This is short funny story written by Adonisgold…. Iyare braked abruptly and the bike almost went into a spin. The passengers had not flagged him down on time. It was a lanky man with a fat lady that had huge luscious bosoms! ”Shortime hotel on Agidi street” barked the man. Obviously they had been smooching at the street corner for a while and they were highly excited. The lady smiled shyly. Iyare could see her erect Tips through her flimsy blouse. The man seemed to have a massive Attention too because his hand was firmly thrust in his pocket. Probably holding down his angry rod. Iyare nodded slowly,

READ ALSO: 9JA STORY- 9ja Story: My Boyfriend’s Dad (Part 1) ”I know the place” he replied with a lecherous grin. ”The two of you?” The man raised his eyes to the heavens in exasperation before replying , ”Yes. The two of us. How much?” ”Oga it 500 naira o. The place is far and police plenty for road.” ”What! Thats too much! I will pay 300. ” Iyare mo0tione4d for them to mount. The lady mounted first squashing her bosoms against his back and his preeq leapt to life. ”Okada rider shift forward” snarled the man. Iyare shifted like a quater of an inch forward. The soft breast was sooo heavenly. ”Shift well now”. The man said again Iyare could have still shifted forward a few inches but he was not going to do anything so silly. The lady obviously had no quualms about sqaushing her boobs against his broad back. ”Oga you for enter another bike o” Iyare replied. That shut the man up and he mounted the bike without another word. Iyare revved the bike repeatedly and suddenly engaged gear one . The powerful bike leapt forward and the lady grabbed his waist to maintain her balance . ”Easy you madman!”” Screamed the man holding on to the carrrier with all his might. Iyare slammed on the brakes a couple of times and the lady was thrown against his back. It was wonderful. But by now the man was screaming, ”Drop us this minute! Stop!” Roared the man. Iyare realized that he had pushed his luck a bit too far this time. He immedately started riding perfectly and said, ” Oga calm down. No problem . My plugs block, that is why I have to fire the bike, it is ok. now. No more wahala Sorry sir”. The man hissed and whispered into the lady’s ear, ”Baby hope you are fine? She giggled and said , ”yes”. But at that point her hand was handling Iyare’s erect preeq and he was having a hard time concentrating on the road, and it was getting dark. She masssaged his erect preeq through the fabric while the man was whispering sweet nothings into her ear. Then suddenly she unzipped his trousers and Iyare’;s trapped preeq leapt out and she squeezed it. Iyare gasped and the bike leapt forward, Then just ahead a police roadblock appeared! They were wild looking Mopols, just then the man gasped, ”Chei! I carry igbo!” ”Igbo!?!” Gasped Iyare and his Joystick went limp instantly. ”Yes o,” the man whispered urgently, ”I forget , I just remember. I beg help me!”. They were still some metres from the roadblock but one of them was already waving them to a frantic stop. Iyare slowed down, went to the extreme right as if he was parking , then he sped off past the bemused mopol. He opened the throttle to the fullest and his faithful okada answered with a lion like roar and they leapt past the cursing cops. One of the cops cocked his gun and shouted , ”Stop or I shoot!” But by now they were past and zooming off, Iyare turned spat into the wind and laughed with a shout, ”SHOOOOT!” READ ALSO: 9JA STORY- Jude and Judith [Part 1] They sped off into the night with Iyare laughing maniacally . The man heaved a sigh of relief. ”Thank you o. Okada man! I just forget say Imade give me small indian hemp this evening! Ahhh! Okada man you too much!” All the while the lady was expressing her gratitude in a different manner. Her hand had grabbed his preeq again , it immediately sprang into life, it was already dark by now so she was much bolder. His fly was still open and his preeq still hanging out. She stroked it faster and faster, Iyare squirmed in his seat, by now the bike was weaving and he struggled to maintain balance and then he ejacu’lated into the driving wind! The bike roared as if it was in ecstasy too, the vibration from the engines rattled his balls and heightened the pleasure! By now the bike was hurtling down the road like a speeding arrow. After expelling, Iyare suddenly realized that they were speeding towards certain death, with super human effort he managed to decrease the speed althrough the man behind had been shouting something unintelligible in the driving wind. After slowing down he could hear the man shouting, ”Jesus! Holyghost! Mother mary!” When Iyare finally regained control of the bike,he laughed at the man and sneered ”ha,Oga you wey dey go short time hotel still know Jesus and mother mary?” ”Please please okada man! I beg you, go small small” the man replied panting heavily, ”I have a wife and four children at home!” The lady hissed loudly and spat out,”So na me good to die for okada, Useless man!” The man instantly realized his mistake and tried to pacify her,”Oh,no no, my sunshine. I’ll buy you isiewu special order” But by now she was raging mad. ”Drop me!”she snarled at Iyare, ”let him go Bleep his wife!” Iyare slowed down and pulled over at the side of the road.It had been such an interesting evening and suddenly it seemed things were getting even better. Perhaps he would not sleep alone tonight. He watched them as they argued,pretending to be unconcerned but inwardly he was praying they should part ways. Finally the man sighed and said,”Ok. Let me drop here.Okada man go drop her” Iyare grinned in the dark, The man dismounted,gave him a five hundred naira note and waved the change away impatiently. ”Take her to pole street off sapele road” She did not reply his parting remark. Iyare kicked his bike and roared into the night with the lady clinging to his waist like they were long parted lovers.The man stood there looking forlorn,dejected and broken. When Iyare was sure they had left the man far behind,he slowed down to a crawl.There was obviously no point rushing.She nuzzled his back and whispered into his ears,”your place or mine?” ”Mine,”croaked Iyare.He accelerated again.Now he had a massive hard on.she felt it and started tugging at his throbbing Preeq, by now they were riding past a deserted mechanic workshop. ”Stop here! stop!”she whispered urgently. Iyare screeched to a sudden standstill.They dismounted and rushed behind an old abandoned bus. She bent over, lifted her skirt and underneath she was stark Unclad! Iyare didnot have to unzip. He rammed into her from behind and she moaned throatily.With one hand he grabbed her breast and with the other massaged her clit urgently. Her whole buttocks vibrated like a brand new fully charged nokia phone and together they climaxed. As he came he suddenly saw the words written behind the bus: ”Enjoy your Life when you are young.” ”Shey you will come and drop me now and know my place?” She purred, Iyare nodded with a satisfied smirk and they both entered the bike and he rode off. He had to go through another road to avoid the Mopol check point. They finally arrived at her house some minutes after, Nepa had struck as usual and everywhere was in pitch darkness. ”My room is just behind,”she whispered, ”hope i’ll see you tomorrow” In response iyare grabbed her and kissed her passionately,she moaned in pleasure and Iyare felt his preeq twinge again. He was just wondering if it was wise or otherwise to spend the night in her house, when suddenly out of the dark the tall figure of the man materialized! ”Itohan!”the man gasped,”even with a bike man!? I came here straight and have been waiting since!” His voice was trembling in anger and he gave her a thunderous slap.She screamed in pain. Iyare decided it was time to hit the road, he kicked his bike and the man ran towards him wielding a big stick and shouting, READ ALSO: 9JA STORY- Seducing Judith ”You wait for me,wait for me foolish man!” Iyare kicked the bike into gear, revved it to the highest until the bike was screaming for mercy and he let go of the clutch, and screeched off into the night laughing wildly. He turned when he had gained some distance and shouted over his shoulder, ”kai ! her toto sweet nor be small!”

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