She always wore as little as she could and except for cold days, seldom wore shoes. She had no figure to speak of but she had long legs. Because of that, people mistook her for an older girl. She was only 11 years old or nearly 12 as she always told people. She was always pestering me when I was working on my car. It didn’t bother me too much as it’s nice to chat. She was there when I was working in the front garden, sitting on the wall at the front, or on the seat near the front door.









She liked to wear loose fitting tops, and when she bent over to chat to me, her top would gape open. Jennifer was smiling as she always caught me looking, and I began to realize that she was finding more ways of showing parts of her body to me. One day she turned up wearing a bikini top and a very short skirt. I got to see her ass several times as she bent over to pick something up. What shocked me was when I was cleaning the wheels on my car and Jennifer sat down on the floor, her knees opened slightly and all I could see was her bare pussy. By bare, I mean that there was not a single hair on it at all. I had presumed that this little tease was wearing a thong as when I saw her ass earlier, there was no sign of ordinary knickers.

I was in a dilemma, as if she had been older, I wouldn’t have hesitated to try something on with her, but I had never been into little girls. My problem was that I was semi erect most of the time that she was around me, giving little glimpses of naked flesh to me. What was I to do? The decision was taken out of my hands when she was helping me one day.

Jennifer had turned up on this occasion wearing a very short t-shirt, and no bra. This gave me glimpses of her small mounds and her bare midriff and showed the start of her hip bones over the top of, for her, a moderate length skirt. Her long legs were bare as usual, and no shoes, showing off her purple painted toenails. She offered to do some watering for me, and while still chatting, allowed me to get on with other things. All of a sudden, it felt like rain, but as I stood up, I saw that it was Jennifer pointing the hose in the air over where I was. Laughing loudly, she saw me walking towards her, and shrieked in mock terror. I got a hold of the hose, but she still held on tight, so both of us wer now getting wet. Watching the rivers of water soaking her t-shirt and running inside over her body had me fully erect. Jennifer stumbled backwards and tripped, landing on her backside, but pulling me over with her. As I landed on top of her, my outstretched hand fell on her t-shirt covered tit and as my hands were dirty and wet, left a palm print on her t-shirt.

“ Oh no, what am I going to do now? My mum will kill me if she sees this”.

“Come on inside and I can wash it for you as well as your skirt that also has a mark on it. I can find you something to wear”. With that, I went indoors, and she followed me. Turning around, I found that she certainly wasn’t shy as she pulled her t-shirt over her head leaving her small breasts naked.

“Woah, what are you doing? I haven’t got anything down here for you to put on”.
“I’m not ashamed of my body, and it’s nothing that you haven’t already seen” she stated, knowing that she had shown me flashes of bare flesh. With that, she slid her skirt down her still wet legs showing me her pretty pussy for the second time today. She was a vision of loveliness standing completely naked in front of me. 

“Do you like what you see” she said as she spun around.

“Yes I do, but you shouldn’t be doing this”.

“When you fell on top of me, I felt your bulge and knew I was having an effect on you. I can see your lump now, so can you get it out for me to see it?”

“I don’t think that would be a good idea, do you? You are way too young to be thinking about these things, and I may not be able to stop myself”. I knew that she already had me hooked. Jennifer took two strides to reach me and started undoing my shorts.

“Don’t worry about it, my brother has been fucking me for a month now, but your bulge looks bigger than his”. With that, she pulled my shorts down and grasped my prick in her small hands, slowly wanking it while inspecting it. Jennifer nearly had me coming when she poked her tongue out and licked the end. She opened her mouth and slowly engulfed my prick, taking in about four inches. My prick looked huge in her small hands as she fed me into her mouth. It touched the back of her mouth and sealing her lips around it, she started sucking while still wanking the rest. 

“I’m going to cum” I warned her and she sucked harder. I felt my balls start to swell, and the first string went straight down her throat. She pulled my prick out and directed the next couple of squirts onto her face. She pointed my prick at her small tits for the remaining cum to sit in threads across her chest. I pulled her to her feet so I could kiss her cum covered face and used my hand to spread cum across her chest, her nipples becoming erect. 

