She was too tired to even stand on the queue for the Next BRT bus but she thanked her star that the Era of Governor Fashola and Ambode had brought about an easier and cheaper transportation. She was tired of bank work, it’s too stressful and the pay is rubbish, this what first class certificate with no experience landed her in. But at least “any work is better than no work”, she thought and she giggled has her spoilt mind twisted the quote to “blow job is better than no job”. Finally the long line of queue was moving.

Unfortunately the bus was filled before it got to her turn, so many thoughts filled her head as she tries to figure out which job she should switch too, this banking job is a mess, it makes her look like she does not have a life, 3:30am she is up from bed, by 4am she already on her way to office from Ikorodu, she would work her life out from 7:45am – 6:45pm. Ikorodu to Lagos Island is 2hrs+ journey, today was just an unlucky Monday, her boss had told her stay a while to do the balancing of accounts, which she finished late and which is why she at a BRT stand 30mins before the initial close time for government transportation. To make things worse rain was drizzling, the rain drizzle has being continuous for the past two days. Another empty bus arrived finally, the driver notified the ticketers, that his bus was the last bus, lucky her, she was part of the first five people on the queue, so she did not have to struggle for seat. She entered, sighted the second to the last seat beside the window, she rested her head on the glass as she enjoyed every bit of the cool breeze coming out of the air condition though she was cold but she enjoyed it. She soon resumed with thoughts of how to get a better job or at least switch to a bank with better pay. She placed her head on the back of chair in front of her without disturbing the person sitting in front of her.

‘Madam!! Madam!!’, the busman [the driver] woke her up, the sleep was inconveniently sweet she did not want to answer but the busman consistently disturbed her by tapping her to wake up from her dreams, when she came to her right senses and saw a slim nicely fitted stranger standing in her front, it was then she remembered she was suppose to be on transit, she looked around, no body was in the bus except the stranger in front of her who is the busman, ‘please where are we’ she asked, ‘Majigun bus terminal. ‘ , the busman replied, ‘Madam we don close ooo, I no know say person still dey for bus oo’ the busman continued. Chai this big time mess up, she taught to her self, it was already 10:45pm, her place in Ikorodu is a private close and curfew is 11pm, from Majigun busstop to Agric alone is over 15mins plus, she was thinking of the next step, she was so confused and worried.. ‘Madam where you dey stay’ the busman interrupted her thoughts . ‘Ikorodu’ she replied, still confused. ‘Madam, me I no know how you want take do am because even for here Ikorodu bus don scarce, wetin you wan do?’ asked the bus man. She was quiet, she did not know what to say or do, for what seemed like 2mins there was no word from her, then the bus man interrupted the silence with a suggestion.

‘Madam, I no know if you go like am but you fit manage stay for the bus, my first route tomorrow morning naa Ikorodu, Na from there I go load CMS [somewhere in Lagos island]’, she nodded. She was not even conscious of the fact that she nodded in agreement, the taught of how to escape are predicament left her rooted to her seat in a catatonic state. Few minutes later the busman came with a broom, swept the whole bus and left again. Few minutes later the busman came in again with two small black nylon. ‘Madam, since i know say if you leave our terminal, securities no go allow you back in unless you are a staff, I decided to get you something to eat, I bought dundun (Yoruba name for roasted yam) and akara for you’ he stretched his hand out shovel the nylon of food towards her, she could feel the hotness of the food trough the nylon. She took the nylon, said ‘thank you’ and placed the nylon On seat next to her, she stood up almost immediately, making up her mind to leave, as she reach the exit of the bus just she was about to step out, the rain increased its tempo. She had no choice, she was Unhappy, ‘Which kine bad Belle rain be this’ she tort. ‘if you really wanna go home, I could give you my umbrella’ the busman said. But she told him not to worry, she had made her mind to sleep in the bus and from there go to office. The chair that was comfortable before became uncomfortable, she wanted bed, she really wanted to pull of her heavy suit and the tight skirt. This night has to be her worst nite ever, she tried to calm down, she looked at the steam oozing out of the black nylon the busman had given her earlier, it then occurred to her she was hungry and had not eating since she had breakfast, in a twinkle of an eye she was done with the roasted yam. The busman on the other hand, brought out a mat from no where and a portable foam, he laid the mat on floor in between the chair close to the end of the bus and kept the foam on top, he removed his uniform to to change to his casual. ‘hmm, this guy is quite handsome without his uniform’ she taught but she quickly brought herself to her senses when she noticed the busman was looking at her. ‘Madam, shey you go dey okay, Na you I lay the mat for, I go sleep for the driver seat’ the busman said and before she could reply he was off to the drivers seat which was protected by a glass door, he switched on the air condition back. ‘Chai, why would a guy in his right senses switch on the air condition under this cold weather with these heavy rain self’ she taught to herself. She was