Topic of the day: Do you support house maid employment at home, state the advantages and disadvantages

Uleta: I don’t see anything wrong with it.

Michael: Uleta, if u were to have an house maid, will u choose a boy or a girl?

Uleta: Since humans are different there are bound to b good n bad people,if u get a good made good, but if u get a bad one, u r in 4 it mhen. The sex doent matter, it could be either male or female.

Teejay: The use of house maids in a home, whether irrespective of the type of home is purely a decision of the husband and wife. However, like all humans the house help could have either good or bad traits and this could severely affect her ability to render services as well as serve as the domestic fulcrum that she was employed as.

Ademi: Nofin bad in having a house help but I won’t allow a female sha ooo. If I nid one den na boy.

Uleta: Why??
U don’t trust ur husband???

Ademi: I trust him but dats my own principle

Michael: see trust issues

Ademi: Becuz I don’t lyk a female house help. Dey are not strong and reliable , don’t av strength lyk females … Lol

Uleta: What if his own principle is a girl no boi

Ademi: Den no house help, he will help me himsef

Michael: Then the couples are either having trust issues or they don’t want an outsider in their home.

Uleta: U can’t just don’t like something without a genuine reason.

Michael: Lwkmd, ademi Yaff kill me with lafter

Uleta: Its a lie, What are u scared of? Ademi blivs her husband might cheat with the maid, She’s scared.

Ademi: pls Chris come ooooo, wat phobia is dis one … “D fear of a female house help”

Uleta: See the sex of the house help doesn’t matter, what matters is u n ur spouse havin trust n understanding. It all balls down 2 trust issues

Michael: Dan there is an exception, if ur lady is always too bzy, ousemaid will take over, u need to watch the Nigerian “Mr & Mrs”

Ademi: nyc example

Jude: Abeg she said it is principle

Ademi: Temptation nko, and d devil’s work…. Hahahahha cuz dats what you hear wen d deed has been done.

Jude: I know this was the true reason, fear of temptation

Ademi: But let’s be serious I don’t I really need a house help cuz I don’t see d work dat will be too much to handle but if need be, I can cope with either of d two but they won’t be too mature esp the lady so as to think of even tempting my hubby.

Uleta: Ur hubby wouldn’t succumb to temptation if he is God fearing. All that are secondary, it all balls Down to trust. Why would my lady be 2 busy 4 me in the first place??

Jude: Would you stop that, even Jesus disciple day fall, na me? Stop that.

Uleta: Working class lady who has passion for her, can hardly tell wen u need her attention aside the basic things she naturally does for you.

Ademi: Who is perfect and who can’t fall into temptation?? Pls tell me. Will she be a full house wife? Not for yhu alone Dan , the role of a house help is many.

Uleta: Been tempted ain’t a problem, falling is. If i trust my wife,I won’t be bothered when I travel for a few days leaving her behind with a male househelp. U only begin to nurse such things wen u r not pure.

Teejay: From observation, a home that employs a house maid is indicative of two main things: the first is a noticeable shift from home building to career building by the couple and the inability of the wife to multi-task in the domestic setting. While this is a given considering the inherent advantages of a dual source of income for the family it also exposes the family to some unwanted and unregulated threats. In my opinion, there are no clear cut advantages and disadvantages with having a house help. If it is cheating you people are afraid of: the husband who has been sleeping with the maid at home could be sleeping with other women outside too

Uleta: If u perform u duties well there will be no need 4 ur hubby to cheat. And whats all that blab about carrier woman.

Teejay: For the record, it is the wifely duties that are needed to be performed.

Uleta: A woman is suppose to build her home, In the first place ,it d lazy ones that need house helps.

Teejay: N u r hiring ur house help to perform ur wifely duties.
She will perform them very well.

Uleta: Carrier woman,u won’t cook,u won’t bath the kids,u won’t even av time to b intimate with ur husband,u will employ a made,n later u will say its devil.

BENITA: Dan I beg.. camdan

Uleta: No I no go calm down, He married u n u married ur carrier n gave him a second wife in d form of a maid to perform ur wifely duties. In short no maid. I don’t wanna see any maid in my house.

Teejay: In another view, I know women that were brought up with the aid of house helps, who got married and still employed househelps. It’s all down to the amount of control the maid is given by the woman in the home.

Uleta: That’s their own generational problem, someone should change it. A woman who employs a maid in the first place has lost control of the home. What’s a womans responsibility in the first place????

Teejay: In your opinion… Not in others. Personally, unless I and my wife are having loads of kids (we won’t). I see no reason why there is should be a house maid in the house. In retrospect, the husband tends to leave most of the house chores to the wife. He should at least help her out occasionally (not everytime but occasionally)

Uleta: A wise woman builds her home a foolish one tears it down herself. If ur wife doesn’t cook 4 u anymore or takecare of ur kids all in the name of career,why did u marry her in the first place? We would b better husbands.

Teejay: That’s what the last generation said.

Uleta: LOL, We would make it better.

Teejay: I hope you are learning, Cause you need 100 million married males in this generation to make a semblance of a difference.

Uleta: No, I just need one, myself.

Michael: Funny enough the topic requested for advantages and disadvantages

Uleta: My broda there’s no advantage, It only brings about separation in d family

BENITA: It’s a decision. Dan you feel it brings separation. But in other people’s opinion it saves marriage. You know, My aunt has 3female house helps Who are not above 20, She gave birth to twins twice Boys and Girls Making four.
Her husband is never at home,
Me? I runaway, Her husbands relatives are in the America, Please what other choice can you give this woman?

Uleta: Hmmmm, I understand ur context, She’s not a career woman,she just needs assistance, She need someone to assist her with her kids, Not take care of her husband n cook 4 her.

Michael: This scenario is a set stage of child porn more like incense, u need to check on the both the children and maid once in a while.

Uleta: Tell her

Michael: One of the disadvantages.

BENITA: She’s a career woman pls.

Uleta: Buh does she know d maids. Her kids,their safety,initiation n d rest. Hmmm.

: Maid & children be playing “daddy & mummy”

BENITA: And what I am trying to say in essence is not everyone sees the help of a house maid as something bad or an act of inviting demon into your house for destruction. I live on the positive side but once in a while I need to shock myself with some negative thinking which is ” househelps are not all that bad” I am career woman I have time for my family I sex my man good, I cook good. I slay a hundred percent.

Michael: Hmm, this is a very simple-complex situation.

Jude: House maid or no house maid, any marriage that has no good projection to succeeding itself, would break, the advantage of a house maid is to provide helping hand to the chores in the home, it depend on how you want it, they can do their work and zoom off after their duties, I must not accommodate them as a family,
Disadvantages are numerous, and it mostly happen wen the house made stays as a family, and she Is this wazup type, she can exhibit a bad intension, every lady knows their seduction point a man would always fall for, that doesn’t mean he was not faithful, that was Satan at work! But due to his less ability to control the motion, d did was done,.
As we all know, everything has it good and bad side, so percussion should b taken into consideration,
Personally I don’t think my wife and I would b needing non, because I don’t find it any big deal helping her cook wen she is tired to do that, we are all humans and we should learn to understand limitations, capabilities and weakness

BENITA: If he wants to lust over our house help that’s hus problem. Please let’s not take this far. If you think you’re not capable of having one around its cool. I’m done.

Jude: It as simple as that, no mandatory you have one wen you know you won’t be comfortable with it, if men don’t want house maid and they rightfully know how their wife schedule are, they can always give a helping hand, it just so unfortunate Africans/Nigerian are so enslave by the so called tradition, were they think the woman has the work at home all by her self.