“Good evening. It’s your girl, sexy Foe, and you are listening to traffic info on 77.7 Blunt FM. It’s been a bright Friday for me. I don’t know how it’s been for you. Call us on 07017***079. Tell me how your day has been and give me the present traffic report in your area…. ”

The voice of the lady projecting out of the radio seemed to be entertaining most of the passengers on the bus, until she said there was a serious traffic jam at Beggar (a place located along Ketu, Lagos Nigeria) Which brought about an excited chatter among the passengers….
Well, our main character had been doing a great job managing her life, even though she had not successfully found another occupation that would sway her from her bank job. Lagos Island to Ikorodu was not an amusing ,journey, especially when there was traffic jam. But thank God for BRT, one can simply get on a bus from TBS [Tafawa Balewa Square] to Ikorodu garage. And more to the luxury, steal some sweet sleep inside the chilled air-conditioned bus. Today was different though. After waiting for hours at TBS for a BRT that wouldn’t come, she decided to board a yellow bus, best known as “Danfo”, accompanied by one of her colleague, Dayo. The bus was going to Ketu-Mile 12. Her plan was to get down at Ketu and then get on a BRT going to Ikorodu.
That’s how she found herself on the same bus with Dayo. They were wondering why there was no BRT at TBS until they heard there was a hold up via the radio. This brought about a heated discussion. Until the bus reached Anthony [a popular bustop], their journey had been smooth. Now, traffic was moving slowly. Our dear character did not notice the slow procession of the vehicles. She was busy enjoying Dayo’s company. She just kept laughing at his jokes and mentally decided he was really making her evening. She always knew Dayo fancied her, but then she wouldn’t “do office parole”. Plus, office rules against inter-colleauge intimate relationships. She secretly thought Dayo was really cool. After her last BRT experience 6months ago, she had been a good girl and minded her business. Although, somewhere deep in her mind, she still hoped to see the bus driver of that last escapade. She sort of missed him and couldn’t prevent the feeling from resurfacing once in a while. She simply couldn’t help it.
Dayo was busy acting silly for the sake of his female entertainee’s humour. It seemed like they were the only ones enjoying the traffic. Everyone else on the bus was playing active roles complaining and grumbling, some blaming LASMA and traffic wardens for their incompetence, some propounding the incredible idea that Maryland was cursed by a witch, which explained the everlasting hold up that happened there. Some more grumpy passengers saw it fit to put all the blame on the driver, and accused him of sluggishness and repeatedly commented that he wasn’t a “sharp guy”. “It’s not that the driver is slow ooo, it’s because they expect him to drive rough and get us out of this traffic jam, that’s why they are shouting at him,” she told Dayo in the driver’s defense. “But you know in Lagos, a driver needs to be smart and fast, if not, we fit spend three days for go slow.” “No ooo, you for talk a month, yeye,” Dayo answered. She simply giggled as reply. After what seemed like hours, the stress of the day began taking its toll on Dayo. He decided to rest his head on the back of the seat in front of him, to take a little nap. Most of the people on the bus were already dozing off. but his companion would not let him be. “You know it’s not good to sleep on the bus. You should be awake in case of necessity,” she said to him. “Ehn ehn! I did not know. I won’t sleep on the bus again, after this one” he laughed as he replied her. “You are not serious ooo” she giggled at his playful response. Dayo kept trying to rest but she wouldn’t allow it. She kept disturbing him playfully. “I won’t allow you sleep ooo, till we get to Ketu bustop” she said to him, explaining the disturbance. Dayo tried to wade her off but to no avail, she was persistent like a stubborn fly, he thought with an amused smile. “Driver!!!!” one of the passenger called, he asked if he could get down. “you fit commot” the driver replied. The moment the driver said that, it was as if a prison warden just gave permission to all the prisoners to escape. Half of the bus poured out in less than a minute. The escapers trekking to the nearest bustop. Dayo and his companion were indecisive, wondering to each other if it would be wise to get down or not. They had been at a stand still for two hours. Those left in the bus were already fast asleep and they were the only two seated at the back seat. They also refused to sleep, thanks to her. She wouldn’t allow herself to sleep and she wouldn’t allow Dayo either. She upgraded her mischief from hitting