uncomfortable down below, she needed fresh air, so she pulled her skirt up higher and higher until it was bunched up against the back of the seat and her panties covered ass was showing, she then drag the red panties down to her legs until they were off totally and she kept it in her bag, she also managed to remove her bra without having to remove her cloth, she did not pull her skirt down, her below was enjoying the coldness of the air-conditioned bus more than any other part of her body. She stayed like that for like 30mins before she woke up from her little nap, she looked around and still saw the busman at the driver seat, she looked at the little foam the busman had laid for her, it was enough for her but she felt it was not nice to deprive the busman of his bed. She stood up from her seat, off her shoes, then walked to the driver’s place and knocked on the drivers door, she signaled him to come out of his seat, he was half asleep so he just did as he was instructed, he went straight for the foam she directed to him, he just laid there without hesitation but still manage to create space for her in case she wanted to sleep too. She chose to sleep on the chair, 30mins hasn’t passed yet, it seems the time was slow as she could not find sleep because the chair was no more comfortable for her, she made up her mind ‘nothing can happen to me in Jesus name’ and laid beside him. And soon as she laid down she felt relaxed but sleep hasn’t arrived yet, she was cold and the only thing on her mind that could make her sleep fast was playing with herself. She kept her hand beneath her dress and fiddled with her clits a little as She wasn’t bothered if the driver was looking though he was fast asleep. She always felt more safe anytime she looks around and she notices the driver is still having a sound sleep. She switched from rubbing to fingering herself, it was sweeting her that anytime she felt her orgasm coming, she relaxed. Then went again, she squeeze her boobs and played with her nipples so badly but she didn’t wanna put on a full show so as not to disturb the busman.
She was stunned when she heard him raised his hands and placed it over her. She opened her eyes and noticed her hands her still underneath her dress and now the busman was placing his hand on her but he was snoring. Her first reaction was to slap his hand away but then again whats the worst that could happen?, after all this man is only tired and probably cold and not even aware his hand his over her. The man had brought cover cloth earlier when she went to wake him up but he was too sleepy to even use it, so she help cover themselves with the wrapper as she continued with her fun business, she then adjusted herself well to be more comfortable when her ass mistakenly found his preeq pressed on her. She bumped her hips then felt him return the nudge, she felt his preeq growing against the softness of her ass.
She didn’t know how she should react to this reaction but she looked around again, “he was asleep?” she decided to use her ass to steal small Erection to help her imagination. She could feel his pants and feel the effect she was having on him even though he was asleep. She smiled has she was enjoying herself. She moved closer to him, Gumming her ass to his bulge, she clutched him for few moments, giving him a preview of how things would feel if only he was awake. She liked the press of his erection against her ass.
“If he wasn’t a busdriver who also might probably have a wife she’d make a pass at him, that’s how horny she was at the moment.”
Another thrill shook her back only that this time her clit was involved too. Involuntarily she pressed her groin to the foam enjoying the pressure at the top of her p¿ssy. Her mind flooded with all the little erections she could steal from her sleeping helper, ‘he is big’, ‘he is long’, ‘he could do whatever he wants with her’. She was fantasizing at same time the response from the man sleeping was amazing, he was already on full Erection, she was oblivious she had shifted the guy to the very end of the foam, his back had reach the legs of the bus seats he had no where to run to, she kept grinding him and fingering herself, his Erection was at 100% all that his left for him to wake up but she did not really care, she was in between heaven and earth of ecstasies.

Suddenly! right behind her, he wrapped a strong muscular arm around her stomach and pulled her closer, his erection pressed against her butt, his lips went to the back of her neck. Her heart picked up a few more beats as his hands began to roam. He caressed her stomach and hips while nuzzling her back, working his head down until he was at the small of her back. He pulled her blue shirt up to bare her skin then kissed her just above the top of her skirt. His hand came back around then under her shirt and covered her stomach while she felt his hot wet lips on her back. She reached under her skirt and took his and moved it up to cover her breast. He squeezed it firmly then rubbed his palm over the tip of her shirt, exciting the nipple beneath while she arched her back to rub her ass on his erection. He teased her tit for a moment then withdrew back to her belly. He put his mouth next to her ear, He pushed her a bit to the front then moved up to sit across her thighs. He leaned down, moved her arms so they were splayed wide. She had been thinking about him for almost one hour and she was ready to let it happen but she twisted her head and looked up and tried to look at him as she bumped her butt against his erection. He kissed her on the side of her mouth and bumped her back, a long, lingering rub of his hard preeq on her butt crack. Her blood was already hot, just a few degrees from boiling.









