#Theblunts: Pregnancy before marriage, yes or no? S01. E24. #unigoss


Jude: Wonder woman is beautiful but she masculine in the inside

Michael: smh, Wen would u germinate sense laa?

Uleta: When u water him.

Jude: Wen bag of rice go back to 6k per bag

Uleta: Seems u gonna av a long senseless span.

Jude: LOL,

Uleta: What goes up doesn’t come down in Nigeria

Jude: That is a lie

Michael: Breast use to fall down wella in Nigeria.

Uleta: Rotf

Teejay: U pipu don’t have work o

Michael: Preeq sef dey rise and fall.

Uleta: Man utd vs Leicester, Predict the correct scores and get a month sub from me. U can only predict once.

Michael: Do u know how much my sub is? Glo 12gb

Uleta: 3k, I’m capable.

Michael: Leicester city 0 – 2 Manchester United

Uleta: Leicester city 1-3 Manchester united

Michael: Wot happens if two people gets it right? Let’s say Chris and Jude chooses the same score.

Uleta: They I’ll get 3k card each.

Michael: Which means if I win it i shld get 6k at least

Uleta: are you two people nii?

[The guys in Blunts having fun while watching football; Leicester city vs Manchester United, the community shield]..

Bose: Leicester city 1-2 Manchester utd.

Michael: that’s feels like the likely score line.

Uleta: She copied me abi

Michael: She did not, She sef Sabi.

Uleta: Its football anything can happen. All dis gals way dey play baba ijebu sef.

Bose: Hahahahaha, Anything can apen in futbal Sha.

Jude: Leicester city 1-3 Manchester utd.

Uleta: My prediction abi🙄

Michael: I just knew Jude might choose something similar with another person own. Jude is a great supporter. Wait until Katie chooses the same prediction also.
Uleta: If them like all of them should choose it. E no go pass the desired amount I intend to give out.

Uleta: Tell Chris to come and predict with Grammer.

Michael: Chris go define premiership, Man utd, Leicester city, rivalry, prediction b4 he chose scoreline.. Then he would implement the bible against betting.

Uleta: Rotf

Jude: Wen match dey start?

Uleta: 4pm

Jude: Would b going to service then.

Michael: Pray and fast, for the scoreline, inform your pastor to epp u.

Uleta: LOL, roft, Lmao, lwkmd

Jude: uleta keep doing this,

Michael: Tiff, keep wot going, my friend go and work, Uleta resemble Santa Claus.

CHRIS: I don’t like predicting football, Its probability, just like chance. Same as casting lots, lottery, luck etc. Not my area of specialty except I’m sure that Jesus told me.

Michael: LOL, Jesus inside betting? Hain! Chris. Are u a deeper life member?

CHRIS: He could tell me the answer if I ask Him. I am just a Christian. Jesus isn’t associated with betting but He is ever before all things and nothing is hid before Him. On that premise, is my position based.

Katie: ok

CHRIS: Me don’t worry myself with football. Those guys get paid millions, and wouldn’t care less if I, in my humble Africa, gets stroke because of them.

Teejay: Manchester United won, smh!

Michael: Bose wins d prediction.

Uleta: Mhiz ademi Bose is the winner.

Michael: All these sure bet expert sef.

Uleta: Mhiz ademi inbox me the number u want it on,and which network. Congrats.

Katie: LOL, I wasn’t aware of dis.
When is the next football match biko.

Michael: awoof no go kill us.

Bose: wow, So manutd won?? Busy watching jenifa dairies.

Michael: imagine, you wey you win prediction no watch match.

Teejay: LOL,

Bose: lmao

Michael: LOL, Yea dat reminds of my own bonanza tho, Be a fan of my stories with the most comment on or before Nov 13th. Surprise package dey…

CHRIS: Melodrama. Smiles.

The whole crew having fun, well we do catch as we discuss issues that matters, enjoy…………

Bose: Wanna ask dis questions, what do you fink about some culture insisting that the wife to be must be pregnant before wedding ??

CHRIS: it’s wrong, God forbids pre-marital sex which is a precursor before the getting pregnant. So, its wrong and unacceptable. And culture isn’t above God but should be subject to God.

Bose: So wat if d man u wanna marry insist nko or his family?

CHRIS: Then they’re wrong for the woman. One shouldn’t be seen to incubate immorality for some persons who are just mere mortals. That’s how one will know the family or suitor is wrong.

Bose: oh ok

CHRIS: Its even good they state their terms initially so you know who they are. It could be Gods way of showing one the signs before taking a leap. Yeah. Majority of African traditions are immersed in idolatory, folklore and myths that are contrary to God.

Michael: I am one of those pple that support pregnancy b4 marriage to avoid stories that touch after 10years.

CHRIS: Michael, your position is wrong. Transparency is key prior to marriage between the spouses and now some churches even stage an incursion into matters of fertility by investigating the couples and counselling them on how certified medically they are in that regard. Evil can never end well and can never replace the truth. A relationship is anchored on trust so pre-marital sex or pregnancy isn’t trust demonstrated but fear, mistrust and the likes. That is a wrong premise for any relationship.

Michael: These days women dat have wasted their lifes on abortion and destroy their womb will now become workers of church, innocent man like u will think u have found wife, marry her and wondering why she is not pregnant after 15years. And u would be blaming God for that?

Bose: lol

Michael: I stand by getting my babe pregnant b4 marriage, Once marry her the fornication we had earlier Don cancel.

CHRIS: Then you oppose your maker Michael. I can’t help you there. And when did any man save himself from his own sin before Michael? Sin is sin. It will never be cancelled. Pregnancy before marriage is wrong before man and God and that some cultures okay it doesn’t make it right. Truth isn’t suddenly unpopular just because the majority favour lies.

Michael: Pregnancy b4 marriage abeg, i can’t come be crying for children up and down.

CHRIS: That is why a wise man should insist on transparency in the relationship. If it is sacred to avoid transparency which is stupid in my opinion, then why is something far worse as pregnancy before marriage tolerable?

Michael: Pregnancy b4 marriage is a sin not a crime. Well if she be Virgin I would do marriage b4 pregnancy. If not, I am not taking any risk on my future.

CHRIS: It is a crime in some societies oo.

Uleta: How would u feel if a guy who claims to love ur sister insist on pregnancy by wedding???

Michael: Indifferent, I understand his perspective

Michael: You all can choose what u want, this my own opinion, and I believe it depends on the every individuals opinion.

CHRIS: Give it time. It ends well before man but does it before God?

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