On a Saturday afternoon I was lying on my stomach in the front room, a couch pillow to cushion my breasts while I checked Facebook on my laptop. It was kind of cool outside so I was wearing a pair of jeans and a pullover, both fit nice and snug on my body. I wasn’t’ shy about displaying my mounds and curves to boys,

He came into the room behind me then straddled me while looking down. “Whacha doin?”

My best friend took a step back so he was standing across my thighs “I should take a picture of you from up here and post it on your page.

“Huh, why?”


He dropped to his knees across my legs, put his hands on the floor next to my shoulders and said softly into my ear “because right now you look sexier than mercy johnson ever will, even naked.”

Wham! His words slammed into my ear, rattled my eardrums then echoed down my back to my ass. I’d never had a jolt like that before, it was instant, surprising and what I felt more than anything, thrilling. I had to catch my breath to keep from gasping as my back shivered.

I didn’t know how I should react to my reaction but I looked around again, “I look sexy?”

“If you weren’t my best friend who also have a boyfriend I’d make a pass at you, that’s how sexy you look right now.”

Another thrill shook my back only that time my clit was involved too. Involuntarily I pressed my groin to the rug enjoying the pressure at the top of my p***y. My mind flooded with all the little comments and whispers I’d heard in school, ‘he is hot’, ‘he is sexy’, ‘he could do whatever he wants with me’.

I closed the laptop then rolled over to my back, my best friend was still positioned over me on hands and knees. His face was mere inches from mine, my heart started thudding when I asked “How sexy do you think I am?”

When he answered “Sexy enough to seduce” my entire body started heating up. I put my hands on his knees and pushed them until he fell down. In one swift move he was lying on me, his pelvis pressed on mine. I bumped my hips then felt him return the nudge, I felt his preeq growing against the junction of my legs.

We chafed and rubbed our groins together without discretion or misgivings for a few seconds until I told him “You have to let me up, he rolled off me then stood and offered me a hand to pull up with. When I was standing in front of him I looked at his pants and saw the effect I had on him. I smiled up into his eyes and didn’t even hesitate to make an offer.
I stepped close to him, he put his arms around me and we clutched for a few moments, giving the other a preview of how things would feel later. I liked the press of his erection on my stomach.

I turned to….. but he stopped me and kissed me quickly on the lips. I tilted my head back, looked into his eyes, then kissed him back.

I walked up behind him, put my arms around his chest and asked “What are you planning to do?”

He tilted his head around “Seduce you.”

A strong of burst energy rippled through my loins “Why?”

He moved around a chair then asked “Why do you think?”

My curiosity was up, “What are you up to?”

I was getting impatient, I wanted to take part In what ever he was up to.

I stepped back putting a small distance between him and me “i was turned on.”

I sat back on his bed then lie on my side propped up on an elbow while he closed his computer. He crawled up and over me then when he was behind me he wrapped a strong muscular arm around my stomach and pulled me close, his erection pressed against my butt, his lips went to the back of my neck. My heart picked up a few more beats as his hands began to roam. He caressed my stomach and hips while nuzzling my back, working his head down until he was at the small of my back. He pulled my sweater up to bare my skin then kissed me just above the top of my jeans. His hand came back around then under my sweater and covered my stomach while I felt his hot wet lips on my back. I reached under my pullover and took his and moved it up to cover my breast. He squeezed it firmly then rubbed his palm over the tip of my bra, exciting the nipple beneath while I arched my back to rub my ass on his erection. He teased my tit for a moment the withdrew back to my belly. He put his mouth next to my ear “Slow down girl, we can take our time.” He pushed me to my front then moved up to sit across my thighs. He leaned down, moved my arms so they were splayed wide then said “Just lie there and let it happen.”

I had been thinking about him for almost four hours and I was ready to let it happen but I twisted my head and looked up at him, “Let what happen?” I bumped my butt against his erection.

