9ja Story: Nurse Betty

Nurse Betty nodded and pushed her hands further down until they were rubbing against his groin.

Nurse Betty had a secret and a very extra special way she liked to take care of her patients.


Boyfriend’s Seduction    

Mother’s pain                   

Love And Jealousy          

Love And Culture          

Love And Madness          


You see, Nurse Betty was a S3@.x:’-crazed 22-year-old. While she was kind to all her patients, she only pays special attention to the men, especially the well-endowed ones.

She would figure out which of the men were worth her time when she gave them sponge baths or made her rounds on them and as soon as they were getting better, Nurse Betty will

One morning, she was asked to check up on a man who was admitted the night before. He was admitted for acute malaria and he looked really weak. Nurse Betty met with him and did
the usual check up but something kept distracting her. As she worked on getting
his blood pressure checked and checking his temperature, she noticed a very
obvious bulge in his trousers. She licked her lips in amazement. She was not
sure if he was reacting to her touch or if it was simply morning boner but she
did not care. She had found her new target.

Nurse Betty spent the next couple of days getting to know him. His name was Francis and he just got married recently. He was a businessman and dealt in mobile phones. Nurse Betty
enjoyed his company but there was one thing she truly wanted and Francis was
not making it easy for her by making the first move.

In the early hours of the morning of the day he was supposed to be discharged, Nurse Betty snuck into Francis’ room.

“Hey nurse, isn’t it too early for your morning temperature check?” Francis asked in

“Not really.” Nurse Betty said as she came to stand beside his bed. Nurse Betty
placed her hands on his stomach. “Does this hurt?”

Francis furrowed his eyes in surprise. “No,” he responded.

Nurse Betty nodded and pushed her hands further down until they were rubbing against his groin.
Before Francis could say anything, she began trailing the outline of his d.!ck
through the light fabric of his shorts.

“What are you doing?” Francis asked.

“Taking care of my patient. I need to make sure everything is working fine before your
discharge today.”

As she said this, she pulled down his shorts and grabbed his hard C@.ck. Before he could say anything, Nurse Betty bent her head and swallowed his d.!ck in her mouth in one move and
began to suck.

Francis leant back, enjoying Nurse Betty’s work. She was a nurse after all, she must know best, he thought as she clamped her mouth around his d.!ck and sucked until he was achingly hard.

When Nurse Betty was satisfied with his hardness, she climbed the bed and lifted her uniform. She was not wearing any underwear underneath so it was easy to slip his d.!ck inside
her. She began to bounce gently over him with eyes closed and mouth slightly
open in desire. Francis simply laid back and watched her. As she moved around
on top of him, her hand slid down to her Pu.$$y where she started to violently
rub her clit until she began ti quiver and she came, soaking his d.!ck in cum.

Francis was having the time of his life. He reached down and placed his hands on her thighs,
loving the way they felt in his palm. She was starting to sweat a little as she
rode his d.!ck. She came two more times before he could no longer hold it in.
His fingers dug into her flesh as he came, shooting cum deep inside her.

Nurse Betty clambered down, adjusted her dress and left the room, leaving Francis in a daze as he pulled his shorts back in place and tried to calm his breath.

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