I pulled my blue hoodie over my head and let it fall on the ground. Under it I wore nothing to cover my toned upper body. Her eyes wandered, moving over my arms, my chest, my abdomen, and I saw a look on her face I had never seen before. Silent, she began taking her trousers off, exposing her long, tanned legs, while I took off my own pants. We stood there in silence for a moment, eyeing each other and gathering courage. She was the first to move, reaching behind her back and unhooking her bra. My eyes, and something else too jumped at the sight. Temitope’s gorgeous girly globes pointed straight towards me, her small, rosy nipples erect in the cool night air. Her tits were even more beautiful than I had imagined, and I felt myself harden rapidly at the sight. It took me a lot of effort to raise my eyes. When I looked up I saw her smile, and we began taking off our final pieces of clothing.







For me this was somewhat difficult as I was hard as rock, but finally my cock sprang free of my boxer shorts. My eyes fixed on her slowly revealing crotch. First into view came a thin stripe of light brown hair, which ended suddenly just above her hairless, exquisite slit. The lips of her pussy were softly squeezed together, like another mouth, and as they became exposed, my cock twitched involuntarily and a drop of precum spurted out. So stunning was the sight, that I didn’t even realize my mouth had fallen open. Temitope’s bare naked slit was the most arousing thing I had seen in my life. I stared and stared and if possible I felt myself harden even more until my cock felt ready to pop. When I finally managed to raise my eyes from between her legs, I found her staring between mine.

”Wow…” she just said.

”And you… wow,” I answered like a retard, and we both giggled.

I took a step towards her, she took one towards me, until she was right in front of me, and I pulled her close. My cock slipped between her legs and her firm breasts pressed against my chest as I kissed her hungrily. Her tongue dived in my mouth, as if she was trying to get inside my body, and when I slid mine in her mouth, she sucked it deeper. Suddenly she broke the kiss.

”There’s something I need to do,” she said quietly. ”I hope you like it.”

Having said that, she pushed me in one of the deck chairs by the pool. My shaft stood up proud, ignoring gravity much like her breasts. I had a brief, mouth-watering moment to admire her bald slit from up close before she knelt between my legs. As she settled in a comfortable position, her hair softly caressed my cock and balls, which felt incredibly exciting. She grabbed my shaft carefully, feeling it in her small hand. I shivered at the amazing sensation of having her touch my cock.

”I’ve never seen a… cock… before. I didn’t expect it to be…” she purred.

She stroked it slowly up and down a couple of times, sending shocks of pleasure through my body.

”I’ve been teaching myself, you know,” she said. ”Preparing for this. I know I’ve wanted to do this for a long time. I want you to feel good,” she continued, smiling a loving, if a little nervous smile.

She pulled my foreskin back, exposing the purple tip of my penis. She looked at it for a moment, and I shivered with anticipation, partly scared, partly extremely enthusiastic. Suddenly, she pressed her lips on the tip, just on the small hole, and kissed it lightly. I jerked in my chair as I felt her soft, hot lips touching my exposed cock head. When I relaxed again she pulled back, and without warning dived back down, parting her lips and letting them glide down my sensitive shaft. The intense pleasure made me freeze in my chair, as her mouth and tongue engulfed my member.

It felt like every nerve in my body had moved to my penis, that her warm, moist and soft mouth was caressing. Her lips were squeezed just below the head, her tongue moving slowly around it, exploring it. When I felt her tongue slide over the most sensitive spot just below the glans, I jerked and a drop of pre-cum spurted in her mouth. After licking on it in her mouth for what was the best moment of my life so far, she began sliding her lips up and down my shaft. Temitope looked incredibly beautiful and erotic with my cock in her mouth, looking up at me with those big doe-eyes. Her breasts swayed slightly as she sucked on me, her hair getting in the way again and again despite her keeping brushing it aside. The sensation of her mouth around my cock was almost unbearably sweet, and her soft sucking quickly made my cum build up in my balls.