Dayo on his back with her palm to pinching him on his chest. Dayo was really tired, but he could not complain. This was the first time he had ever seen her playful. She was always serious at work, he thought. He decided to allow her have her fun, her pinches were painful though. “Your pinches are painful. If I pinched you the same way you are pinching me in the exact place you are pinching me, you would scream ooo” he teased her. “You will do what? You say? I double Dare you, I Triple dare you sef, the kind slap wey I go give you, ehn! Our oga will feel it wherever he is,” she jokingly replied with a laugh. “It’s okay, no wahala, you wan to turn to bully abi. Pinch me one more time and see if I won’t pinch you back” Dayo said. They continued teasing each. Dayo was really tired and in need of a nap. Time was flying by and the traffic was still at stand still. Left to him, he would have gotten down and trekked ahead, at least to the nearest bustop. But he did not want to leave his colleague by herself. It was getting really late and that would be too risky for her. He placed his forehead on both of his arms as he rested them on the back of the seat in front of him. She noticed his tiredness , but she did not want him to sleep. She decided to pinch his nipple but there was no resistance from Dayo. He was more concerned about his sleep. She pinched him harder and the response she got made her freeze. 









It was like her heart skipped three beats at a time as Dayo retaliated, exactly on the same spot she had pinched him earlier, only that this time, it was done to her own body. Dayo’s head was still facing downwards, desperately wanting his sleep. The left hand he used for revenge had fallen on her thighs. With a quick movement, she used the back of her right hand to hit him hard in the chest. “You bad boy!” She hit him hard once again but this time, down below. She was targetting his third leg but she wasn’t sure where exactly it was. Dayo jumped up with a start as she somehow managed to hit his balls hard. “Aaah! Woo! You will we marry me by fire, by force if my balls break, you wan kill me nii?!” Dayo gave her a mock mean look as he tried to protect his balls, “that’s quite painful, you know that right?” “I’m sorry, Na you first find my trouble na”. Dayo gave her a look of disbelief but then again, his face filled with shock and he was in a nippy state of embarrassment. He felt her hand lightly touch his thigh. She first placed it towards his knee but then slickly slid it up to his groin [trying to appease him for the pain she caused]. He didn’t move. He wasn’t sure what exactly she was up to. He was trying hard to make out the figure of her hand in the darkness when she suddenly tugged his untucked shirt aside and began pulling on his zipper! Dayo went dumbstruck! He was simply stunned by her sheer boldness! And her obvious fearlessness! He considered the fact that she was one babe everybody had their eye on at their work place.
“Was she going to do whatever it is was going to be right here on the bus?” His head felt light with utter disbelief. As one thought began to lead him to grabbing her hand and indicating her to stop, he was further dealt a more effective blow when he felt a cold moist sensation engulf his now stiff rod! She was giving him a blowjob already! He was stuck for the second time! As though with a thought of its own, his right hand quickly travelled to one of her thighs, only to be further shocked in the realization that she had pulled down her skirt to her knees. She was now on only her panties! How she had done that without him noticing it, was beyond him. He caressed and felt her soft skin all over, taking the time to rub the insides of her luscious thighs! She moaned lightly on his thick prick, sending a sizzling sensation to his brain! He responded by probing further into her snatch, finding out that she was collecting a pool of juices down there. She encouraged him by spreading her thighs even further apart, giving him room to fiddle with her womanhood! He massaged the moist fanny, rubbing it, through the silky material of her panty! She gasped and rubbed his own thighs in reward. She was breathing fast and he could feel the hot air coming out of her nostrils, maneuvering their way around his groin. He went for her hair and began to feel it up as she sucked away. If not for the sleeping passengers, he was certain they would have been caught by now, given the loud squishy sounds coming from her soggy duck-sucking! She was blowing him away literally. He stretched his hand further and succeeded in inserting a finger into her, to which she quickly responded by clamping both her thighs into his arm! She raised her head and kissed him deeply. Her left hand found his wrist and held it there as though she never wanted his