He kissed me on the side of my mouth and bumped me back, a long, lingering rub of his hard cock on my butt crack. “Sex. We are going to fuck but before we do, I’m going to make you so hot your blood will boil.” If he kept talking like that he wouldn’t have far to go. My blood was already hot, just a few degrees from boiling. I think I moaned.

He pushed my pullover up to my shoulders then freed the clasp of my bra, exposing my back to him. He started kissing and licking every inch skin he could reach while his hands caressed my arms, neck and sides. I know for sure I moaned when he nipped my shoulder with his teeth. My heart was thudding, my p***y was throbbing and I was ready to let him in. Just about the time I was going to make a verbal offer he reached under me and unbuttoned my jeans. When he fumbled for the zipper the pressure of his hands against my body caused a major disruption in my breathing. He urged me to lift my hips then pulled my pants down my legs. He lifted off he could pull them off my feet then threw them aside. I was lying before him with my sweater at my shoulders, my butt covered by only a brief set of white lace panties. He gripped my sweater then together we managed to get it off my arms. When that was gone I flipped to my back and looked up at him. While he watched with bright, glittering eyes I pulled my bra off and flipped it away. His eyes locked on my tits, I shuddered from the intensity of his stare. He leaned down and put his mouth over my right nipple and tried to swallow it. I didn’t think I could get more turned on but my temperature was still rising. He licked, suckled, nipped then pinched both nipples while massaging my skin from panties to shoulders. I felt my p***y swelling and knew I was seeping, prepared to receive him.

I needed to do more than just lie back and enjoy him so I pushed him away and sat up. When he went to his knees I grabbed his shirt and pulled it out of his pants then up. He raised his arms and let me pull it off. The shirt joined the pile of my clothes. I didn’t hesitate, while watching his broad chest and ripped abs I put my hands into the band of his pants, unbuttoned him, pulled the fly to its stop then pulled them apart. He stood off the bed so I went to my knees on the floor and stripped them down his legs. He stepped out of the jeans then we were again dressed alike, him just in shorts, me only panties. I stood and wrapped my arms around him and held tight while his arms went around me. My best friend and I stood quiet for a few moments, letting the heat and friction of our bodies warm us even more. I rolled my pelvis against his erection, it was longer and thicker than my boyfriend’s which caused tendrils of thrills to radiate to my womb from where it press on me. I reached a hand between us, into his briefs and started rubbing only the second erection I’d ever touched. He lifted my face by my chin and kissed me.

I jerked and pulled on him while we necked with a passion I never in my life imagined anybody could arouse in me. He reached between my legs and began to rub my cunt through the thin lace that covered her. I was aware, barely, that he was getting me hotter, more turned on than my boyfriend had ever done. He had about reached his goal, getting my blood to boil. I gasped into his mouth while our lips were locked together when the tips of his fingers pressured my clit. He moved his mouth from mine then whispered in my ear “You want to s*x me? You want to take me to bed and give me everything you have to offer?” The only thing that kept me from folding to the floor was his hand between my legs. After the wild sexual shudder in my thighs stopped I stepped back, pushed my lingerie’ to the floor then went to his bed. He shed his underwear then his erection followed the scent of my body. He lay down next to me, we were on our sides, face to face. My best friend leaned his head back and looked at me from toes to head then back to the center of my being. I was watching his eyes as they absorbed what they were seeing, I saw in them that this wouldn’t be just a s*x for him, he sensed and felt the same intimacy and closeness for me as I did for him.

He folded over then took my left ankle in his hand then started kissing and licking the skin of my leg moving slowly higher to my knee and up my thigh. I had his cock locked in my fingers, I wasn’t about to let it get away from me. About the time I thought he would put his mouth on my p***y he pulled up then rolled me to my stomach. He put a hand between my legs and began to rub the hot, wet s*x, gradually easing two fingers between the sides of my cunt. I gurgled a cry of passion, spread my legs, arched my back and begged him to fuck me “God please, don’t make me wait any more!” I rolled to my back again, reached for his hard cock again then pulled him over me then completed the offer I’d made earlier.

