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Not again, Sarah sure knows how to get on my nerves, i entered class angrily after bell went off. I had my sit next to a guy not noticing it was my crush. I started to talk, trying to explain what happened when he asked before i realized he was the one. I blushed in embarrassment while he smiled at me.


Boyfriend’s Seduction    

Mother’s pain                   

Love And Jealousy          

Love And Culture          

Love And Madness          


  Femi is that kind of guy that would make a lady get wet just by looking at her. It just comes naturally with him and girls in skul die to get his attention. How i got his is still a mystery. Our first meeting was awkward as he bumped into me from behind so hard he fell on me while i lay on the floor. I didn’t feel pain, feeling his dick on my ass was the pain, so hot. He Didn’t get up, still asking if am ok. I wiggled my ass as if to get up but his dick got hard. O gosh, i wanted to be penetrated so bad by a stranger. I pushed him away from me embarrassed as he apologized with his dick still erect. I ran.
    Here i am sitting with Femi, all i could think of was his scent, lips, well carved body for a teenage guy. I crossed my legs as my pussy throbbed. I was so horny my eyes became like those of a person high on weed. I could pounce on him and ride the hell out of his dick if we were alone. All this while Femi has been talking about his family but i heard nothing. “I would love to show you my place after school, you’ll really love it”  he said. This is so tempting and dangerous i thought but then we are graduating soon and we won’t have to see again because i can’t trust what i would do if i go to his place.
        It was closing time already as students prepared to go home. I couldn’t wait to go to Femi’s place as i stood outside waiting for him. He held my hand when he got to where i was and walked down the road talking about teachers that taught us in skul today. It was actually a funny conversation which made me relax. We got a cab and went to his house. I was shocked by its mightiness, who could his parents be to have such a beautiful mini Paradise.
    He led me to his room upstairs as we talked and laughed. He removed his uniform and boxers when we got to his room, i opened my mouth in surprise, shocked by his attitude. Stack naked in front of me, i moved my eyes away after admiring his dick. What about your parents? i asked trying to be safe. “They traveled and won’t be back till next week” he replied.
     Femi moved close to me, raised my face to meet his lips. I opened my lips and kissed him back while he laid beside me on the bed, remove my panties and rub my clit. Simultaneously , he finger fucked my pussy while he rubbed my clit. I was going to cum as he rubbed and fucked faster with so much vigour. “oh yes baby am going to cum, uhmmm, fuck ” i tore my lips from his as i squirted and trembled as he rubbed my pussy faster. It felt so darn good as my body quaked with the aftermath of the orgasm.
     I was about to get on his dick again when his phone rang, “Guy awfar, your papa just comot my house. He con see my man. We no fit do that house party for your side again now ” his best friend said over the phone which was on speaker when he picked. When they finished talking, i was all dressed to take flight. He kissed me and escorted me out of the house. That was how i got lucky that day. Later that week, we graduated and parted ways.
      “Seriously, you should watch the way you drive when it rains” i told the young man driving carelessly as he came down to apologize. “Femi” i said quietly, still shocked. So grown and dangerously handsome. “Last time i checked, you didn’t return the favour”  he said as he winked and gave me a hug.