9ja story: AngelGhost  S01. E02  || written by #michael_ghost



It has being a hectic day for me, believe me, I’ve alot going through my mind, I don’t even know where to start from. I’ve being in good luck for a while, one bad market shouldn’t be too bad but then it just made me remember how much I hate my job. Don’t bother trying to guess the work I do, it’s simple Prostitution, hmmm, sighs! I’m a lady of 25, technically an orphan, not fully educated. Buhari’s era making things a bit difficult.
Before you start to judge me, lemme make this clear, if you have boyfriend and you have had sex with him, then you don’t have the right to look down on me, we are both fornicating, we are both sinners, don’t even think because you are faithful to one nigga, you will enter heaven, lai lai, never, so far you not married to him, you a big time Prostitute too, just not a pro.

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Well all those that are sleeping with rich men/guys only, hiding under the name of “runs babe”, we are all heading to hell, so please save your pity, well today things did not go has planned, I Slept With a pastor but he paid less, telling me he can’t use offering money to pay me that I should accept the little he has, since I am on the gentle side of life, I just accepted my faith but that was my first loss in the past 4 years. I’m usually careful of my clients, they must have technical know-how about Internet transactions, rich, and either extremely foolish or extremely loyal, well that’s if i have the chance to study them, that’s if they choose to entertain me first, but some guys/men just want to Nak, no sense of humor or self respect, thinking their girlfriend/wife they left at home is the one that will make heaven, I try to avoid those type of men most times tho. But this pastor, hmmm…. While pondering on my scenario at a bar, I notice the table directly opposite mine, a guy somewhat looks like he is sleeping but his eyes where open, was he lost in taught, it was as if he heard me, because he raised his head almost immediately, drank the last cup of his drink and joined the dancing crew in the club, I don’t really like “Eko nii” by legely, the song is not giving me the groove enough to dance away my bad luck, the DJ must have read my mind has he swerved in another hit song, “Duze” by Wizkid was just the perfect song to show my dancing skills, up i stood as joined the crowd in dancing, [heavy beats from woofer banging] this DJ was on point, back 2 back hits, dancing ti take over, even as I danced i still couldn’t forget the fact that I had a bad market today, I took more cups of alcohol, I need to drown my torts, I think i finally succeeded, now I am tipsy, tipsy is good but if guys get too know I am tipsy, they would start disturbing me, trying to touch every part of my body while rocking, jeez! Lagos boys can be f*uck boys at times, then I sighted him, yeah him, no not him, not the short one joor, mehn i’m letting this drink get to me, not nice, yes that’s him, that guy that was in trance like 30mins ago, i found him, I know he wants to drown his sorrows, like I want to drown my loss today, I think we fit each other, i walked towards him, turned butts towards him and started dancing, giving him all the chance to rock me has he liked, I feel he is more matured, it’s just an instinct tho. And at least it is better than ending up in a pack of Lagos sex-starved hungry wolves disguise as men. The fun had just began, every song has been a hit, every dance move was on point, even the rocking aspect except for the fact that I noticed that the guy rocking me never get erection, not that I am proud but I know myself well, I carry a kind of beauty men find hard to resist, they always lust after me, no matter how hard they try to pretend, as matter of fact every guy I have ever danced always end up with erection. So who is this nigga to be forming hard guy for me, a whole me, Princess Diana of the future, omo mehn, this is a challenge, I pressed my butt against the nigga tighter, pushing him to the wall towards a tight corner of the club, there is no escape root for him, now I have to start rocking him hard, using my ass to crush his groin, trying to force an erection, I did give him all the whining, twisting, twerking, Lap dance and any other dance i could think of. I really can’t tell what will happen for remaining part of this night, I’m so not myself. I am really enjoying this groove, you need see me, I think I’m form, in the “ZONE” but I would see you guys later in the next episode…….



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