Good morning Blunts

Quote of the day: Never change who you are just because you’re afraid of losing them. If they really love you, your imperfections won’t matter.

Topic of the Day: Offering or Tithe, which is more important?

Teejay: michael why na,

CHRIS: Because in the physical, money is the most important commodity on earth, if God so requires your money, is it that He isn’t interested in other areas of your life as well? No, He is interested in all that concerns you so as a point of contact, your tithe can be a basis to remind Him that as creator, He not only owns your life for which we acknowledge same in tithes/offerings, but He also can participate in all areas of our life as your creator.

Teejay: That answer was shorter than I expected.

Michael: I don’t think he is through, I can’t seem to find the ans to the topic his statement.

CHRIS: The answer to the topic in my exposition is that tithes/offerings aren’t so different from each-other, therefore it isn’t about importance here but significance.

Michael: Hmm, Chris is keeping it short and simple today?

CHRIS: I tried to abridge the whole thing.

Michael: Nice one

CHRIS: Atleast, for easy reference. The whole grammar thing isn’t helping the Blunts. So, what’s the point?

Michael: Your opinion is not for #Theblunts alone, it’s for the masses too. But I like your idea of short and simple, it’s quite OK, now i can easily pick words I don’t understand and learn the meaning.

CHRIS: Yeah, cool bro. Furthermore, in my church, we just have one offering-time when all offerings, tithes and pledges are giving. We don’t have special tithe offerings, its just one offering and its up to one’s discretion as to what the individual would do with that singular offering time. To give tithe or pledge or offerings, entirely up to the individual. Church shouldn’t interfere or force you to give, it should come cheerfully and willingly to God. Its up to you to give God whatever you want. The emphasis should be more on the blessings of giving for it is more blessed to give than to receive and that God loves a cheerful giver.

Teejay: nice

Uleta: Tithes n offerings, They all point down to thesame path.

CHRIS: Also, as New Testament believers, we are saved by grace through faith in Christ Jesus and those that are led by the spirit of God are the matured sons of God, therefore the one/tenth principle is of the law, we are of grace, the New Testament believer operates under the liberty of the spirit which isn’t subject to the law so we can even give tithes above one/tenth or less than it, it is entirely up to us. This is the liberty we have in all things. The church is a different entity from the nation of Israel or Judaism. The church is an organism that operates under the law of the spirit and not the law of the letter. We are elevated. Which is why tithe, offering, pledge is entirely up to the individual. All that matters is that faith must be in compliance with such actions cos some people can give God much more than one/tenth cos they want to receive more and some people may give below that cos that’s the level of their faith, we have such liberty from the law.

Uleta: Blessings, We give to support the preaching of the gospel. N so doing get blessed from our creator No one is more important than the other. The lord said give He loves a cheerful giver.

CHRIS: Sure Mr Dan.

Uleta: As long as u r truthful n cheerful in ur giving he accepts it.

Chris: Yeah.

Uleta: Just that this days some churches are making the church a business home. They emphasize more on giving. Than even the love of Christ n salvation from sin.

CHRIS: Well, I get that Mr Dan. They do so because God has His own business. So, they capitalise on the Lords business for all their nefarious, deceptive and selfish agendas. The bible says by their fruits we shall know them. The prosperity message is integral to the gospel cos the gospel was preached to the poor that they might be rich, first spiritually, then materially. But these wolves in sheep clothings and ignorant folks make merchandise of the people for personal aggradisement. It is the duty of the believer to seek wisdom as we have been advised by scriptures to do so. So, ignorance is not an excuse, God will hold us accountable for belonging to a congregation that subverts his truth and perverts His ways. Let’s not be found wanting.

Katie: Both tithe n offering is very important as a Gud Christian and belive of chrish you av to always do ur tithe n offering always at the right time.

CHRIS: I understand you Katie but the promptitude is people tradition and not biblical truth. All God requires is that your givings be cheerful and with faith. Paying tithe and offering won’t take you to heaven, offerings are only financial transactions, in the keep of the law will no one be saved. The law does not save, it kills which is why we have grace.

Katie: Yea I know, But it’s necessary as a Christian.

CHRIS: Yeah, sure. Giving draws from the resources of heaven at this time. A time will come when we won’t have to give to draw from Gods heavenly resources, it will be given without our participation. The Israelites experienced a glimpse of that when they drank from Vineyards they didn’t plant, lived in houses they didn’t build cos God gave it to them freely. We have been given freely as Christians but since we are in this mundane level of our natural Adamic existence, the wealth of the Christ can only be done by faith in sowing and reaping. A time will come when we will do nothing to obtain the wealth of the Christ physically.
That time is coming.. But for now, we connect to divine resources by giving. And all giving is the same thing, the tithe is only significant because of what it represents yet it is still an offering. Smiles.

Katie: smiles

CHRIS: Yeah. And we have liberty of the spirit. We are not under any law but the law of liberty. A Christian who chooses not to give any offering at all to God through their lifetime has transgressed no law but the only thing there is that such a Christian shouldn’t expect wealth/prosperity during their physical lifetime cos what connects the material blessings at this level is the offering/seed.
Guess I’ve exhausted this topic already. Though I’m opened to questions if there’s any?

Katie: LOL, there is non

BENITA: Oh am keeping myself holy.

To be continued……..