She moaned softly. He pulled her shirt up to her shoulders exposing her back to him. He started kissing and licking every inch skin he could reach while his hands caressed her arms, neck and sides. She knew for sure she moaned when he nipped her shoulder with his teeth. Her heart was thudding, her p***y was throbbing and she was ready to let him in. Just about the time she was going to make a verbal offer he reached under her and unbuttoned her skirt. When he fumbled for the zipper the pressure of his hands against her body caused a major disruption in her breathing. He urged her to lift her hips then pulled her skirts down her legs. He lifted off he could pull them off her feet then threw them aside. She was lying before him with her shirt at her shoulders, her butt covered by only a tip of the end of her shirt. He gripped her shirt then together they managed to get it off her arms. When that was gone she flipped to her back and looked up at him. While he watched with bright, glittering eyes. His eyes locked on her tits, she shuddered from the intensity of his stare. He leaned down and put his mouth over her right nipple and tried to swallow it. She didn’t think she could get more turned on but her temperature was still rising. He licked, suckled, nipped then pinched both nipples while massaging her skin from panties to shoulders. She felt her p¿ssy swelling and knew she was seeping, prepared to receive him.
She needed to do more than just lie back and enjoy him so she pushed him away and sat up. When he went to his knees she grabbed his shirt and pulled it out of his pants then up. He raised his arms and let her pull it off. The shirt joined the pile of her clothes somewhere in the bus. She didn’t hesitate, while watching his broad chest and ripped abs she kept her hands into the band of his pants, unbuttoned him, pulled the fly to its stop then pulled them apart. He stood off the foam so she went to her knees on the foam and stripped them down his legs. He stepped out of the jeans then they were again dressed alike, stake n.ude. She stood and wrapped her arms around him and held tight while his arms went around her. The busman and her stood quiet for a few moments, letting the heat and friction of their bodies warm them even more. She rolled her pelvis against his erection, it was longer and thicker than the Erection she had being stealing when he was asleep which caused tendrils of thrills to radiate to her womb from where it press on her. She reached a hand between them, into his briefs and started rubbing only the second erection which she had full access to. He lifted her face by her chin and kissed her. She jerked and pulled on him while they necked with a passion she never in my life imagined anybody could arouse in her. He reached between her legs and began to rub her cunt. She was aware, barely, that he was getting her hotter, more turned on than anybody had ever done. He had about reached his goal, getting her blood to boil. She gasped into his mouth while their lips were locked together when the tips of his fingers pressured her clit. He moved his mouth from hers. The only thing that kept her from folding to the foam was his hand between her legs. After the wild s3xual shudder in her thighs stopped she moved back, his erection followed the scent of her body. He lay down next to her, they were on each other’s sides, face to face. He leaned his head back and looked at her from toes to head ​back to the center of her being. she was watching his eyes as they absorbed what they were seeing, she saw in them that this wouldn’t be just a s3x for him, he sensed and felt the same level intimacy and closeness as she did for him.
He folded over then took her left ankle in his hand then started kissing and licking the skin of her leg moving slowly higher to her knee and up her thigh. She had his preeq locked in her fingers, she wasn’t about to let it get away from her. About the time she thought he would put his mouth on her p***y he pulled up then rolled her to her stomach. He put a hand between her legs and began to rub the hot, wet s3x, gradually easing two fingers between the sides of her cunt. She gurgled a cry of passion, spread her legs, arched her back and wished he would just f*ck her already “God please, don’t make me wait any more!” she whispered as she rolled to her back again, reached for his hard preeq again then pulled him over her then completed the wish she had made earlier.