When the thick dark head of his hard-on slipped into me he paused for a few moments while our eyes appraised each other. He flexed his hips and dipped another inch, maybe two then pulled out, leaving me empty. He repeated the two inch f**k several times and each time he teased me that way my cunt got more ravenous, more hungry to swallow him completely. I was stifling from the furnace heat radiating from me, I had a hard time breathing without panting. When he finally relented and slammed his erection fully down my body cramped with a spasm of ecstasy, I had a first orgasm. I lifted my legs off the bed and wrapped them around his thighs and held him close while my s*x shivered deliciously. He paused just long enough for me to relax then he started f**king me for real. I opened my legs wider to feel his groin slapping into mine, I moved my hands to his hips and caressed his butt as we f**ked. I was totally into my best friend and what he was doing. I never felt like that with my boyfriend even on his best days. Not only was my blood boiling, my hormones were overflowing causing my body to crave evermore of what he was doing with me.

He pulled out then pulled me up and over to lie on his stomach. I sat across his lap then he guided his rock hard preeq back to where I needed it. I was over him, my hands on his broad chest, my hips rocking back and forth with his hands fondling my tits. When my racing blood and flowing hormones mixed into to one potent solution in my womb, I started to quake a second time. It started as a shimmy in my legs then grew into a 9.1 tremor that shook me, the bed and my best friend with it’s intensity. I was dimly aware of a girl calling out her rapture as she peaked with a series of lightening fast orgasms.

I fell down on him trying to catch cool air to cool my body. I rested my head on his chest where I could hear his heart slamming. Gradually I summoned enough energy to lift my head and smile at him, I kissed him gently the asked “What the f**k did you just do to me? I can’t move!”

He smiled back with satisfaction “We did it to each other.”

I felt a flood of wetness between my legs but I wasn’t sure if it was because I was so turned on, if I squirted when I came or if he had finished. I asked him “Did you cum?”

He held my face in his hands and pulled me in for a longer, very enjoyable kiss. When our lips separated he said “Yeah, I think I ruptured my nuts.”

Not one thought in the millions running through my head just then was to worry about getting pregnant. God, the way I felt just then getting knocked up would not have bothered me at all. I got off my best friend and sat up beside him then focused on what he had between his legs. I hadn’t gotten a very good look at it while he seduced me so the time was right. His half hard preeq was meaty, thick and long enough to feel good but not so long any of it would go to waste. My p***y tingled again as I fingered his prick. Half of his prick was lathered with cum so I leaned down and licked it clean. His hips bounced when my lips sealed over the head and polished it with my tongue. He reaction was immediate and pleasing, my best friend’s cock began to grow again. I gave him head for couple of minutes until he had a tool to work with then went to my stomach and opened my legs. He mounted over me, slipped my desire back in and we started a second flight of fantasy and passion.

An hour later he was sitting at his laptop, me sitting on his lap while we watched “sex tale” on the laptop. Since we were both nude it was an easy transition from sitting and watching to sitting and f**king. I lap danced on him. We tossed, rolled, bounced, played and screwed all over his bedroom for almost three hours. My best friend and I f**ked four times that first night and when I finally managed to crawl from his room I knew without a doubt that my boyfriend was history. I’d found out just how great a good s*x partner could feel; that it was my best friend was not an issue.

We didn’t become exclusive lovers, we had no intention or desire to be in a relationship but we also we didn’t turn down any chance we got to jump into bed together. Any time he wanted a free and easy piece I was on my back for him, any time I needed to get laid, he got it up for me. Over time our flirtationship has cooled somewhat, but I’ve  to say I’m you reading this and my best friend is the writer of this, so basically you have been seduced by the writer, hope you enjoyed it?….

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