AngelGhost  S01. E04  || written by #michael_ghost


Me: everything I have said so far is based on the dp and pm you have used so far, I don’t even know him.

Sharon: ok

Me: anyway that’s enough about your relationship issue, lemme buy you some happiness

Sharon: lol

Me: so what’s your hobby

Sharon: anything fun for real

Me: what kind of fun, feel free

Sharon: really anything, parties, swimming, dancing, singing, cooking.

Me: are you an art student, you basically love fun, do you club?

Sharon: once in a while yea

Me: wow, cool, you are officially on my bad girl list.







Sharon: lol

Me: so are you in any dance group

Sharon: was

Me: cool, I have thing for girls that are good with dancing, so lemme assume you can Dance all the well known dance like azonto, etigi, alanta, twerking and all?

Sharon: sure

Me: whyining waist like shakira, skelewu, which one are not good in?

Sharon: LOL, just stunts, I get injured at times if I try to do stunts.

Me: but if you don’t like stunts, technically you are not energetic and if you are not energetic there is high probably you are not great with sex.

Sharon: brb


*At this point, I believe I’m getting carried away with the chat, before she comes back, lemme just sharply Gist you, boredom is bastard, Chai, at first i thaught the babe was cool, she no dey snub and she no dey form but, Hmmm……… She’s online, chat u guys later, make we enjoy this chat.*

Sharon: Who says I can’t stunt, I just don’t like it

*she dey use style tell me say she Sabi for bed, duly noted*

Me: LOL, Lmao, so what state are u from?

Sharon: calabar

Me: sheybi you like cooking, what’s are you good at cooking most?

Sharon: I love cooking soup

Me: cool, sign of house wife material. As a Calabar babe it’s expected. And you sing, which means you have good voice.

Sharon: LOL, maybe

Me: are you part of church choir or your voice is just good for ecstacy.

Sharon: LOL, love

*don’t be deceived by those words biko, she is just blushing*

Me: you are quote cool and loveable generally, thats cool, I wonder what your bad side is, can you tell me, if you don’t mind.
Sharon: My bad is my attitude in relationships.

Me: lemme guess you get bored easily?

Sharon: no, I overdo things.

Me: you get carried away when you do things. Bad of good things?

Sharon: the extra miles I go to make things work.

Me: oh, that which i have already warned you about, hmm, it’s a good thing though, just do it for the right person, make sure it’s the right person.

Sharon: yea

Me: i think the issues is, you don’t know your own worth, you don’t have to go extra miles for someone who loves you as much as you love him.

*wait when did I turn to love doctor, as much as that statement sounds nice, it feels wrong, I really don’t know my problem yet*

Me: anyway i would leave you to figure that out your self. So what do you detest?

Sharon: lies

Me: but you know you actually lie, especially when you go extreme to please him. Am I right?

Sharon: LOL, u ehn.

Me: LOL, welcome to my world. So wots the craziest stuff you have ever done and please don’t tell me nothing because I won’t believe

Sharon: hmm, OK, hmm, drinking my boyfriend’s sperm and with cornflakes and dancing naked under the rain.

Me: WTF!!

Sharon: yea

Me: hmm! Your level of wildness is out of the world, I should probably not ask anything further on that. You live shower sex automatically.

*no vex I need to interrupt this chat, did you just see what she just typed to me “SPERM AND CONFLAKES” just incase you did not see it well, please I need to faint. Wow, I would have love to ask whether it is during the sex or after the sex she does this. I never knew 9ja babes can be this creative in exchange for their laziness for energetic sex.. This is crazy, like crazy is an understatement. OK let the chat continue now.. *

Sharon: yea

Me: how on earth would you be this crazy and still be having emotional distress. If I have Bae like you, i won’t even cause you emotional distress at all. He should cherish you more than he does.

Sharon: well well

Me: crazy creative babe are scare, I hope he doesn’t loose you soon.

Sharon: LOL, what’s with you and my boyfriend, I love him.

Me: yea I know, you don’t need to tell me that, you don vex, OK I won’t talk about it again until you eventually come back to me to talk about it.

Sharon: LOL, not interested.

Me: you think it won’t happen, unless you have pride, then it won’t happen. I’m 1% sure of it.

Sharon: we have being together for some years now. It would be well.

Me: I’m not wishing bad but I am always never wrong either.

* Now that a fact, what I said now is actually true but the funny thing is I would have gotten that I ever said such when it would happen self but how is that my business, if that how herbalist started their work by now having spiritual gift would be considered a virus. May this mouth not put me I trouble one day*

Sharon: you are this time

Me: nope, I’m not, the future hasn’t happened.

*I know quite well I am a fool for assuring this babe her relationship doom, Chai, what am I thinking, abi what was I thinking, somebody help, you that you’re reading this, abeg knok small sense inside my brain biko, i need it. Jeez! *

Sharon: OK but why the latest concern towards me.

Me: Because you asked for it, you remember?

Sharon: no

*yee! (puts hand on hand and opens mouth) mogbe! , see denial, judas can never deny Jesus on whatsapp not talk of BBM. This just denied something wey she use her mouth talk, thank heavens, I never delete chat history, I will just quote her words for her. *

Me: in your words; “chat me up, not every time bc”

Sharon: lol

Me: oh wait, you think say I wan toast you nii?

Sharon: LOL,

Me: you have already started thinking like that?

Sharon: naa, I haven’t taught about that yet.

Me: your last question shows you are paranoid about my concern about you.

*This is where and how trouble found me………*


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