Title: Half of a Biro Cover || Written by Aooms

Not every guy that is handsome is handsome to the depth.
Not every guy that is faithful is faithful because he chooses to.
Not every guy that is practicing celibacy is doing it for biblical purposes…
So, there is close friend of mine that has being in a relationship with her bf for about 3years.
This girl was wild, all shades of wild and while I would add that she wasn’t a prostitute, she never hid her nature as she loved clubbing and doing crazy stuffs as well, but ever since she met this guy she has been trying to change.
One glaring example was the fact that she had always wanted to have sex with her bf ever since she met him. Unfortunately, she wasn’t able to as he told her he was born again and he was not planning to have sex till marriage.


She tried all her best in the first year of the relationship to seduce him but all was in vain.
Being a wild girl, the only thing she felt she could offer to her bf who spends lavishly for her was sex. Sadly, sex was mission impossible, it was then she decided to change from her wild ways to house wife material, at least has a token of appreciation to her bf.

She also put her boyfriend through numerous tests, just to see if he was cheating on her but no, this bf was squeaky clean, almost like an angel.
Omo, my friend became closer to bible, thanking God for the angel she has as a bf.
One a particular fateful day, one of her good friends from secondary school invited her to a reunion of old school mates. I must add that then in school she was the hottest babe and she was still growing, now she is complete grown and very sexy, she knew going to the reunion will tempt her to go wild and all guys might want to disturb her, so she pleaded to her boyfriend that they should go together, so at least his presence could serve as a caution for her from time to time…….
The night of the Reunion, they both went and as planned the boyfriend stood at one corner watching, while she silently cautioned herself not to misbehave and act as civilly as possibly allowed in a reunion. But as the party wore on, drinks were being supplied in large amounts and in the midst of this, she was awarded the title “sexy Queen of decade” and was invited to take multiple shots of highly intoxicating cocktails.
Shortly after downing a couple of shots due to the cheers from her classmates, she began to feel funny, horny and dizzy, the only thing she could manage to do was rush to her boyfriend where he was standing and whisper to him that they should go.
While on the road she couldn’t help it as she was damn horny,
According to her, she could tell she had being drugged and at that moment the only thing in her mind was “sex”
It was like she was going to die If she did not have sex at that very moment.
She was not herself, she explained to her boyfriend what she felt was wrong with her and begged for sex. After a period of incessant and intense begging from her, he agreed to have sex but told her to take a drink to calm down first.
She took it and she blanked out.
On waking up she felt better, albeit a bit horny. On checking herself she was still intact and looking around she saw her boyfriend sleeping soundly.
Then she confronted him, asking why he decided not to have sex, when it was a matter of life and death.
Her bf was trying to play it cool, but she got really pissed and ordered that he stripped off his clothes. Nagging went on for while before her bf yielded and began to strip, with she also stripping off just encourage him.
And when his clothes were off……….
Her lustful gaze devoured his entire body. The guy was sexy to the core, as in he could make a lady wet just by his body structure but the something was missing, my friend could only see a small cap where she was expecting to see something big.
OK, she felt maybe it’s because he has no erection that’s why it’s like that, she did not allow her bf say a word, she told him to just keep quiet as she performed all her shades of hoeness on him, still the erection was not longer than half of a “bic” biro cover.
There was silence in the room, as both her and her bf could not say a word, they were just looking at each other till she left….

It was after she narrated this story, she asked me if dick size really mattered and how she is supposed to cope or what should be her next step?




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