AngelGhost  S01. E08 || written by #michael_ghost



Teaching Tobi also made me understand what i have learnt better. she told me earlier she could not stand the embarrassment i might face when i told her about my idea at first. i did not see or sense what she meant by embarrassment until i was actually midway into the tutorials and i saw the way the girls gossiped about me, it was then i remembered Tobi had warned me earlier. Time for Jamb exam approached, i got a 275 while Tobi got 285, Tobi never attended the tuition lesson, i taught her all she knows which made me the student with the highest mark at the tuition place, this caused a lot of controversial talk about me.








The other students mark was between the range of 230-260, this spiked more hatred from the girls, some started spreading rumors that i have started sleeping with the teacher. i cared less, since Tobi and i have developed a habit of studying a new word per day, my vocabulary was on point, it was time to practice the use of it since i have gained positive attention from the guys, a guy’s life is simple Sha, i wish i was a guy, some of the guys came to me secretly and apologised about their past behaviour towards me. i became most loved by the guys, of course i started my educational revenge, i became a bit grandiloquent, not too much grammar but enough to make them dumbfounded, it got to a time some guys felt i was pretending at first, now some girls now wanted to really roll with me but pride and jealousy won’t allow them. i appreciated the value of education, education might not be the true test of knowledge but it is very important, life would be much easier for you if educated. well time moved on Tobi and i aced our ‘POST-UTME”. Tobi chose the same department as i, “Finance”, she did not want to be alone by herself, i was her best friend even though i told her plainly i would prefer not to keep permanent friends, she still hung unto me. Things went smoothly for us year one and year two but as year three approached things became a bit hard for me, Tobi was a first class student, she became popular, because of that she reduced her olosho paroll to the minimum to avoid being too known, i on the other hand i was on a second class upper (4.49), Tobi was good but any lecturer that tries to hinda her from passing a subject she passed normally, she just satisfy the lecturer and life goes on, like i said she is good at calculating the possible outcome of situations especially if its her area of understanding, she had told me earlier she would pass with a first class, i did not doubt her but i never really expected her to give in to lecturers especially for the fact she actually passed the course. well is not like i am an angel but as much as i wanted to pass i also wanted to have small dignity left inside me in case i see someone that still loves to marry me. the trouble is Mr Tunde the lecturer of a core course wants to sleep with me at all cost, an “A” in his course would guarantee me first class, immediately he made is intention clear, i deferred my education, but i kept on learning with the class like i was with them, only Tobi knew i had deferred, funny enough Mr Tunde was not really interested in Tobi, she was covered by professors higher than Mr Tunde himself, she could have helped me but she said she had over heard some of the lecturers saying they are looking for a way to get to me. so for that reason it won’t work out unless i am ready to put back for ground, she was surprised that i refused any lecturer yet i still do my olosho business outside school, so she was wondering what my point of view would be. “For some unknown reasons my mind does not go with the lecturers” is what i replied her with. Time moved on, Tobi became the best graduating student. Now here i am on my bed, afraid of a text message from a michael ghost, someone i have no idea of, Tobi is not here with me to help me out, she is in Niger for her NYSC programme. My olosho crew can’t be of any help, all they do is bragg about how many men they have slept with, if i remember correctly, as at last week, the statistics were …

comfort = 180 different men in total – N700k in bank – age 27 – 17years experience
nkem = 131 different men in total – N400k in bank – age 26 – 15years experience
alima = 273 different men in total – N500k in bank – age 25 – 11years experience
bimpe = 167 different men in total – N1m in bank – age 30 – 10years experience
joy = 69 different men in total – N30m in bank – age 24 – 8years experience
shola = 75 different men in total – N15m in bank – age 26 – 8years experience
i = 24 different men in total – N7m in bank – age 24 – 4years experience

According to them, most of them believe i have slept with 120men, only Tobi knew my real count, joy and alima are hausa babes, at times they do three some, so don’t be surprised by their numbers while the others excluding shola and i sometimes sleep with guys for N1000 at times, shola came with the idea that we should keep count and also save in bank for future purpose, the business doesn’t bring much money oo, not at all, it is the help of politicians and artiste we encounter once in a while that helps us alot, i was the reason the crew was formed sef, after i fought with one woman that was forming queen of olosho in fadeyi street. it wasn’t a funny experience ooo but i stood my ground and won the battle, that’s how i gathered attention from few prostitutes (olosho). which means it was in four years everybody was actually able to save any amount in their bank account today except joy. joy was just one of those girls that classifies herself as runs babe, she pretty much had millions in her account before she left fadeyi crew to our crew, not that she admires us or anything, she is a sucker for good things, she just joined us for security reasons i guess. we call ourselves the “The yoruba Spiders” even though we are not all yoruba but we all understood yoruba wella, we are the street it’s self, na we dey run package pass…..

To be Continued………


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