“Will you keep shut there?!” the policeman behind the counter yelled for the fourth time towards the direction of the cell.
He was getting angry. He hated to be left alone, manning the station while the other guys went to raid. It was almost 11pm and they only returned an hour earlier to bring some young girl they claimed was a prostitute. They left the station again almost immediately, leaving the girl who never seemed to shut up.

In the past hour, she had pleaded, threatened, yelled and screamed to be let out. He had tried to block out the sound but she was unrelenting. Her shrieks are becoming louder by the second and all he wanted to do was go in that cell and shove something hard in her mouth.

The thought made him giggle as his hand moved down towards his crotch. Now, that’s something hard he can put in her mouth, maybe it would make the bitch shut up.

He tried to shake the thoughts out of his head but the girl had now begun to cry, denying that she was a prostitute. He sighed, going to stand in front of her cell. He took in her cheap looking spaghetti-strap top and her short jean skirt. Her makeup was so over the top and colourful that it reminded him of neon lights. Her lips were full and covered in red lipstick and she had on a pair of black heels. There was now way she was not a whore.

As soon as he came to the front of the cell, she tried to talk to him. “Please sir, I swear, I am not ashawo, I was just coming back from work when…”

“I say, shut up! You are just coming back from work. Na so pesin they dress go work?”

She looked down puzzled like she forgot what she was wearing. “Please sir,” she said again, looking back at him.

“If you do not stay quiet, I will give you something to scream about,” the angered policeman threatened.

She clamped her mouth shut and he turned around, about to leave when she grabbed the rails on the cell gate and began to shake it roughly.

Enough is enough, the policeman thought as he turned around again and brought out the key to the gate. There was a look of glee in the girl’s eyes as she hoped she would be released but the policeman simply opened the gate and shoved her roughly in.

She looked up in shock but he ignored her. He pushed her against the wall and lifted her skirt. He felt her underwear and realised she was wearing a g-string. He groaned as his palms began rubbing her bare ass.

The young girl tried to push him off. “Okay, okay, if I do, will you let me go?”

He groaned and she took it as an affirmative. Her hands moved to the button of his uniform trousers. He let go of her, interested in what she was about to do. She unbuttoned and unzipped him, pulling his trousers down, immediately unleashing his hard cock as he had no shorts on underneath. She wrapped her hand around his cock and began to stroke, causing it to get harder and harder. When she was satisfied with the size, she squatted in front of him and took the cock in her mouth.

He groaned again, pushing his hand against the wall as she covered the tip of his dick with her full, red mouth. She began to bob her head back and forth, sucking his cock like a pro that she was. His dick was soon so deep in her mouth that he could feel the tip hitting her throat. She continued sucking it until he grunted for her to stop. He wanted to bury himself somewhere else on the whore’s body.

He pulled her to stand up and turned her around so she was facing the wall. He lifted her skirt and shifted the string of panties between her ass. Putting some saliva on his hand, he rubbed his cock until it was glistening then swiftly shoved his penis into her asshole.

She began to scream as he went roughly in and out of the whore’s hole. She was gyrating her hips, causing him to go even deeper, her warmth covering his hardness. It was amazing. His cock was sliding so good into her that he was soon grunting like an animal in heat. He fucked her again and again until he felt the familiar build up and exploded into her asshole.

As he removed his dick, he could see his cum dripping out of her tiny hole. He felt oddly satisfied watching that.

The girl was relieved when he finally gave her the permission to go. The policeman simply could not continue dealing with her loudness. He was sure his colleagues would understand.