I heard that today, some batch of Youth Service Corp members are passing out, while another set will be getting set to arrive their respective orientation camps across the country to prepare for their year-long compulsory service to their fatherland.
Each time, this fact intrudes on my consciousness I am transported in a flashback to my service days a year ago. My service was indeed a very enjoyable once- in-a-lifetime experience. After the 21-day orientation at the NYSC camp in paiko, I was posted to minna Local Government in niger state, the power State. My primary assignment was to be the president of the Corpers at the Government House in Minna.








Despite the regimented lifestyle on the camp, we had real fun. I am not talking about Ijebu Garri or plantain. What I mean is good fun – warts and all. If what happened in my camp is universal, then one of the queer thing about corpers – the sudden insatiable urge for cex.

It seemed as the camp was suddenly infested by the cex virus. Suddenly all the girls were on heat and the boys as h0rny as satyrs. They took the service year as one last chance to indulge in cexual experiment or to break the shackles of inhibition instill in them as part of their upbringing. There are stories of he-goat adventure, so were shameless exploits by daughters of eve.

The male behaved as if they had suddenly found themselves in harem after being celibate for years, and the ladies, as if they had suddenly found cexual liberation.

I remember overhearing a girl telling her friends “Look at that guy, How I wish I have him to myself…” and I blushed with shame. The feeling of cexual energy was ubiquitous so much so the camp seemed like one big vineyard of s3xual where a harem of Domitilas are waiting to be serviced by the er0tic rods of virile male corp members.

During those randy days, some babes were passed around even amongst friends. The chop-make-I-chop recycling among the randy males lasted till the last day of the orientation. Sometimes, we’d catch some shameless lovers making out on the field and some on the trees. It was so rampart I started wondering why my fellow female corp members were falling so cheap to the demands of some cex opportunists, many of whom left their manners back at home when they were embarking on the journey to serve their nation.

 Quarrels, jealousy, and exchange of dirty words – I thought cexual escapades were meant to be left in the dark, barely whispered – well not on NYSC camps. Those of us who were too naïve or too timid to join in the frenzy were reduced to spectators and were satisfied with being entertained by our corpers who fight dirty over one randy male or the other.

Funnily enough, same guy who is the bone of contention would be at the embarrassing scene to watch the female corp members succumb to public disgrace and fist combat. Men will always be men!  For them, cex is a game. On one occasion, me and some of my mates from the same institution tried to talk to one of our shameless colleague whom we felt was disgracing our institution with her scarlet activities.

She told us off that she owned her body and could surrender it for serious banging whenever she felt like it. End of story.

The randy fever did not end in the camp. Some carried it over to their place of primary assignment. I mean the schools where they were posted where they found easy gullible victims. While the female became more astute and resorted to underground runs, the males were the ones frequently making the news. There was this case of a super stud corper who got three secondary school students pregnant. He was serving in a neighbouring school. How he managed to deceive the underage girls into opening their little holes for him to penetrate with his mighty anaconda I could not fathom. When I first heard about his misdemeanour, I kept asking myself, what were those little girls looking for in the room of a corper, dem no dey fear size?

 But is there any novice nowadays when it comes to cexual matters. Whereas some corpers are still Otondo, many secondary school girls are already confirmed Sharon Stone when it comes to eating the forbidden fruit. Big thanks to television, p0rnographic films and magazines which are now for sale at every corner of the country. So it makes the works of an Oliver Twist corper easier. If he is tall, handsome, cool and friendly, then all he had to do is try to be a little friendly, play the big brother to the more adventurous of the girls who need little or no persuasion for him to use the “farming tool” dangling between his legs. Well, “Let’s leave matter for Matthias”. I am not beefing male corpers. I am talking generally about corpers’ cexual hanky-panky.

 I will support my case with a recent happening. My neighbour’s daughter, kemi, was a victim of a corper’s hanky-panky. The 16 year old was about to write her WAEC O Level exams and this corper, newly posted to their school at Ikorodu, was teaching them Biology. He was also organizing extra mural where he was taking them on all science subjects. He was described as nice. And a young, naïve and nubile Kemi yearned to get as close to him as her best friend, Ife, who was already getting premium attention from the Ramsey Nouah-look alike corper.

 Kemi used to go to the corpers’ lodge to assist him wash his clothes and fetch water for him. She craved his attention in return. She did that the first day, it worked. The second time, she went to the extent of preparing his meals. In time, Corper Clement started “liking” her too. He began to show her similar affection he showered on her other friends. At a time, Kemi and her friend, Ife, who were very good friends, had a clash. But nobody knew the cause of the strife. Nevertheless, they both continued to be in the good book of the corper.

The corper finished his service and left few weeks before they commence their exams, but not before sowing his wild oat in their bellies. This happened last year. Another girl, a third victim was later discovered. Due to shame, Kemi was unable to write her exams, because her belly was protruding. What happened to the corper? Don’t ask me, because remembering the episode gets me annoyed.

 Why am I writing about this? NYSC camp will soon be thrown open and another cycle of sexual shenanigan will start again. And another set of dreadful corpers would go about dipping their rods in every available hole. Let’s hope some gullible minors will not be their victims this time around.
Well that’s not all the story I have to tell as a matter of fact, my story has not even started, just relax, I hope my story would be something many young youths would learn from…

Stay Tuned
To be Continued………