Title: Tales by maami || Written by Aooms

Episode 01: Complex Decision

Hi, my name is Tayo, I am just 7years old, I stay with my grandma, don’t really know much about my parents since all they do is travel but that’s not the issue at hand for some reasons i don’t understand why every sort/kind of stranger comes to visit my granny, they call her maami (grandma), they come to lodge complains to her as if she is an ifa priest. Maami has a small room she calls her library, yes the room has a library setting, two book shelves, a table, 4 chairs arranged around the table, one on one side and 3 on the other side, there is also a very large center rug with 4pillows on in it. that’s where maami attends to her strangers, basically that’s what maami does all day unless she has no visitors. Things have been like this for as long as I can remember but now that I am a little bit older I seem to understand some of the things they do discuss but there is one problem, MY SISTER! she can be very nice but strict at times but when it comes to me eavesdropping on maami and her visitors, my sister becomes a jerk! I having gotten series of beating because of that basically because maami has told her she doesn’t want any of us close by when she is with her visitors. That been said I have made it a point of duty to always eaves drop on maami, the things I hear her visitors say are sometimes funny, confusing, complicated, horrifying and mostly annoying to me. Ok today’s visitor is a very young handsome looking man; he doesn’t look all that happy though before I continue let me tell you something, maami is fund of asking her guest to choose where would be more comfortable for them to sit wen narrating their problems pointing towards either the chairs at the table side or the center rug or the long couch. The man chose the chair at the table side and so the gist started. Coast is clear my sister has gone out to play with her friends.

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(Me paying serious attention to the story) …………………………….


After two hours


Maami: Tayo!

Me: Ma!


Maami: leave that place, I did not ask you to sit beside the door and go and call your sister for me.


Me: ok ma



See sometimes maami can tell when I eavesdrop on her especially if I choose to stay by the entrance of the closed door of I library, the gist is clearer when I stay there than when I choose to go to the back of the house to peep from the window. So let me gist you what I have heard so far as I’m searching for my sister.



Olu Na undergraduate, a first class undergraduate, and we all know how Unilag babes can be once you are a first class student, they drool all over the person but Olu being a very disciplined person was able to wade of most of his female classmates, until he met Sade. Sade was not his classmate; she was a fresh graduate who had just had a terrible first semester result. She being a very social person it wasn’t very hard for her to get want she wants, she got to know Olu was cool headed guy and made up her mind he was the one that would make her grades better.

She eventually approached Olu, and told him about her predicament, Olu has a humble guy agreed to help her out. So they organized days to meet and have tutorials together, this went on for a while then the Sade started all sort of tricks to seduce him but all was in vain, after a while she gave up or so we tort. After a while again she started acting up but this time in more sophisticated way so to say, anytime she coming for to tutorials she would prepare food for him, also buy drinks, they eat and chat with time they got close, after a while she requested to stay with him at his place, she gave a reasonable excuse that she was a squatter and the securities usually give her problems. Olu did not mind he accepted with a church mind. They started living together, she turned herself to complete house wife doing all the necessary thing a normal wife would do, since she moved in with Olu she did not really disturb Olu with tutorials again, she was just after taking care of Olu. Olu on the other hand accepted her kind gestures, he felt she was only trying to show appreciation in her own way even though he expected her to at least talk about her tutorials since that was the main reason she was with him in the first place but she did not. Olu just locked up and faced his studies. Olu might have being the gentlest nigga on earth but when there is an opportunity Olu will never slack, in this case shade had presented too many opportunities for him to strafe her but he has been avoiding her but he couldn’t hold on for long, he tort to himself he had nothing to lose since he has only one semester left to become a graduate, that’s was how they became knack mates. To Olu it was just a normal flinging parole, he made it clear to shade he was not interested in any relationship way before she moved in with him.