Suddenly, she released my cock, and took a moment to lick my testicles. She gently lapped at them with her hot tongue, making me shiver with enjoyment. She licked the skin around my balls, then took the other in her mouth and gently sucked on it. She took the other testicle in her mouth too, and softly and wetly sucked on my whole scrotum. It felt amazing.

She returned to my cock, taking just the head in her mouth. With her hand she grabbed the base and began stroking slowly, so that my foreskin moved up and down inside her mouth, the glans first covered, then exposed to the caresses of her tongue. When she began sliding her mouth up and down, gently sucking on me, it felt so amazing that I thought I would die. Her hand kept stroking my foreskin up and down while her lips and tongue caressed the sensitive tip.

It felt better and better by the moment, and I felt a heat spreading from my penis through my entire body. Slowly and sweetly my pleasure grew as her warm lips glided lovingly over the head and shaft, her tongue whirling around the glans. Soon my pleasure was so intense I wanted to scream. A sweet pressure was rising, traveling up my shaft, my legs flexed, my back arched, incredible waves of pleasure rippled through my body, until finally my climax hit me, and my cum rocketed up my shaft and began to erupt in her waiting mouth. Cumming in Temitope’s gently sucking mouth felt blissful. She never stopped, and just kept bobbing up and down in my lap, letting me release my sperm. She moaned softly as my semen filled her mouth, and I moaned loudly as she sucked every last drop out.

Finally, she released me, and smiled at me with a mouth full of my come. I watched in astonishment as she began gulping it down, swallowing the rewards of her efforts. I was completely and utterly bewildered.

What she had done had given birth to an undying lust in me. A fiery, burning lust that always wanted more and more. A lust that was always reborn as a yearning. It was like she had put a spell on me, destroyed my whole world and rebuilt it anew much more beautiful.

She sat in front of me smiling part shyly, part mischievously, my fat cock glimmering in her hand only inches from her face.

”That was… unbelievable…” I finally managed to say.

She flashed her gorgeous, white smile.

”I’m glad you liked it. I liked it at least, you tasted *so* good! You’re so, like, hard and soft at the same time… and it’s so… you. It feels like I’m caressing your soul when I’m caressing your cock, you know what I mean?” she said.

”How about I try and repay the favor?” I asked in a burst of confidence.

I swear she flushed a bit, and answered, ”You can do anything you want with me.”

I got up from my chair, my cock brushing against her cheek as I rose, and pulled her up with me. I embraced her, and said, ”You know, it’s funny how even though everything that has happened tonight is so new, it feels so right, like it was meant to be, like I had always loved you like this, but had only now come to realize the full extent of my feelings. Temitope, I love you.”

She let out a deep sigh.

”Oh, I love you too so much! From the bottom of my heart, I love you,” she whispered back.

I felt tears in my eyes, tears of an unimaginable joy. Finally I ended the embrace and kissed her. I tasted something funny and sexy in her mouth.

”And you know what Temitope? I don’t only love you, I also want you,” I said.

”I want you too,” she responded with tears in her eyes, ”I want your body, your soul, your love, I want anything and everything you have to give me.”

I kissed her passionately. I kissed her chin, under her chin, her neck. My lips traveled to the back of her neck, to her ear. I kissed it, pinched her earlobe with my teeth. She moaned softly. I didn’t really think about what I was doing, and I was just going with instinct, even though I had, for unexplainable reasons, also studied a bit on the art of sex. I guess I hadn’t wanted to be a total loser when the time came.

I felt her hot breasts against my chest as they rose with her breathing. An alluring heat was emanating from between her legs, where my cock was nestled against her pussy lips. Her whole body was hot to my touch, as if as an invitation to me. I left her ear and kissed my way down her neck, my hands caressing her back at the same time. I kissed her shoulders, traveling lower, my hands moving with me until they found her butt. I hesitated for a moment, suspended by the memory of a forgotten morality, until I gave in and cupped her buttocks. Her butt was as firm as it looked, packed with tight muscle, but still quite small.

