Two lovers pretty much lived a life of snow white and Prince charming. They loved each other, they got together and got married but in every relationship in life, there are always ups and downs, lefts and rights and some times a “me time is needed”. Sam and peace were experiencing a lil bit of downs , they quarrelled and as time moved on they settled it, thanks to their family members.


Boyfriend’s Seduction    

Mother’s pain                   

Love And Jealousy          

Love And Culture          

Love And Madness          


Sam got a new job in Lagos, so he brought his wife along leaving the family members to stay in Abuja.
after few years in Lagos they were blessed with two kids. one boy and one girl, things would have being lovely but as time moved Sam and peace hardly had time for each other again. there was no vibe between them like before. they somewhat got bored of each other but they were both faithful and loyal to each other.

One faithful Monday, Sam was greeted by lots of work and stress by his boss, after work his car also developed fault on his way back home, while he was trying to park and see what went wrong with his car, lasma arrested him, as usual they formulated one story to arrest him since he had no money to bribe them, he had no choice but to follow them to police station, he called his wife to inform her of the recent development and that he might be coming home late because of that. After like two hours at the station, he was eventually released from police station, rain started falling heavily,unfortunately his wiper stopped working, he had to drive slowly and even at that when he was five bustops away from his house, he had flat tire, he tried to fix the tire only to find out his jack was at home, out of frustration he locked his car and trekked home.

Immediately he got home, his wife started questioning him “What happen to you”, “where have you being”
the way he looked at her with anger,the only reply he gave was she should get out of his front, then he went to sleep.

The next morning he woke up and decided to apologize to his wife about his reaction yesterday, only for him to find out his wife was not on bed, she had already dressed up and taken her children to school. sam was surprised, “When did that one start, well that her business, i don’t have her time yet” he thought.
He went back to his car to fix it and do all other things, the day went smoothly for him, when he eventually came back home, he found his wife on bed half asleep, he was surprised, on a norms his wife would always wait for him. he went to meet his wife to ask her whats up, why she did not wait for him. “please please i am very tired, i want to sleep”,she replied. “what doing this woman” sam taught, “nonsense, i no get time for your drama”. He left the house and decided to go to a nearby joint to take one or two shots of alcohol to step down but within him he was still wondering what was wrong with his wife and why she was giving him attitude. with all the stress and bad luck he went through he did not expect his wife to be displaying drama for him. he invited some of his friends over to join at the bar for small enjoyment. He explained to his friends the recent attitude of his wife hoping he would get advice but guys and their response when their drinking and having fun can be somehow, they told him he should not mind his wife that al ladies are the same “that’s how they all do once they have giving birth, they start to show their real colour” one of his friends replied. as the gist went on they teased him about getting a girlfriend just to keep him happy when his wife is displaying drama, nothing too serious but he refused. After three days of trying to speak with his wife and she was still displaying drama for him, he himself started his own drama, they started to avoid talking to each other though peace does the house chores and everything a married woman should do except talking to her husband, sam also did everything a father and husband should do except talking to his wife.

After a week Peace calmed down but noticed her husband did not send her again, she then decided since her husband his claiming to be angry, she self would play along “Two can play the game”.
When she got to her office she discussed her recent ordeal with her husband to her friends, hoping to get a candid advice. In response they told her that’s her all men are, that her husband is definitely tired of her that if they were her they would enjoy life, that she should look for a young boy that can make her happy, she became friendly with her male co-workers from then on.

Meanwhile Sam was still wondering when his wife would calm, she never gave any sign of readiness to calm down and talk to him. their kids started to notice that their parents are avoiding each other, they kept passing their children like football any time the children are in need of something, using the children as a means of communicating indirectly. As time moved on their kids started failing in assignments and test. like play like play, Sam had a girlfriend, peace was considering having her own boyfriend. The family started to crack, things did not get any better, Sam managed to get a lesson teacher for his kids, he wanted his kids to have good grades but as for his wife he made up his mind he had tried his best and he would not stoop so low to start begging her, on the other hand , peace was saying in her mind she won’t beg sam until he apologises first.

six months after, Sam stopped coming home, he would go days without returning , the wife did not bother one bit, she self was enjoying her new boyfriend that was giving her attention.

On a particular day, Sam took his girlfriend to an hotel for usual knacking, as he was about to pay the bills at the counter he met his wife with another man kissing at the counter.

Sam: Peace !!!!
Peace: Sam !!!!

From the hotel to the house they argued like never before, the house became divided, they stop sleeping in the same room, peace stopped cooking for her husband likewise Sam was not interested in anything that has to do with peace. they became two strangers living in one apartment, two enemies sharing one bathroom and toilet, after like a year of fighting they finally agreed on one thing, “DIVORCE” but before then they had informed their parent of the the divorce plan. No body knew the cause of their divorce because both husband and wife refuse to narrate their ordeal. So Peace’s uncle came up with a plan. he told them before we would agree for them to go their separate ways, he would need them to live in the same room for one month, with one chair, one table, one spoon, one bathroom and one bed. their routine must be office to house no branching. he then said if after that one month they choose to separate, so be it. they agreed.

