“I m a dead man if I go back to Nigeria, but this isn’t about me, it’s about my daughter. I want her to have a chance of a better life,”
he said in an interview with Iceland Monitor. 32-year-old Iserian lives in Iceland with his wife, Joy Lucky and their eight year old daughter Mary. They have been subjected to violence, poverty and threats, and Joy Lucky
was a victim of S3xual slavery while
pregnant with Mary.

The news of the the rejection of their
application has met with some furor in
Iceland and a petition is now online for them to be able to stay in the country.
Speaking to mbl.is, Joy describes being
approached by a vicar at her local church back in Nigeria who promised to get her a job as a nanny in Europe. Once she accepted the offer, which she had good faith in, she was taken to a building where her hair, and
her pubic hair, was cut off and her body washed according to black magic rituals to scare her into compliance. She was transported to Libya where she met Sunday and fell in love. Once they fled across the Mediterranean to Italy the couple lost track of each other and Joy discovered that she was pregnant. She only found Sunday again three years later.
Upon arrival in Italy, Joy was transported to a building in Naples where she was told that she was not going to work as a nanny, but as a Pr0stitute. She was told she owed 50
thousand Euros for her transport to Italy and had to repay that debt by selling her body on the streets of Naples.
When the men who held her captive realised that she was pregnant they tried to force her to have an abortion. She refused, and was stabbed through her hand with a knife.
(She shows the knife wound to the
journalist of mbl.is)
“After that I decided to try to escape,” says Joy.
After four months of being forced to work as a Pr0stitute she fled and received help from an Italian charity aiding victims of human trafficking. She was urged to report to the police and was helped to a local hospital where she gave birth to Mary.
“After I fled I started to receive threats. I was told if I didn’t repay my debt they would kill me and my family.” Joy says that these
people attacked her mother and sister. Her mother died in the attack and her sister lost her eyesight.
Sunday, on the other hand fled to Italy for other reasons. He says that he was a victim of political persecution and was afraid for
his life. He worked as a driver for the leader of the PDP democratic party, who wasmurdered when Sunday was driving.
“They shot him to death and then burned
the car. I escaped to a nearby farm and then hid with my uncle.”
Following this incident the Nigerian
government put out a warrant for Sunday’s
arrest as he was suspected of killing the man. Sunday shows the journalist a story from the Sunday Observer where he’s wanted by police following the murder.
After spending a few days at his uncle’s house, members of the Boko Haram