she said, “let’s forget about homework and go for a swim now.” She headed for her bedroom to change and i grabbed my suit from my backpack and hurried for the bathroom to change. I was ready first and headed out back to the pool. It was nicely fenced in and well protected by trees so there was plenty of privacy. I was laying my towel down on a lounge chair when i heard the fence gate open. I looked up and there was Tobi walking towards me. She was wearing a brand new bikini she had bought just for this occasion. It was the smallest one she could find that she was brave enough to wear.








It was white and very skimpy. The bottom piece cut up sharply in a vee and the back was not much bigger. She was glad she had shaved, because if she hadn’t there would have been pubic hair exposed above and on both sides of the front vee piece. The top was barely 2 pieces that came straight down covering her nipples with maybe a half inch on either side of her nipples covered as well. I could see her breasts jiggling as she walked and i could feel a nervousness in my belly at the vision of loveliness walking towards me. “Are you going to stare or are you going to swim?” she laughed as she walked towards me. She wanted me to know that she liked me looking at her. We both jumped in and started to splash around. Tobi had purposely left the string of her bikini top a little loose and as we jumped around in the water she could feel her top moving about. I came over to try and dunk her, and as i pushed her under she felt her breasts pop free of their restraints. When she came up from under the water she didn’t look down on purpose. Instead, she tilted her head back to shake the water out of her hair. All i could do was stare at her breasts pointing at me. With her head tilted back her chest stuck out even more then usual at me. Her breasts were a pale white against her tanned skin and that made her dark areolas seem even darker and the coolness of the water had made her nipples as erect as they had ever been. I could see drops of water dripping off her nipples and all i could think about was tasting them. I moved towards her and stuttered, “uh, uh… Tobi you may want to fix your top,” and she quickly looked down and as if embarrassed covered her boobs with one arm and adjusted her top with the other. “Sorry about that” she said. “That’s okay,” i said, “that’s the most beautiful thing I have ever seen.” “You really liked that?” she asked as she walked towards the shallow end of the pool. As i followed her i replied, “well yes, can’t you tell?” “What do you mean by that?” she asked. I reached out and grabbed her arm to turn her around and then pointed down at my groin. With my shorts all wet and clingy from the water my erection looked to her like a huge tube of cookie dough. Acting all innocent she said, “Did I do that?” “Yes you did and now I want to know what you plan to do about it.” i demanded. Crooking her finger in a follow me gesture, she climbed from the pool and walked over to the lounge chairs. She motioned for me to sit down, and when i did she pushed me down to a prone position. She then kneeled on a towel in front of me and reached behind her back and untied the string of her bikini top. Lifting it away from her body, i was again treated to the sight of the most amazing breasts he had ever seen. My erection, which had started to wilt, quickly sprang to hardened steel again. She reached for the string of my shorts and pulled it loose and started to pull them down. I lifted up my ass to help her and as she pulled my shorts down my hard on was pulled down with them. As she pulled my shorts over the head of my cock it quickly sprang back up and she heard it slap against my belly. It was the most beautiful cock she had ever seen. Actually to tell the truth, it was the only cock she had ever seen in person. She had seen plenty online but to see one live right in front of her, hard as steel and with precum dripping from the head of it, well, she could feel her feminine wetness starting to lubricate her pu*sy and actually drip down her leg. She reached out and for the first time in her life, she held a cock in her hand. She couldn’t believe how hot and how hard it was. She naturally started to rub her hand up and down the shaft and i groaned loudly. She quickly stopped, thinking she was hurting him. “Oh God Tobi, please don’t stop, that feels so good!” i exclaimed urgently, so she began to rub me again. Strange, it felt like my cock was getting bigger in her hands. As she leaned forward to get a closer look at it, her nipple brushed against my knee and that was enough to drive me over the edge. I had barely begun to shout her name when i felt my cum driving up my cock, from what felt like all the way from my toes. The first shot went over her head, the second shot got her square in the forehead. The next few shots she aimed lower and they splattered across her breasts and nipples. I had never cum with that much intensity before and i was afraid i might black out. As i finally stopped cumming i opened his eyes to see what looked like a solid sheet of white dripping down her chest. I looked at her face and couldn’t help but laugh at my one shot that got her in the forehead. It had run down her nose and was dripping off the end of it. Laughing she said, “You could have warned me”. I replied, “There wasn’t time. That was amazing Tobi,” i said as she reached for a towel and began to wipe herself clean, i wish i had the courage to repay her that day.

Mehn, this is sure good market for me, 90% sure knacking or flirting go dey but obviously not on her first day of visit, like magic all my worries disappear.



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