The first week of staying in one room, they managed to still avoid talking to each other, due to the nature of their work, they only get to stay together in the later part of the days. second week passed they weren’t still talking but they were assisting each other, the room was so small and stuffy, Sam knew when peace needed help he would help her without her asking neither will she tell anything, peace also knew when sam needed help, so she did all she could to help him but still they refuse to talk to each other. towards the end of the second week and the beginning of the third week, Peace started doing her normal wife house chores just to make thing easier after all after a month she would be free she thought. Sam on his own part tried to re-arrange the small room in a way it would be comfortable for peace to any other chores she wants, but still they weren’t still talking to themselves, peace would sleep on her own portion but sam would sleep on the floor. This continued until the end of third week, the night of the first Monday of the last week of them being together, there was a heavy downpour, the roof was licking the floor was wet, the widows were not too strong, so breeze blew in hard on the couples, sam had to join Peace on bed.

Peace woke up, hearing the creak in the floor next to her bed. She was instantly awake, and sat up, ready to scream.

“Shhhhh.” A familiar voice soothed. “It’s only me.”

I relaxed. “sam? What are you doing?” Glancing at the clock on the table she replied.

Sam chuckled. “I tried to talk to, but you but you don’t even want to listen.” He sat on the bed next to her.

She rubbed her eyes. She pulled her pillow under her, and sat up in bed. “I thought you were not attracted by me anymore.” she replied. “I didn’t know you can beg.”

“No Honey! I’m attracted by you rare beauty.” He reached out and brushed a strand of hair out of her eyes. “I have tried reaching you, I had to get your attention.” He chuckled “I figured that since this might be our last week together we should at talk.”

“I don’t know what to say.” she was confused. She didn’t know what to do, but was exited to have Sam talking, before she could ask what he wanted..

He leaned down and gently kissed her lips. “There is nothing you have to say.” His hand came up and cupped her cheek. He looked into her eyes. “Well except maybe to say sorry.”

His lips pressed more firmly against hers. She felt her heart start to race. His lips parted and his tongue slowly entered her mouth. Her own, met his, and they circled, dancing together softly. Her head began to spin. “Yes!” she gasped. “Oh God sam, Yes!”

His hand came down and grabbed her breast through her nightgown. Her nipples responded instantly by pinching into tight, little points. Sam gently squeezed her breast, and lightly played with her now hard nipple. Her arm went around his neck, and pulled him tighter against her mouth. Her other hand ran over his chest.

“Lets get this out of the way.” He said, while reaching down to the hem of her nightgown.

She silently consented by raising her arms. The cool night air felt amazing, as he raised the thin material over her head, revealing her bare breasts. “You too.” she whispered, pulling his shirt up.

He laid her back onto the pillows, kissing her deeply, bare chests, skin to skin. His hand caressed her body, finding it’s way to the the space between her legs. The air was drawn from her lungs as his strong fingers traced the pathway between her legs, and back up again. Her body reacted with involuntary actions. Her flesh broke out in goosebumps, the temperature between her legs rose, and she found herself wet with natural lubrication. His finger once again ran the length of her slit, pressing slightly against the sensitive spot at the top.

“MMMM!” she moaned softly. “That feels so good.”

He pulled his mouth from her, and in the dim light she could see his smile. “Well then, let’s see what else makes you feel good.” His head lowered and took one tight nipple into his mouth. Her back arched at the feeling. His tongue swirled around, as his finger made similar movements against her clit. He slid his finger down, separating her lips, and let it press slowly inside of her. His strong hand was pulling upwards, while his finger explored inside of her. She was hot and wet, moaning with every movement.

“Ahh Ahhh AHHHH! Oh sam! Don’t stop!” she felt the incredible feeling of her orgasm approaching.

He doubled his efforts on pleasuring her. He could feel her hips rising to meet the pressure of his touch. Her breathing causing her chest to rise into his kisses.

Her cries of pleasure were music to his ears. “OH YES sam!” her legs clamped down around his hand. Her back was arched, and her mouth was wide, gasping for breath. He momentarily pressed harder against her button, then slowed his movements, to allow her to relax from her orgasm. He reached up and caressed her breast, rising up to kiss her passionately with his lips. Loving the feeling of her heated breath against his lips.

As she laid there, chest heaving, breath coming in gasps, he looked down at her. “So what does this mean?”

The smile she gave him warmed his heart. “I didn’t know that you needed me this much.” she gave a small giggle, then pulled him in for another long kiss. When they parted she looked into his eyes.

He pulled her into his arms in a warm embrace. ” He gave her a small kiss. They made love and love made them. They gifted about their ordeals why they were fighting, and manage to resolve their rift.
Things became rosy again and after the one month was over, they called off the divorce, their love was eventually greater than the pride that wanted to tear the family apart. They lived happily ever after…


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