The Blunts #unigoss #Theblunts

This group is basically about different lovely individuals sharing opinions, pouring out their minds in all topics that we see in our everyday life or come across with. Most times we’ve experienced it and have little knowledge about it. However everyone is entitled to their opinions but you gotta stay firm because someone might not be in accordance with your opinion. Other times they taunt you, make you want to change your mind about what you think is right. We are her  to educate you, We are “The Blunts” 


Episode 01: Relationships & Prostitution are both fornications,  do you agree? 

Episode 02: why hasn’t a bill being passed against child marriage? 

Episode 03: who has more control/say in a relationship,  Man or woman? 

Episode 04: which is better, Love or Lost?

Episode 05:Is the endowment of the body really a key to a successful relationship.. What’s  your take on this?

Episode 06: Do you think the northern side does not contribute to Nigeria as a whole? Do they contribute more harm than good to the country?

Episode 07: Is “church going” the through definition of Christianity? How important is it?.

Episode 08:Should a guy or girl date his/her crush? What is the difference between crush & lust? 

Episode 09: Do you have to make your relationship public to show you are proud of you partner?

Episode 10: Should your male best friend and your boyfriend be two different individuals?

Episode 11: Who would you rather trust, your best friend or you boyfriend?

Episode 12: Is it proper for a lady to ask a guy out?

Episode 13: Has buhari’s tenure brought more good than harm? 

Episode  14: What’s the difference between sin and crime?

Episode 15: Who is a greater lier, Men or women? 

Episode 16:My Husband is Very Rich But His Pen!s is Too Small, i’m Confused

Episode 17:What’s your take on pregnancy before marriage?

Episode 18:What’s the most important thing in a successful marriage?

There are still more to come, please stay tuned. 

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