When the thick dark head of his hard-on slipped into her, he paused for a few moments while their eyes appraised each other. He flexed his hips and dipped another inch, maybe two then pulled out, leaving her empty. He repeated the two inch f**k several times and each time he teased her, that way her cunt got more ravenous, more hungry to swallow him completely. She was stifling from the furnace heat radiating from her, she had a hard time breathing without panting. When he finally relented and slammed his erection fully down her body cramped with a spasm of ecstasy, she had a first orgasm. She lifted her legs off the foam and wrapped them around his thighs and held him close while my s3x shivered deliciously. He paused just long enough for her to relax then he started f**king her for real. She opened her legs wider to feel his groin slapping into mine, she moved her hands to his hips and caressed his butt as they f**ked. She was totally into this busman and what he was doing. She never felt like that with her ex-boyfriend’s even on their best days. Not only was her blood boiling, her hormones were overflowing causing her body to crave evermore of what he was doing with her.  He pulled out then pulled her up and over to lie on his stomach. She sat across his lap then he guided his rock hard preeq back to where she needed it. She was over him, her hands on his broad chest, her hips rocking back and forth with his hands fondling her tits. When her racing blood and flowing hormones mixed into to one potent solution in her womb, she started to quake a second time. It started as a shimmy in her legs then grew into a 9.1 tremor that shook her, the foam and the busman with it’s intensity. She was dimly aware of a girl calling out her rapture as she peaked with a series of lightening fast orgasms.  She fell down on him trying to catch cool air to cool my body. She rested her head on his chest where she could hear his heart slamming. Gradually she summoned enough energy to lift her head and smile at him, she kissed him gently. She felt a flood of wetness between her legs but she wasn’t sure if it was because she was so turned on, if she squirted when she came or if he had finished. She taught to herself “Did he cum?”
He held her face in his hands and pulled her in for a longer, very enjoyable kiss. When theirs lips separated he nodded like he could her mind “Yeah, I think I ruptured my nuts.”  he taught too.
Not one thought in the millions running through her head just then was to worry about getting pregnant. God, the way she felt just then getting knocked up would not have bothered her at all. She got off the busman and sat up beside him then focused on what he had between his legs. She hadn’t gotten a very good look at it while he seduced her so the time was right. His half hard preeq was meaty, thick and long enough to feel good but not so long any of it would go to waste. Her p***y tingled again as she fingered his preeq. Half of his preeq was lathered with cum so she leaned down and licked it clean. His hips bounced when her lips sealed over the head and polished it with her tongue. His reaction was immediate and pleasing, the busman’s preeq began to grow again. She gave him head for couple of minutes until he had a tool to work with then went to her stomach and opened her legs. He mounted over her, slipped her desire back in and they started a second flight of fantasy and passion.
An hour later, they switched to doggy style. Since they were both nude it was an easy transition from doggy to reverse cowboy and missionary style. She lap danced on him. They tossed, rolled, bounced, played and screwed all over his bus for almost three hours. The busman and her f**ked four times and when she finally managed to crawl away from his side she knew without a doubt that the busman was great. She’d found out just how great a good s*x partner could feel; that it was a bus driver was not an issue.

The busman sharply wore his cloth and left the bus, she had time to reflex on what just happened, it felt great but deep inside her she felt scared, she did not use condom, for the sake of pregnancy and HIV or any other diseases. So many thoughts on her head. The bus man came in back with 2buckets, one was empty the other one was with water and he had a lil foam on his hand, oblivious of his next step she followed his next gesture by placing two of hers legs in the empty bucket and the busman started to mop her leg with the foam and rinse, he continued as he finished her legs, he moved up to hers thighs, she wanted to hold his hand and do it herself, since she already knew he was trying to clean her up but he refused to hand over the Lil foam to her, instead he kept rubbing the foam against her skin softly, to her thighs he was still rubbing softly till he got to her p**sy, it was twinkling and the same time it was boiling her hormones, he was inter-switching between using the foam and using two of his fingers to fondle with her clits, he rose up gently and kissed her, just a kiss, but she could feel her body’s hungry response. The kiss deepened and he held her face in his hands as he kissed her, gently licking the inside of her lips, feeling her teeth with the tip of his tongue, nipping at her lips with his teeth, before stepping back to continue with what he was doing initially, he looked up at her with a smile of pure satisfaction, knowing how aroused she was and enjoying the power he had over her body.
