#Theblunts: what the difference between Facts & Experience. S01. E23. #unigoss


Topic for the day: are differences between facts and Experiences?

Michael: Facts is different from experience, dis wot differenciate elders from children.

: Smiles. Oh, you think I don’t have the facts. And what is experience? Accumulated facts based on experiment.

Michael: Facts are calculated assumptions at times based on random sampling.

CHRIS: Simply put, fact is knowledge.

Michael: Fact tells u rape is bad, experience makes u understand it is a stigma, u dig? Fact tells u love is great, experience tells love is wonderful feeling dat cannot be explained. Facts tells u holy trinity is one God, no body has experienced that , so dey say it’s a mystery.

CHRIS: Experience and facts have no disparaging threshold bro. They are one and the same thing only by the accumulation.
Experience, facts can also tell you love is great.

Michael: So fact can tell u d exact pain of rape? Fact can give u the measure of pain in heart break?
No! Only experience.

CHRIS: They’re the same. Experience is fact accumulated.
Stop dragging this. There is a tripartite trajectory to which facts belong.

Michael: I will oo, Until u gimme one good example.

CHRIS: Experience doesn’t belong to that trajectory cos it is closely fixated on facts.

Michael: U dated ur choir master and u married her, along the line u found out she was cheating on u along side dating u b4 u married her. You 4gave her, her bore u a boy who grew up to be ready for marriage, and he tells you he wants to marry a choir mistress, would u tell him, it’s a fact that all choir mistress cheat or u wld tell from experience choir mistress do cheat too?

CHRIS: I already stated that experience and facts are the same thing; accumulation being the only difference so that’s not a good premise for conjecture Michael.

Michael: Fact and are never the same, wots ur opinion on the above story.

CHRIS: I will tell him choir mistresses cheat too like everybody else does.

Michael: Is sat based on fact or experience “wen u tell him choir mistress cheat too”

Teejay: Michael dey find my trouble,” Fact and experience”, You want me to scatter the group ni?.

CHRIS: Oh, facts, experience mean the same thing oo. Haha, Experiences are just accumulations of facts based on practical events. Chai. Love, rape and your choir scenario could be placed as both facts and experience.

Michael: Facts and experience are not the same, Lai Lai I disagree.

CHRIS: Chai, Your opinion. I cannot change that.

Michael: How can u tell me facts and experience are d same.

CHRIS: Yeah, they are.

Michael: Na lie u must agree with me ooo

CHRIS: How can you be experienced without facts? And how can you have facts without experience? Chai

Michael: U can be experienced with out fact bro.

Teejay: Facts and experience are not the same thing, Chris. Facts are usually paradigms. Experience arent

CHRIS: Okay. Explain?

Michael: Good i won

CHRIS: Chai, Your opinion bro, I express practically.

Michael: How will u be saying facts and experience are the same. Na lie oo, u are not being pragmatic, Lai Lai, pratical my foot.

CHRIS: Paradigms that connect based on accumulations of the same procedures.

Michael: Na lie I disagree.

CHRIS: In what context?

Michael: Remove English from dis matter, I Don Para

BENITA: Ghen ghen

Michael: Tonight, we are going to tear down dis crew.

CHRIS: You can give your examples and I’d marry the both of them still.

Michael: I gave u the d choir mistress own, u stylishly inserted fact into the ans. Abeg tj u sef read the story and ans.

CHRIS: And I’d get jiggy with it.

Michael: abeg uleta, Pls fact and experience are they d same?

Uleta: no

CHRIS: According to the story, That was experience based on fact that it happened to him.

CHRIS: How can fact differ from experience when one leads by multiples to the other.

Michael: Ogbeni no rearrange English to ans me, no be maths we dey solve.

CHRIS: You can’t have experience without facts.

Uleta: Experiences are true events

Michael: epp me tell Chris biko

Uleta: That av happened n we learn from.

Teejay: nice

Uleta: A fact is an honest observation.

CHRIS: Oh, you mean that experience is only when its lenial from the individual.

Uleta: Its a fundamental reality that has been agreed upon by a group of people. And for Michael’s story, lol,this ur experience enh…..

CHRIS: That’s fact turning into experience which is ripped from events.

Teejay: nope, Chris, I disagree.

Michael: Chris no remix English to favour ur point.

CHRIS: Practical examples please.

Teejay: You can’t say that chronological events can represent facts. Because experience can be altered.
Not everything you experience is factual. Some of your experience is as a result of mind distorted reality. In other words, your reality affects experience. But it won’t change the standing facts.

CHRIS: If chronological events don’t represent facts, experience isn’t concrete.

Teejay: Facts are facts and experience will be experience. Precisely my point. Experience can be manipulated by simply blurring the reality of the facts behind it.

Michael: Ose Jare.

Teejay: Your experience can only be concrete when facts supports it. That’s why probability exists. Probability exists to quantify the degree of correlation between facts and experimental evidence. That’s all I will say o. This argument should rest abeg.

CHRIS: You guys are going in circles. Which is why facts accumulate experience. Experience however volatile to the quality of facts, chain reacts as a result of the facts behind them.

Teejay: Bros, too much English.

CHRIS: Semantics, They’re closely related oo.

Teejay: Facts can not accumulate experience sir. Facts can only be buttressed by experience. A fact will remain a fact as long as conclusive evidence is proven.

Michael: Chris I will beat you ooo, u are not right at all on ur opinion of facts and experience.

CHRIS: Oh, God. Its still the same thing. You cannot have experience without facts and facts line-up experience. And it isn’t about the quality of probable assumptions as that trails a different logic. Chai!

Teejay: really

CHRIS: Well, practically, you guys were non-implementive.

Teejay: I doubt that. Theoretically we think you are too obstinate to change your view sir.

Michael: Chris u are not on point on this topic. Even if rapture happen I no fit agree with you.

CHRIS: Smiles. You will be on your own Michael. Experiments are implementations of facts, and the absence of facts create distorted reality which is different compared to the cogent experiences of a said facts. Reality isn’t experience without the facts surrounding such occurrence.

Teejay: smh! I rest my case.

CHRIS: Facts/experience metabolise when experimented to produce reality. Experience with the absence of facts will create a distorted reality which becomes facts that become reality. The core variable being in mitigating the paradigm.

To be continued…….


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