Things went so smoothly, knackies was on point as shade made sure she satisfied him in every way possible, she also took care of him with her money, as time moved Olu became a graduate. With time he started preparing for NYSC, to his greatest surprise he posted to Lagos without him working it, it was very surprising because all his life he has spent in Lagos, that is the last place he expected to be posted to, as if that was not enough his PPA was a big accounting firm. All this while Sade was still living with him and also still acting her good house wife role. As God may have it after Olu was trough with his NYSC, he was recommended to work in a company in Canada.  Olu was happy about the news and he informed Sade about the good news,  immediately she heard the news she started crying, he felt she was going to miss him a lot,  he tried petting her and told her she should not cry all would be well, Sade then asked him what was going to happen about their relationship, with a surprise expression written all over Olu’s face, he had to ask her what relationship, that they were never in a relationship, yes he knows they had fun and she did well being a good friend but he never for once considered it a relationship. This caused little fight between them but Olu did not send, in few days’ time he was out of the country leaving Sade behind to continue with her studies.


In Canada, Olu was doing well at work, he soon. Got promotion and he was earning enough money, along the line he a beautiful lady around his residence who also happen to be Nigerian, sooner than later they clicked, got closer and started dating, after like two years of dating they decided to finalize their relationship by getting married, they travelled back to Nigeria to introduce themselves to each other’s family. The introduction went smoothly… They agreed their wedding would be in two months’ times.


On a very happy day  for Olu, he went out to do some chopping at ShopRite when he accidentally stumbled upon Sade, they greeted each other’s and chatted for a while, Sade used that opportunity to ask for his plans now he back, to her utmost surprise Olu told her he was only in Nigeria for his wedding, Sade was a bit pissed but she did not let it show, so she requested for his address so she can at least pay him a visit and also attend his wedding and maybe if opportune she could be a bridal maid.  Olu was happy she was over him, he gave her his address and contact and they went their different ways.


A month to the wedding on a rainy night, while Olu and Folake (his wife to be) where busy playing and chatting , there a loud bang on their door , and when Olu went to check what was that, he was confronted by 6 armed thieves, they ransacked the whole house like they were looking for something in specific until they found his wife in his room, they dragged Olu from his sitting room to his bedroom, they called him thief , they said they said they were there to teach him a lesson for being a thief , Olu did not understand what they meant , he tried to asking for what he has done , but they just kept calling him thief and an unfortunate ingrate. Olu begged and begged, he offered to give them anything they wanted but all was in vain as they kept beating Olu and then they eventually took turns with his wife as they forced him to watch….

When they were through with his wife they left….


The Next day Olu took Folake to the clinic then later left for the police station to lay his complains, the D.P.O (deputy police officer) asked him if he had a fight with any one, in which he said no, he was also asked if he had discussed anything about his weeding or the address of his house to anyone. He went home pondering who he must have told, after few days of trying so hard on remembering who he told, he decided to go a restaurant to at least relax his brain a little, maybe that will help. It was at the restaurant he came across Sade again, so they exchanged pleasantries and Olu narrated his ordeal to her, she laughed for long, Olu was bit confused, he wasn’t sure why she was laughing or what was amusing her.

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“See you, Na only rape them rape your wife, you better thank God they did not kill her join, you wey I EPP runs your NYSC, I took care of you with my money, you ran away to abroad came back with another woman, see Na me report you to my sugar daddy ‘Mr Owonikoko’, I narrated our story to him, he was angry with you for maltreating me. He was the one who sent his boys to deal with you, next time you won’t steal from me, this is just the tip of the iceberg, you never see anything” she said, she stood up and left Olu in shock at the restaurant.


Olu was so angry but was more shocked as Mr Owonikoko is Sade’s father. Mr Owonikoko does not actually know where Olu resides, he was not aware the person he sent his thugs to deal with was his only daughter’s husband to be. while Olu was in a confused state, he received a call from his doctor telling him his wife his 2weeks pregnant. Exactly two weeks from the rape incident…


Right now Olu doesn’t know what to do.


He wondering whether he should report to the police or he should tell

Mr Owonikoko he is the one responsible for his daughter’s predicament?


Please do you have any advice for him?


Should he go ahead with the wedding?


Should he report to the police?


Should he tell his fiancé her father was responsible for her predicament?


Next Chapter awaits – Episode 02

Written by Aooms.