She was the most gorgeous woman he had ever met. With curves for days and an ass so sexy that it a recurrent feature in his dreams and fantasies. He wanted her. Deji wanted so bad to fuck his boss’ wife.

On days he had to go to drop documents at his boss’ house, he gets extremely turned on whenever he caught a glimpse of his wife. It was torture seeing her in whatever she was wearing. In a nightwear, in shorts, tying a wrapper, whatever. While having a quick discussion with his boss on Monday mornings, he got easily distracted anytime she happened to pass by.

On this particular Monday, Deji had to drop a document down at his boss’ house as usual. When he arrived, his wife opened the door and informed him that her husband had to dash out early that morning due to a family emergency.

This is my shot, Deji thought, for he always had a feeling that she felt his eyes on her and she liked it. He felt like she enjoyed being an object of a man’s fantasy.

“Can I get some water before I leave?” He asked her as she made to close the door.

“Sure, come in.”

Taking his time and sipping his drink, Deji wondered how best to approach her. He decided to make a move. His hard-on was obviously making him feel careless. He approached her and put a hand on her cheek. She gave him a stunned look but did not take his and away.

His hand went from her cheek, down her breast. Her nipple was visible through the light pink shirt she was wearing and she wondered if her pussy was throbbing beneath her shorts just like his dick was. He stroked her breast, slowly, with his right hand as he used his left to grab her waist and pulled her closer to him.

His lips was on hers in a flash. And the hot slap he felt on his face was enough to momentarily daze him.

“What…the hell do you think you are doing?” She asked, panting.

At this point, Deji knew he was already screwed either ways. He might as well get literally screwed and quit his job. He grabbed her ass as he brought his lips back on hers. He kissed her.. hard and attempted to work the zipper on a shorts while she struggled against him. She tried, again and again to push him off. But Deji was completely overcome by lust. He wanted her, he was getting her.

He was finally able to unzip her shorts, it took all the strength he had in him to overpower her as he reached to stroke her pussy beneath. She was wearing no panties. He breathed a brief sigh of relief, mixed with excitement and need.

As his hands reached gold, he felt her go limp against him. He was beyond excited. She wants me. She wants this, he thought.

Before long, they were ripping each other’s clothes off. He grabbed those boobs he had always dreamed about. Put one nipples in his mouth as he continued stroking her pussy. He rubbed her with urgency and it wasn’t long before he could feel her jerky movement that told him she was cumming. He held her close as she rode through bliss.

Before he could take another breath, she pushed him towards the couch and began going down on him. She started giving him one of the best blow jobs he had ever received. Her mouth was hot and wet on his dick. She grabbed his big, hard cock and continued fucking him with her mouth. Again and again, she slid her mouth up and down on him. She worked the tip, his balls and took the whole of his cock in her mouth. He could not take anymore. He wanted so badly to let go and shoot his load in her throat. He was almost there. Before he could let go though, she took her mouth off him. He groaned.

She stood up and straddled him. Facing him while their eyes lock. She guided his hands to her boobs and began to fuck him in earnest. She bounced hard on the dick while stroking her own clit. It wasn’t long before she came once again. He took his hands off her boobs and grabbed her ass. He wanted to do things to that ass, grab it, pinch it, fuck it until he lost himself in it.

It was like she read his mind. She got off him, stood up and bent over. He needed no telling twice. He slid his dick slowly and deliberately into her ass hole. He nearly shouted in bliss as the tightness and warmth enveloped him. He began fucking her. She moaned for him to go faster. He obliged. He fucked her in her asshole while using one hand to reach her pussy to stroke it. She moaned even louder. And each time he made a move she enjoyed, she tightened her ass hole in response. He was completely lost in her. He slid the dick in and out of her with gusto. Like a hungry man having his last meal, he fucked her like his life depended on it. He took out all his sexual frustration on her and it seemed she had some sexual frustration of her own as she met him, thrust for thrust.

As he felt himself reaching his climax, he brought out his dick and slid it into her pussy while she was still bent over. He gave her three hard thrust and exploded inside her.

It was all he had ever dreamed it would be.

As he wore his clothes and walked out of his boss’ house, he wondered if he would ever get another chance to do this again. He sure can’t wait.