AngelGhost  S01. E11 || written by #michael_ghost



I seem to be concentrating on her chest area and, thinking maybe she had spilled something on her blouse, she looked down. She was embarrassed to see that where the straps for her backpack had been, she had sweat right through her blouse and the sweat stains had now spread across the front of her blouse and turned it virtually see though. When she had left the house that morning, she knew how hot it would turn out so she talked herself out of wearing a bra and threw on her favorite yellow blouse.


Boyfriend’s Seduction    

Mother’s pain                   

Love And Jealousy          

Love And Culture          

Love And Madness          


When it was dry you couldn’t see through it, but now that it was sweat soaked it was almost like wearing clear plastic film. Her breasts could be seen standing proudly on her chest and her dark areolas could be plainly seen. What was more embarrassing however, was the fact that her nipples were protruding more than she had ever seen before. Seeing that i was staring at her breasts gave her a warm, tingly feeling in her lower regions that she didn’t remember having before. What got her really going though, was looking at me standing there in me basketball shorts, and she could see a bulge starting to grow. Her mind seemed to yell in her brain that i was getting an erection right in front of her. Confused, she quickly grabbed her backpack and ran inside the house. I came out of my daze, jumping at the sound of her front door slamming shut. Looking down i could see the outline of my hard cock, pressing against my shorts. Grabbing my own backpack and holding it in front of my Erection, i quickly hurried home before anyone saw me. The next morning, i met her as usual outside her door, but i felt different somehow. “Are you okay?” she asked me. Poor me didn’t know what to say. How could i tell her that i had never looked at her as a female before and now that’s all i can think of? All i could remember from the previous day were her breasts standing proudly with her nipples getting visibly harder and longer right in front of my eyes. She could tell i was distracted about something and she had a pretty good idea what it was. “Michael ” she said softly, “did you like looking at my blouse yesterday?” All i could do was nod my head very rapidly. “Did it get you excited?” she asked just as softly. Slowly i nodded my head up and down. Suddenly she felt the urge to tease me, something she had never felt before, so she leaned over to me and lightly brushed her breast against my bare arm and said “Maybe after school you can come over for a swim since it is so hot, and afterwards you can help me study.” A huge grin came over my face and i said “That’s a great idea.” Tobi was surprised by her body’s reaction to that simple gesture of rubbing her breast against my arm. She could feel her nipples getting hard and she had a warmth and a wetness in her pussy that she hadn’t felt before. Tobi could hardly wait for the day to be over as she planned her after school activity. I had to stay a little late that day so she quickly hurried home and made her plans. All she could think about was seeing how excited she could make me feel . When the doorbell rang she quickly ran to the door and opened it, anxiously awaiting to see my reaction to what she was wearing. My jaw dropped as i took her in. She was wearing little white shorts that barely covered her ass cheeks and certainly didn’t allow for the wearing of panties, and a very loose spaghetti strapped crop top that didn’t even reach her belly button. She said “I thought we would do a little studying first and get that over with before we hit the pool.” At that point i would have agreed to anything. She led the way into the kitchen where she had her books set out on the table. I sat down and she asked me if i would like something to drink. “Sure, a Coke would be good” i said. As she opened the fridge door and reached for a can on the lower shelf, i watched as her shorts rode up the back of her ass. To her, it felt like she was completely exposed to me. She could feel her shorts wedging between her legs and she was sure that i could see her pussy lips exposed as her shorts slid between them. As she turned around she could tell by the glazed look in my eyes that she had not guessed wrong about what i had seen. Bringing the can to me she sat down at the other end of the table and opened up her calculus textbook. “Michael , can you come over and look at this one problem I’m having?” she asked me. “Sure, no problem” i said and got up and came over to her end of the table. “Which one?” i asked, leaning over her right shoulder. Knowing exactly what she was doing, she leaned forward towards her textbook. Her top fell open as she leaned forward and i was treated to the most amazing view i have ever seen. There was her right breast, completely exposed, her dark areola surrounding the largest nipple he had ever seen. It was the size of the tip of my baby finger and all i could do was slowly whisper “Oh my”. When she heard that, she looked down and she could see the tent happening in my shorts again. As if by accident, she went to get up and brushed her knee against my bulge. Even through that short second of contact she could feel the heat and the hardness of my erection against her bare leg. “You know what?”




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