AngelGhost  S01. E05  || written by #michael_ghost



You are a Bastard, fool, imbecile,
FuckBoy, idiot, mad cow, insane fellow, Go get yourself a life
Son of a bitch, male prostitute….

Me: I think you have the right message for the wrong person

(curses continue)
Shut the fuck up

Me: just incase it’s for me, what’s my offense?








Stranger: oh! You are the better guy right or you need a girl you can stick your low life retarded dick into, I can get you one.

*wait wait wait, first of all I’m as shocked as you reading this, I don’t know this peace of shit from Adam but you know I can’t call him pissed of shit, I still need to find out what he is talking about, though it seems I have an idea but since I am not sure, I guess I would let him please himself first. But all that abuse for only me, Chai, who I no epp? Lemme not disturb,.. *

Me: wow! i wish i understood you though

Stranger: low life Bastard, keep monitoring fam, illegal imbecile, retarded illiterate…. I wish I know you tho, you are michael right? Will get in touch with you soon..

*oh OK, I know who dis guy is already, he is Phillips, Sharon’s boyfriend, this guy is one hot temperamental fellow. Wow, well did I really deserve all that? There is only one way we can find, let’s go and ping sharon*

Me: (pings sharon)

Sharon: sup

Me: Did you just sell me out?

Sharon: how?

Me: wow! Your boyfriend is verbally attacking me right now, thanks

She: I just asked him, if he had issues with you. I’m sorry

Me: you just messed up, big time. Find a way to correct ur mistake.

Sharon: oops I know but I’m sorry

Me: I have nothing to tell him and i’m not apologizing to him either.

Sharon: that’s not a problem. I only just asked him if you guys knew each other.

Me: sincerely i never even knew him, I told you everything was based on a guess.

Sharon: everything you said was really true…

*PAUSE, i said PAUSE!! Did u hear that confession, this calls for celebrations (takes a plastic wine cup, pours 5alive and takes a sip). Now you see, let’s just say I am good at observing, though i know i have gift of knowing things I shouldn’t at times but I mostly predict about people around me or close to me not a total stranger. She just testified that I am right all along, and I have never seen or spoken to her before other than this recent chat. Enough of the celebration, lemme go and calm the boyfriend down while I laugh at him in my mind.*

Me: anyway it’s OK (in a sarcastic way) I would just have to delete him, if he does not behave.

Sharon: I probably taught you were a spy, so I asked him, please don’t delete him.

*please who spy Don epp? epp me ask this babe biko, is her boyfriend dangote, that I would be spying on her*

Me: me, a spy, like seriously? Well talk to him, he should behave himself.

Sharon: OK dear, I’m sorry.

*OK let’s go and chat with Phillips, her boyfriend*

Me: I told your babe everything I know about her based on dp and pm. Besides I don’t even know you. It felt so true, a total stranger knowing so much about her. I’m not a magician but don’t blame me, we got all chatty and I gave her the solutions to her problem.

Phillips: oh thanks

Me: apologies for any misunderstanding.

Phillips: you don’t know me, yet you know I’m Phillips right?

Me: I study behavior bro, your babe was going all emotional on my BBM feed, her pm and dp. You know what, to avoid long stories, ask your babe to show you our chat.

Phillips: pm?

Me: between yesterday nite and today is all we have chatted.

Phillips: those pm were never for me, bro you don’t understand her, you never did.

Me: you see that makes me wrong, I told her I was guessing (sarcasm). I specifically told her I was guessing, you need to read up our chat.

Phillips: OK then, I’m sorry for all the insults but you can end someone’s relationship with the words you said. You know these girls are soft and they get easily attacked by words.

Me: believe I told her I was guessing. Before she told you, I already told her I Knew she was paranoid.

Phillips: Sorry I over reacted then but you were wrong though

Me: it’s normal, about being wrong I would prefer to keep mute on that. She displays alot of emotional distress dp and pm, try to work on that.

* Rotfl, lol, Lmao, lwkmd, like seriously, who is deceiving who, Sharon Said I’m right, Phillip said I’m wrong, what is my own, lemme just be looking before I enter another trouble I did not bargain for*

Well that is how we ended that chat ooo, you believe that later that night Sharon was asking me to show her my chat with her boyfriend, is like trouble just wanted my attention but of cause with a boyfriend that can kill someone before asking what happen, I simply just declined her request, alakoba (trouble maker) , she can not come and spoil my happy mood for me. But wait, sincerely am I at fault, did I trespass, these world self, you never know how much nutrient one can get from 5alive until you experience a near death situation or you just escaped trouble. In my case I talked myself out of trouble the same way I talked myself into it..
I needed to deposit this Gist to someone, there is no other person that likes Gossip like her, amebo is her hobby, folake baby, she likes Gossip, she’s more of an observer as much as she likes talking, we do share alot of personal stories between ourselves, yea we have a lot on common, let’s just say she is like a female version of me. Lemme not tell you everything about her for now, at least not in this episode.. 30mins after the whole BBM drama, I decided to gist her the whole scenario, the response I got from her after explaining my ordeal, smh! Would gist you in my next episode.…




7:30pm Daily   


Writers BBM PIN: 5934C760 





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