“Now its your turn” I said to her while I picked her and moved her to the sofa. Jennifer looked quite a picture with cum all over her, and in anticipation, opened her legs wide. Taking that as an invitation, I went straight to her pussy that was already damp. The clit was very sensitive as I concentrated on it causing her to continue moaning. Knowing that she had been fucked before allowed me to throw caution to the wind and I inserted a finger into her pussy. It was nice and tight, but loose enough for me to get a second finger in. Keeping my fingers in her, I licked up and down her slit, tasting her nectar. This had her bouncing up and down and she pulled my face harder into her pussy. It wasn’t long before she couldn’t take any more, and with a scream’ she came. She was breathing hard, but didn’t take the pressure off of my head, so I kept licking her clit. This caused her to have more smaller cums, until she eventually let go off my head, pulling me up to her and kissing me. She lacked tecnique, but was certainly enthusiastic and a quick learner. As she put her arms around my neck and still kissing me, I picked the slight girl up in my arms. I carried her upstairs and laying her on the bed, I couldn’t help but smile at the sight of this pre-teen lying expectantly waiting for me to fuck her. My conscience was telling me that this was so, so wrong, but my fully erect prick was sending different instructions to my brain. I lay next to her and kissed her again, allowing my tongue to play with hers. For a young girl, she had certainly learnt a lot from her brother and, as she had told me she had only been fucking for a month, she had learnt quickly. I kissed her, tasting my cum on her face as I moved down to her tits. Her nipples were already erect as I took one and then the other into my mouth. This brought a moan from Jennifer as my hand moved to her pussy. I used a finger to open her lips which were moist. I pushed my finger into her pussy and pumped it in and out, slowly at first, but increased the speed as she continued to moan. I broke my contact with her breasts, and moved down her body until my eyes took in the beauty of her young pussy. She had no hair to speak of which brought home to me, how young she was. Her moistness allowed me to open her lips as I swept my tongue up and down between them. I thrust my tongue into her which brought a sigh from her.

“Fuck me, I need your prick in me, fuck me now”. I lay down, and she climbed on top of me. Putting her hand around my prick, she positioned herself above it and slowly sank down. Even though she had been fucked by her brother, his prick was probably smaller than mine, but by taking it slow, she eventually took all of me inside of her. Taking advantage of this, I spun her over, so that I was above her, and I leaned down to kiss her. Her legs came up behind my back as I pulled nearly out and I sank back into her again as she smiled up at me. She encouraged movement, so I pulled out and eased back in again, but this wasn’t enough for her.

“Harder, please fuck me harder” she said, urging me on with her feet around my body and her hands on my waist. I could feel her pussy moving with me as I moved in and out, like it was glued to my prick, but she kept urging me on. The friction was incredible and soon had me on the point of coming.

“I need to pull out, I am gonna cum.”

“No, cum inside me, I need to feel you coming inside me.” I was definitely going to hell for this, as I plunged back in to the hilt causing us both to come at the same time. I pulled her to me and as she locked her arms and legs around me, I stood us both up so I could sit down with her still impaled on my prick. This spurred her on as she took the opportunity to start moving and this gave my prick a new lease of life. I held her hips, lifting her light weight with ease. She started moving gently after her orgasm, but as she hadn’t come down from it yet, she quickened the pace, and was bouncing up and down, giving herself several more comes due to the friction on her clit. A few minutes of this and she slowed down, completely drained. She lay down on my chest with a huge grin on her face, mirroring the grin on my face.

“That was great, far better than my brother, and he’s never made me cum like that”. She was leaning on her elbow, looking at me as she spoke with her hand around my prick. I was still hard as having come twice earlier, it would take me much longer to come again. It didn’t bother me as I couldn’t believe what had already happened, and here was this slip of a girl still wanting to give me pleasure. She moved down my body, kissing me all over my chest and nipples while still wanking me. Getting to my prick, she immediately took it between her moist lips. She got as much of my prick in her mouth as she could, and wanting to give me as much pleasure as I had given her, tried to take me into her throat. Immediately, she started gagging, and I pulled her off, immediately hugging her tightly to my chest. She looked up at me with tears in her eyes and I smiled back at her.

“You are so sweet, but never force yourself, its not necessary. The pleasure you have already given me, far exceeds what most girls give who are much older than you”. She settled back down, snuggling against my chest, but wrapping a hand around my prick, not moving but just holding. She drifted off to sleep. She woke with a start, and for a moment, couldn’t work out where she was. Then she smiled. 

“That was great” she said while rubbing her eyes. “What time is it?”

“Its 9.15pm. You’ve been asleep for two hours.” She had looked so cute laying on the bed curled up, completely naked.

“Oh no, I was supposed to be in by 9.00pm. My mum is going to kill me. She pulled on her skirt and, now clean, t-shirt, stood on tiptoe, and kissed me before running out of the door. The last view that I had was a flash of her back, and her long legs. I realised that I was grinning from ear to ear,

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