there was an unnamed tension rising between us, not necessarily a bad kind, but it felt like there was something we both wanted to say or do but couldn’t quite put our finger on it. Sometimes when we were in her house, sitting by the old fireplace on a thick, furry carpet, talking about stuff we thought about, I caught myself staring at her lips, trying to read a silent invitation they seemed to be mouthing, or looking at a breast peeking from her blouse, admiring its beauty, wondering what’d it feel like in my hand. Sometimes I would look her in the eye and see something behind her smile, as if her bright blue eyes hid a question we both knew the answer to.

One hot summer night, three days before Temitope’s seventeenth birthday, both our parents were away from home, together on some silly marriage camp. Me and Caroline were in her house, planning to watch a movie and drink hot chocolate. Her family had a massive living room, the ceiling was at least 15 feet high. They had a huge 66” flat screen over the fireplace and on the opposite wall a big, cuddly couch. The moonlight shining through a single large window lit up the darkness as we sat side by side on the sofa. Thanks to the air conditioning it was nice and cool inside, while outside it was almost 80 degrees, even though it was eleven in the evening and the sun had set long ago. We had spent the day swimming and sunbathing by a big pool our two houses shared.

The movie was a romantic comedy, a pretty good one, but we still mostly focused on talking. A sexually loaded scene made us pay attention to the film for a moment. A surprising kiss led to a passionate embrace of lips, then bodies, until the two characters lay on the floor entwined, on a carpet very much like the one in front of Caroline and I.

”Tell me, have you ever kissed a girl like that?” she asked.

”Me?” I laughed. ”No way. And don’t you think I would have told you if I had?”

”I don’t know, you don’t always tell me *everything*,” she said, grinning.

”I do so! I even told you of the time I had forgotten my swimming trunks home, and the teacher made me go in my underwear, remember?”

She laughed heartily. ”That must have been quite a sight, I wish I had been there to see it! But I haven’t told you that I actually *have* kissed a guy.”

”Really?” I felt a sudden, strange surge of anger. ”Who?”

”Kunle, you know that quiet kid from school. One time after school he walked up to me and offered me two thousand naira if I followed him. I was confused, but two thousand naira is a lot of money and there was nothing he could have done without my consent, so I followed him. He led me to the girls’ bathroom in back of the classroom, you know the bathroom no one ever uses, and when we were alone, he offered me another one thousand naira if I’d kiss him. I really didn’t want to, but it was quite a bargain, and how big a deal can one kiss be? So… I kissed him quickly and left.”

”Wow… are you serious?”


”Okay… but… don’t you think it’s kind of stupid that your first kiss was like that?”

”Oh well, I wouldn’t even count it. There was no emotion, and it *really* wasn’t an actual kiss, more a peck on the lips.”

A moment of silence followed, and we both focused on the movie again. The man and woman were laying on a bed together, spooning and whispering beautiful things in each other’s ear.

”Do you think it’ll be like that?” she wondered aloud. ”I mean, do you think when you kiss someone you really care about for the first time, your head spins, your knees go weak and all that?”

”I don’t know… I suppose we’ll find out sometime.”

”Wouldn’t you want to?” she asked quietly.

”Wouldn’t I want what?”

”Go skinny-dipping in the moonlight. No, kiss someone, stupid!” she let out a laugh.

”I don’t know, I guess… If I had a girlfriend, I guess I would want to kiss her… but hey, what are the chances of me ever getting a girlfriend, pretty close to nonexistent I’d say!”

”Oh come on, don’t say that, I bet there are plenty of girls who would love to be your girlfriend, or kiss you for that matter!” she assured.

”Thanks… I guess. I still don’t believe you though,” I muttered.

”You know what, I’ll prove it to you.”

Without warning, she kissed me full on the lips. I felt the warmth of her lips and smelled the jasmine of her perfume. My mind went absolutely blank. Her lips melted into mine and our noses brushed against each other. She leaned on my thigh and her long hair formed a curtain around the embrace of our lips. My brain finally returned to working order and I tried to lean back, but her kiss only pressed me against the couch. After a time that could have been anything between three seconds and three minutes we parted. She froze and stared at me. I stared back. My heart was beating like a drum. I licked my lips and I could taste her kiss, I felt the heat emanating from her body and I smelled her sweet scent. She was breathing heavily just like I was.

”So…” she started.

”Yeah…” my tongue felt heavy in my mouth.

”That was…”

”Cool, yeah…” I finished her sentence.

”My head is spinning and my knees feel weak, I guess this is the real deal!” She laughed happily and I grinned with her, but suddenly she went serious again. She was hovering over me, staring at me, at my eyes, my lips, my eyes again, unmoving.

”Do you want to… uh…” I whispered.

”Again? Yeah…” she said quietly.

I rose up to meet her and pressed my lips against hers. My lower lip nestled between hers, her supple upper lip between mine. Softly we rubbed our lips against each other’s, changed the angle, changed the position of our lips, broke the kiss only to fall in it immediately again. She fell on top of me and I leaned back against the sofa, wrapped my arms around her and pulled her close, wanting to feel her against my body.

My hands explored her back as our kiss grew hotter, more passionate and more wanting. My other hand traced her auburn curls up her back and her neck, finally getting lost in her hair, playing with it and pulling her deeper in the kiss. Her lips parted, and I felt her hot breath against my lips. Her tongue gently touched my lips, and instinctively I welcomed it, opening my own mouth, greeting her tongue with mine. Each time our tongues touched warm shivers crawled down my spine. Our tongues danced and rubbed against each other, we licked each other’s lips, the inside of the other’s mouth. We kissed for what felt like an eternity, and when she finally rose and broke the kiss, we were both sweaty, breathing heavily and our lips shone with saliva.

I felt like a feeling that had always dwelt within my heart had suddenly come to life and filled me with warmth. I couldn’t help but smile widely. She smiled back the most beautiful, warm and loving smile, and I knew she felt the same way.

”What do you say we go play under the moonlight?” she asked in a quiet voice.

Without a word I got up, took her by the hand and led her outside. The yard of our two houses was surrounded by a high pine fence, adorned by a beautiful garden maintained by our mothers and dominated by a tall statue of a man throwing a discus. The pool was shaped like an oval, with the other end only up to your ankles and the other to your neck. The water, warm after a hot day, was slightly steaming in the relatively cool night air. The full moon offered the only light, its rays glimmering on the surface of the water, but it wasn’t that dark and I could see well enough.

When we got to the edge of the pool she let go of my hand. She grabbed her loose, woolen sweater by the hem and pulled it off, throwing it to the ground. There she stood, the girl of my dreams, in a red lace bra and dark grey college trousers. A matching pair of panties peeked from under the waistband of her pants. Her perky, bra-covered breasts drew my eye almost irresistibly.

”Your turn,” she said smiling.

To be Continued……



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