Having focused on feeling Temitope’s behind, I suddenly realized I was facing her supple tits. Her nipples were small and dark red. Without thinking I released her buttocks and gently grasped her breasts. They fit in my hands perfectly, feeling heavy and soft in my palms. I leaned forward and pressed my lips on the other nipple, to which she responded with an ”Oh”. I moved to the other breast, licking around the areola, approaching it but stopping just before. Her soft moans encouraged me, and I moved to the other breast again, this time closing my lips around the rosy tip. I squeezed my lips together and licked first slowly, then rapidly around the nipple and over it. She seemed to be enjoying it, breathing deeply, letting out quiet, sexy noises of girly enjoyment, and occasionally her whole body shivered.

Temitope’s naked body was breathtakingly lovely, and to touch her almost felt like worshipping a deity. Her every shape, mound and curve attracted me, asking for my touch and my kiss. Almost reluctantly I left her breasts, but there was something calling to me even more. I kissed her side, her flat belly, slowly moving down her body. As I neared her crotch, I could smell the girly scent of her fresh pussy, and it made my head spin. I just wanted to dive between her legs, to see her pussy in all its beauty, to smell it, to kiss it, to lick it, yet something made me restrain myself. I kissed my way lower and lower, but turned aside just before the thin stripe of her pubic hair.

I continued down her thigh to her knee, and extremely slowly kissed my way up. She opened her legs, like she was asking me to kiss her slit. I approached her captivating cleft until it was only an inch from my lips. Its scent was driving me crazy, and I had to use all my willpower to keep my mouth away from it. I kissed her groin just beside her labia, breathing in her tantalizing aroma, then blew hot air on her pussy. I moved to the other thigh, this time using my tongue. I licked up her smooth thigh, using all my willpower to keep my movements as slow as I could. As I approached her pussy again, she opened her legs even more. Facing Temitope’s slit again, I noticed a moistness trickling from between her vaginal lips. My tongue licked her groin, closer and closer to her pussy.

Finally I couldn’t resist anymore. I licked her just below her opening, tasting her sweet juices. I pressed my tongue against her perineum and slowly licked up, until my tongue slipped between her labia. She tasted incredible. I let my tongue glide up between her outer lips, over her tiny hole, over her clitoris and all the way up to the stripe of hair. I took a moment to admire her gorgeous pussy. Despite her standing, her legs were so far apart that her outer lips were slightly spread, and between them I saw her glimmering wet, pink inner lips. They too, were parted, and I could see her bright pink hole. Her clitoris had come out from behind its hood, as if begging for attention. I licked up and down her slit a couple of times, slowly and softly. My tongue slid between her inner lips, and I pushed it gently inside her tight opening. I couldn’t help hoping it was my cock entering her, and not my tongue. Inside she tasted even sweeter. Wanting to get closer, I pushed my tongue as far as I could, whirling it inside her, licking the folds of her hot cavern. My face was buried between her legs and I couldn’t breathe, but I didn’t care. It felt amazing to be so close to her.

Finally I retreated and breathed my lungs full of her sweet scent. I kissed her pussy like it was her mouth, eagerly and passionately, using my tongue. I took her tiny inner lips between my lips, sucking and licking on them gently. Temitope responded to my actions with sexy moans, and occasionally her knees seemed to almost fail under her. Being able to pleasure this most gorgeous girl in the world made me feel great about myself. To me, it was like every kiss and every lick expressed my feelings better than a hundred beautiful words.

Then I moved to her tiny, sensitive nub. I licked around it with light movements, squeezed it between my lips and flicked my tongue across it, at the same time sucking ever so gingerly. I whirled my tongue over it and around it, first using only the tip of my tongue, then pressing my whole tongue against it and licking up and down. Temitope’s breathing was becoming irregular, and she was trembling all over. Her moans were growing louder and louder, as she approached the peak of her pleasure. Then, her breathing stopped, and suddenly she pressed her pussy against my face and trembled frantically, moaning with an erratic voice. I slowed my movements, trying to prolong her enjoyment. Finally she half fell, half sat in a deck chair behind her.

