A suspected human-trafficker yesterday, successfully kidnapped a teenage girl at Ajao Estate in Lagos, luck however ran out for her when the abducted teenage was sighted by her uncle. The uncle raised alarm and woman was beaten, stripped naked and paraded around.  Ogechi Vincent Udeh, a Facebook user narrated how it happened and how she nabbed. 

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Wonders shall never end oooo my people please we all need to be careful ooo, don’t send your young ones out unaccompanied because this kinds are everywhere now. This story I’m about to share happened in my area. Okeafa that canoe new road that leads to ajao estate and many other places. Most of us should be conversant with the road on the pictures below. The pictures below are that of a woman kidnapper who hypnotized a teenage girl from ajao estate taking her to God knows where.

She took this girl from ajao estate all in the name of looking for a warehouse, the innocent girl has been hypnotized and working under her instructions, so she followed her from ajao estate when they get to canoe my street to be precise her co worker appeared (two guys) asking them what they were looking for. This woman said she doesn’t understand English that she is from Togo and speaks and understands French only, so the other guy interpreted telling the girl that she said she is looking for a warehouse.

The other guy now said that there is one at ejigbo that they should take marwa from there, as they were waiting for marwa the innocent girl sighted her uncle’s car passing by and her uncle also saw her standing with this stranger, so he stopped, before the uncle could park, this woman ran into my street and hide behind some cars parked there meanwhile the girl told her uncle that the lady and her a were looking for a warehouse. Her uncle then asked about the stranger she was with? The gurl turned back and did not see the woman again.

Later on the woman in her hide out saw that the man went back to his car, she then came out of her hiding place dragging the girl that dey should be going, that she should forget about her uncle, not knowing that the uncle was secretly watching, he then came out and rushed to where the lady and his neice were, immediately this very woman that claimed to be from Togo and doesn’t understand English or any other language started speaking Igbo.

Telling the guy that she doesn’t know the girl from adam. After several denials, the noise attracted people on the street and she was eventually beaten and was asked her about her intentions with the girl. She then confessed that after collecting money from the parents, that they havs people they supply with human parts and that they will sell the girl to them for rituals. If not for police intervention. She would have been history by now because they wanted to burn her down to ashes. May God help us all, because no one is save.