#Theblunts: My mother in-law and I, pls I need advice. S01. E29. #unigoss

Happy Sunday Blunts

Please read carefully and i need your sincere advice

My problem started shortly after our wedding this year, and ever since its like I’m in a “versus” kind of relationship (I versus my wife and her family). My mother-in-law is so controlling, she knows all of our business…my wife makes sure she keeps her up to date on every little details that goes on in our lives and she is never out of our lives, not even for a week.

I think my wife is ok with it because her mother can never be wrong. She worships her either she is right or wrong, she is always visiting every weekend and sometimes stays with us for a week or two only to come back the following weekend saying she misses us. When I got married to my wife I didn’t ask for a bonus. I don’t know why we can’t be left alone, and the worse part of it is that she comes with other family members and we always have a full house, I’m an introvert and I love my privacy but with my mother in-law I will never have that. I have become sad over the past few months and it’s affecting my home because I can’t even talk to my wife anymore because she is her mother’s. …ear piece, I’m losing my sanity.
Again, my mother-in-law is coming over this weekend and I think I just need to go on a vacation alone this summer to clear my head  Please has anyone ever ever had this kind of problem before? I need help.


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