Seeing her on the deck chair in such a vulnerable position, with her legs spread, her pussy exposed and glimmering with wetness, her eyes misty and her breathing heavy, I felt my cock stiffening again. I knew what I wanted, what I needed. I needed to be inside her. She seemed to sense my wanting, and as an answer she spread her legs even more and smiled. The same smile that had so many times brightened my day was now calling me in a whole new way. I settled between her legs, but I was too high to be able to do anything. Understanding, she laid down on her back on the chair and I climbed on top of her. We were face to face, the tip of my cock touching her hot slit. Suddenly I remembered what my dad had said about birth control, but before I could say anything she spoke.

”I’m on the pill.” Noticing my surprised look she continued, ”They help with menstrual pain.”

We were quiet for a moment, staring at each other. I broke the silence with a nervous laugh.

”This is kind of funny, isn’t it?”

”Yeah,” she said with a smile.

”I’ve known you for such a long time, and now in one night, everything’s different.”

”I don’t mind. I feel… like… like I’ve secretly wanted this for a long time already,” she said.

”I feel the same way,” I whispered.

A silence fell on us again, a comfortable but anticipating silence. I felt my cock pulse anxiously, reminding me of its existence and its needs. I looked her in the eyes, and they told me she wanted this as much as I did.

I rose a little, so that I could see between her legs. Her legs were completely apart and so were her labia, exposing her bright pink, tiny vaginal opening. Her pussy looked stunningly beautiful.

Unable to wait a second longer, I pressed my penis against her entrance. Even though she was incredibly wet, I had to push quite hard before her pussy spread enough for my cock to slide inside. As her tight pussyhole took in my exposed glans, my hands almost gave out and I nearly collapsed on top of her. Temitope bit her lip as I entered her for the first time, but made no sign that she was hurting.

Slowly I wriggled and pushed my way deeper in her, wanting to be careful, although a part of me just wanted to bury my entire length in her immediately. I watched her face, ready to stop if it looked like she was hurting. When I was finally fully inside her I stopped. It felt like a tight ring made of velvet was squeezing the base of my penis, while inside she felt incredibly hot, soft and kind of squishy.

It felt mind-blowing to have my cock inside Temitope, to be so close to her. My instinct guided me and I moved a couple of times in and out. The folds of her pussy caressed the head of my member and her tight lips clung to my shaft, squeezing me lovingly. To be inside Temitope’s pussy was physically and emotionally so satisfying, that I knew I wasn’t going to last long.

I was moving so slow, that I could feel every fold of her supple insides against my penis, and whenever I pushed in her it felt like her pussy tried to suck me in deeper. I withdrew, and when the head of my penis slipped out I saw inside her pink cavern for a brief moment, until the opening contracted to just a tiny puckered pink hole again. The air felt cool on my glistening, rock solid cock. Slowly I pushed my whole length back inside her sweet, welcoming pussy, feeling a divine warmth surround my entire penis. I was all the way in Temitope, my cock completely buried in her hot cunt, my balls resting against her firm buttocks.

I began moving back and forth inside her, keeping my movements slow, embracing the feel of her vaginal flesh around my shaft. With every thrust my pleasure grew, and all too soon I felt the familiar tingle in my balls. I kept on fucking her, feeling her envelope my cock again and again, and it was more than I could take.

I groaned loud enough to wake the whole neighborhood as my orgasm hit me. Her silky pussy embraced my whole length as I pumped between her legs in ecstasy, and finally I started shooting my cum to the back of her young vagina. It felt like heaven to cum inside Temitope. She looked me deep in the eyes and kissed me as I ejaculated in her. I pumped in and out of her supple teenage pussy, releasing my built-up sperm deep within, never wanting the moment to end. The sensation of fucking her and cumming inside her was unimaginable.

When I finally stopped cumming her cavity was completely full of my fertile seed, and it trickled from her stretched opening, flowing in the crack of her butt. My penis still buried deep in her cum-filled pussy I collapsed on top of her, and she wrapped her arms around me.

”I feel… perfect…” she whispered after a long while.

During that weekend we made love almost the whole time. We tried new things and got to know each other in a whole new way. After several weeks we told our parents we were dating, and they were happy for us.

We married many years after.

The End


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