Yea, it’s a boring day today, I’m probably suffering from texiety
[Texiety is a condition in which an individual feels anxious after not receiving or sending any text messages.], then it suddenly struck me that I should ping her, she was a total stranger but she had once messaged me before warning me to stop sending only bc to her on BBM, that I should try chatting her up. Technically I’m one of those who don’t chat with their Bbm contacts yet i have over 2k+ contacts.. Before i continue the gist, you know that that club I went last time, it was on point, i am not really the outing type but I can tell why guys love clubbing, mehn one babe decided to honor me with rocking, this babe was so on point, she has front, she has back, she has perfect shape, she is dark chocolate in complexion, her dark chocolate complexion is enough to cause solar eclipse, her dark short hair could be improvised for Michael Jackson when he was at his prime.








Her well blended curved butt and highly moderate boobs are no doubt her point of sensation, she also has mad shape which could be compared with an hour glass, she kept rocking me like it she was digging for gold seriously trying to force an erection subconsciously, she refuse to dance with other guys at the club, she would dance a little show me some dance steps and challenge me, I wasn’t bad either, i was able to flow with her, guys were hovering around her to rock her, she would draw me nearer and as I’m almost an inch close to hitting her face with my face she turns very fast and glues her butt to my body, restricting other guys from having access. The night was so unforgettable, one of the best nights have had so far, after the groove we chatted a little and we exchanged numbers. Up till now I still have a video playback in my head of how that night went. I really wanted that night to repeat itself again and again, it really made me forget my issues, sometimes I still do smile when i am alone thinking about the night. Now where was i self before gisting you about that night patrol? Hmmm [thinking], oh yes I remember, my day is supposed to be boring shey, that’s how i ping the girl, her name is Sharon, well just to let you know I have gift, I dunno if it’s a gift but my instincts are almost always right, if i predict something based on my instincts I end up being right.
So this babe always upload emotional dp and pm always, and how do i know this, well let’s just say since I don’t have time to chat with 2k+ contacts, I just basically check feeds. Sharon has once warned me to stop sending bc to her only that, I should chat her up at least once in my life time, so I remembered that she has once used a dp talking about what guys bearing “tunde” can be like, automatically i knew that is obviously her boyfriend’s name, now that I’m bored lemme chat her up.

Sharon: stop this broadcast message, chat me up, not bc everyday

Me: wow! Ok

Sharon: what?

Me: I do chat you once in a while I guess.

Sharon: oh ok

Me: you have forgotten?

Sharon: noooo

Yeah, girls can form, i quite knew she forgot tho… Let’s continue with the chat..

******Two weeks after***

So i changed my BBM dp to a picture of guy and his Bae naked with the guy quoting that his babe is the best at sex. the picture is disturbing and it’s was enough to create unnecessary attention, already foolish nigga will always ping first and to toast me thinking I’m my dp but this babe, na she first message me..

Sharon: LOL, is that your babe via dp?

Me: no, it’s a random pix, I won’t do shit like that.

Sharon: trust you.

Me: LOL, nice dp by the way

Sharon: thanks

Me: urwc, so watchu dng

Sharon: reading

Me: you have exams?

Sharon: no

Me: so watchu reading

Sharon: an English book.

Me: cool, maybe today i can create time for you. Let’s chat, we are already doing that anyway.

Sharon: ok

Me: What’s your discipline?

Sharon: law

Me: cool, level and school?

Sharon: Unilag, 200l

Me: cool, so lemme guess ur boyfriend’s name is Phillips, rite?

(this is where trouble started)

Sharon: how did you know?

Me: i guess you really don’t know how to bottle up ur feelings.

Sharon: how?

Me: I study behavior and I know things, it just like a gift.

Sharon: hmm, so how did you know?

Me: when you updated a dp saying something about guys bearing “Phillips”

Sharon: lol

Me: am I right?

Sharon: yea

Me: I might not chat with 95% of my contacts but I keep tabs on every one of them.

Sharon: ok

That “OK” means I have heard you but instead of me to just shut up and mind my business, I decided to predict further into her relationship……

Me: so have you guys resolved your little fight?

Sharon: yea

Me: cool, looks like I won’t be seeing any emotional dp or pm from you in a while.

Sharon: yes

Me: but I can give you an advice

Sharon: what?

Me: I think you are stressing your self too much to please him, it doesn’t guarantee the relationship would last long..

Sharon: OK, so what makes you think so?

Me: ur pm, on a average 4days, you get emotional which means sometimes you get pissed by him or you just want his attention. Either way your relationship is not the fairy tale you wish for. Everything is based on a guess though, remember i am just a stranger who happens to be on your BBM contact list.

Sharon: yea, that true

Me: you need to be happy, relationship is not a prison. You have never really uploaded a random picture, it is either you upload a put of you or your or a relationship distress quote.
Which means you are trying your best please him instead of pleasing yourself.

Sharon: Lol, are you his friend or something?

At these point can someone just gimme a slap, as in, what’s my own, Abeg what’s is my business sef, this is the work of boredom oo, Chai… Let’s just see how this chat ends in the next episode….



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