I am in a serious fix now. I am just 19 years and not looking bad. But, my mother’s sister wants me to get her pregnant because her husband can’t have children.

She’s very hot and I don’t know what decision to take. She has been begging me and saying that we will keep it secret. She says no one will know about it and that I am helping the family.

I’m so confused right now. What do I do?

: Tell her No as in don’t do it since she don’t want any body to hear abt it.. It is a betrayal to the family .. Off to church

Uleta: no no no, Don’t do it, U will sin against God n against ur family.

CHRIS: There’s a word for that kind of act in English, its called incest, and incest is forbidden by God. It is a sin and never has a sin justified a need. No sin ever makes a right so he should turn down the overture cos it has no honour in it but stupidity defined.
Let’s not even analyse the consequences of incest and inbreeding! Both has physical, psychological, spiritual, medical consequences so there’s no honour in that but foolishness!

Teejay: this is weird.

CHRIS: Sure Teejay, it is.

Katie: LOL

Jude: Red flag, he should not try that, that if they have not even been having sex with condom, and that incest, very forbidden, it is detestable in the sight of God and man, so why get involved with what would have great consequence on him. No matter the. Secret is kept, it would definitely blow out someday…… That really something crazy to do, it unthinkable… Let them seek medical appliances.

Katie: Don’t do it oooo, It’s an abominations, It’s u all same bloody, And it’s a sin. Let her pray with her husband and hope in God

CHRIS: Inordinate affections can never end well.

Katie: There is nothing God can not do. Lol, Abi Chris.

CHRIS: Sure, right on the mark Katie.

Katie: So Mike don’t try such, It isn’t right.

Michael: Ermmm ermmm, [coughs], it’s literally not my predicament though..

To be continued……