fingers to leave her warm dripping cunt. They began a rhythm, for what seemed like a quarter of an hour, they were exchanging sexual signals! She was wanking his preeq while he was fingering her gooey hole! The sensation was simply unbeatable. She was such a perfect wanker that on several occasions, he had to hold her hand to a halt to stop his pulsating preeq from spurting his seed all over so soon. He was also doing his best to get her on the edge and was rightly encouraged by her several attempts to meet with his rhythm by clamping onto his fist with her thighs and hand now and again. They were just meant for each other at that point. In his mind, he was still so shocked, he was almost convinced he was dreaming. she placed her palms on the side of his head, leaned forward and kissed him. Her lips were soft and slightly wet. On reflex, Dayo wrapped his arms around her, responding to her kiss. She settled on his legs and wiggled around on his laps at that moment. He ran his hands down her back and over her firm ass with slow, deliberate movements that satisfied him with a bit more wiggling and a soft moan. That moan was the sexiest thing he had ever heard. He slipped his hands under her now loose t-shirt and encountered silk-soft skin, he cupped her ass and squeezed. He got rewarded with an even louder moan. They were now completely oblivious to the reality of their environment. He rubbed her naked ass and the thought of having her seated on his lap in a half worn skirt made his preeq expand even more. His hands lustfully spread over her lower back and teased her skin with feather-light sensations, her breathing became rugged. He felt her hand slip in between their bodies and touch his hard preeq. “We don’t have much time; Dayo we would soon get down”.
She completely released his 8” inch stiff cock from the fly of his trousers, pulling them with the boxers down to his knees, got off his legs and had his stick in her mouth in an instant. He watched with mounting desire as her lips stretched around his throbbing preeq. Her mouth started a rhythmic up and down motion, sucking hard as she took in half of her prize. He could feel himself press up against the back or her mouth. After a few up and down movements, she deep throated him. He almost came right there as he felt her throat contract around him and held on to the head of the seat for control, wondering how much longer he could hold it back as pleasure swallowed him whole when she swallowed his manhood deeper. He ran his hand over her hair, mouth slack with pure, reckless desire. He almost jumped when she sat up. He started to feel devastated that maybe this wonderful dream was over. But then, she bended over his lap. Slowly easing his cock into her mouth, she started to suck again. His head reeled with passion. This was not the most sensual method, but she was giving him a sucking that felt so awesome he could hardly breathe. He pulled her t-shirt up a little bit as he placed his hands over her full, firm breasts. Her nipples poked him in the palms as though they were speaking their own language of the madness of her sexual hunger. He gently squeezed her breasts in response, that rewarded him with a sensual soft moan that made him feel so good. He waited until she deep throated him again. When she had him all the way down her throat he gently pinched her rock-hard nipples. She let out a long moan and that simply pushed him over the edge.“I’m going to…” he started to say. She moaned again and his prick convulsed, sending a flood of cum down her throat. She calmly kept sucking and swallowing as each convulsion sent a wave of cum down her throat. He felt completely high as he leaned back in the chair, groaning loudly as his balls emptied their juices inside her mouth. He couldn’t remember the last time he came so hard, but he could tell why, after having that little mouth sucking away on him, his refusal to masturbate for the next few months preceded that day. After his deflating cock dropped from her mouth she looked up questioningly at him. He pulled her closer and kissed her, tasting himself on her lips.
“That was awesome”
She simply smiled, pulled down her t-shirt, and wore her clothes properly. Dayo, on the other hand quickly straightened himself out. A few moments later, the driver shouted, “we don reach Ojota ooo, if una wan get down, make una get down ooo, no more stopping”.
Only eight people were left in bus who, all through their little adventure, were fast asleep. She and Dayo were the only ones who got off the bus. Dayo saw her off to Ketu which was not far from Ojota and it was not until she had boarded the BRT bus going to Ikorodu that Dayo himself decided to trek to his house, which was less than an hour’s journey….

The End. 



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