He positioned her legs in a way her thighs were slightly parted. He then took the middle finger of his right hand and slowly, gently parted her folds, running the finger along the whole length of her cleft. Lifting the wet finger to his nose he inhaled deeply, before licking her juices off the tip,
She had been immobile, her mind completely blank except for the sensations of his hands on her, but she became embarrassed that he would know how aroused she was. She could feel the heat rise in her face as she lowered her head, trying to hide from his gaze. Seeing this, the busman stood up and kissed her again, running his hands down her back to her bum, pulling her against him before letting her sit again, then he went back to his position of cleaning, she was expecting to feel his hot breath between her thighs. Instead he ground the palm of his hand over her mound, rubbing her clit. The exquisite sensation made her moan aloud with pleasure even as she blushed at her own wantonness. He pushed first one and then two fingers into her, hooking the fingertips so they brushed her most sensitive spots, making her writhe. She felt herself grow ever more wet, the velvet of her skin so sensitive under his big hands. He then moved to the next phase of her body cleaning. It’s time for her body to get the cleaning, the cool conditioned air was making her skin tighten and the nipples pucker into hardness. He ran his hands up her back, across her shoulders and her collar-bone before he ran them around her breasts, cupping and lifting them. He knelt between her legs and put his mouth first to one nipple, then the other. As he moved between breasts the cool air and the intoxication of her arousal made her shiver, which made him smile in satisfaction once again. She paused for a moment, it’s time for her to return the favour. She slipped his preeq out through the unbuttoned fly of his boxers and started to stroke him. Slowly and gently. She was in no hurry to rush him to orgasm. She stroked him gently, occasionally squeezing tighter, sometimes faster. Mostly she just worked slowly. Up and down, turning her hand, enjoying the feeling of his hard preeq in her hand. She rewet her hand in my mouth. She stroked him more vigorously. She could hear him moaning. She poked her tongue out a little, resting the head of his preeq on the middle of her tongue for a moment, before running it around her lips. She licked down the underside of his cock, looking up at him. letting her breasts brush against his thigh as she pulled the head of his preeq into her mouth. She licked around the head, flicking her tongue across the underside a few times. She worked slowly and carefully, making sure the pink tip of her tongue stroked every part of him.
With her left hand she held his balls carefully, and with her right she reached up and caressed his chest occasionally. She pressed her lips together, kissing down his shaft. She was being a tease. She felt his fingers dig into her back. She started to suck hard, pulling him deep into her throat, massaging his hard preeq with her tongue as he pressed the head of his preeq into her throat. She pushed so deep that her nose was touching against his skin. She sucked, allowing her throat to do some of the hard work, swallowing a little sometimes so her throat would massage his preeq as well as her tongue. She felt him tense. He was almost ready to cum.
She pulled back.
She rubbed his preeq around her lips like a woman applying lipstick, kissing gently, allowing him to breathe. Her lips pressed against the underside of his cock, looking up at him. She licked around the head of his cock.
He drifted back from the edge of orgasm. She started to suck again. Carefully, working him into her throat, her head bobbing up and down as he touched against the back of her throat. He brushed a tendril of black hair away from her face to admire her sift work, she didn’t pause. She just kept sucking and enjoying the feeling of working him up. His fingers touched the nape of her neck gently. She felt his hands tremble. He was getting close. She wanted him to cum now. She’d teased him for more than an hour, she’d been sucking him for forty minutes. She was ready. She kept stroking his balls carefully through the fabric of his boxers, never once letting them go. She took his preeq in her right hand, starting to massage carefully with her fingertips. She worked him down into her throat again, massaging with her tongue sucking, swallowing. He stroked her cheek then dug his fingers into her back. He came, shooting his load straight into her mouth. She swallowed every drop of his cum. She rested her head against his stomach, his hand rested on my hair, fingertips stroking her cheek.
“That was amazing.” He gasped. She sat up, his hand dropping to her shoulder and he kissed her. He was sweating. She pushed him pretty hard.  As the sound of an alarm clock ticked, the busman adjusted his boxers and zipped up his trousers, he brought his phone which was making a terrible alarm noise, it was 5:30 am. The bus man quickly tidied up all the Lil mess they might have made in bus, she dressed up, did a light make up, sprayed perfume and put her down on her laps to a lil time to digest all that had just happened. At 6:10 am the bus left it’s terminal as the busman drove towards agric garage to load his first passengers. When got to agric garage, he packed somewhere before the initial place to load passengers, he towards a ticket seller, he bought one and headed back to the bus, ‘Madam take’ he said as he stretched out his hand to give her the ticket, then he went back to his driver seat, when his bus was later filled up, He drove off. She enjoy her night unbelievably, all through the journey back to her office in CMS, all she could think of was her S3xcapades with the busman. When the bus got to its final bustop at TBS. She highlighted and sharperly wrote the number of the bus down incase of next time.

The End.

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