Title: LOVE AND POLITICS || Written by Aooms


Caroline and Patrick (better known as Caro and Pato by friends and family members) are a couple who have been married for 8 years. Since they were able to make quick visits outside the country, they were considered rich but in truth they were only above average financially.

Caro is wealthy cloth trader with philanthropic tendencies. She tries as much as she can to help those in need this is due to the fact she is an orphan and knows life is not easy.

Caro had a friend, Stella, which she confided in that she wishes she could do more of giving back to the community.

Stella adviced her to try politics.

Caro told her husband about the idea, which he loved and soon he joined a political party and started his campaign for a political placement in the government.

Amidst all his struggle to win his election, a friend advised that he had to fortify himself well when it comes to the issue of politics unless he is ready to die early.

Pato told his wife what he had heard from his friend and after an hour of deliberation, they agreed to seek an herbalist for spiritual fortification.

On getting there, what they heard from the herbalist who was to help them tore their hearts apart, leaving them angry and on the brink of despair.

The herbalist had informed them that they had to choose one of either: to lose the ability to have children through the sacrifice of either husband or the wife’s genitals or to sacrifice one of their children.

The couple did not agree to the terms of the herbalist and left of the place, the herbalist tried to call them back to tell the them more about the options but they did not border to listen has they headed home.

They decided to leave their faith to God.

Some weeks later, Pato informed his friend about the whole ordeal and hinted him that he was still thinking about the options. Eventually, he went back to the herbalist to offer his manhood for the ritual.

The herbalist tried to explain the complexities but Pato told him to go straight to the point and use his manhood to do the necessary rituals.

After the deed was done, his election campaign went smoothly with considerable success.

Two years into his electoral post, one of his kids fell seriously sick and could not go to school, while the other three were kidnapped while at school.

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The couple had to pay ransom to get their kids back but during the transaction, two of their kids were killed, they could only get one back. Unfortunately, the two kids that died were boys which left them with two girls.

Caro was not comfortable with this, she wanted to have boys, not long after she made this known to her husband and started making efforts to seduce her husband but he keeps giving excuses.

Eventually he gave in, and they had consecutive rounds of sex at any given opportunity they had but all efforts proved abortive. At this point, Caro was curious, she wondered what was wrong, so she went to the hospital alongside her husband for check-up, their results were good, according to the doctor they were in good health condition. he then advised them to seek spiritual help.

Caro’s husband was against the idea and he instructed her never to visit any spiritual place again reminding her of their last ordeal. She agreed and obeyed her husband till she could not bear it any longer and went to church and explained her ordeal to her pastor.

After serious prayers sessions, the pastor made her understand that this is the beginning of her problems and that her husband needs to confess unless things will be worse.

She went home and explained to her husband what her pastor had told her.


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The man said he had nothing to hide, that the pastor was probably not a real pastor, two weeks after, they lost another child as one of the two daughters slumped and died, while the other daughter kept falling sick until she fell into comma.

Shortly after things worsened as Pato’s business started to collapse and it seemed that all his success seemed to be disappearing at very alarming rate, he decided to call his wife and explained to her how he went back to the herbalist to use his manhood for ritual.

Caro’s was mad at him, she refused to talk to him for days. She still wondered why they were experiencing all sort of bad luck since in theory it was only his manhood her husband used. She reckoned that there was more to this than they actually knew and so he advised her husband and herself should visit the herbalist to find out what had actually happened.

On reaching the herbalist, they explained their ordeal, to their amazement the herbalist said all they her experiencing is just the tip of the iceberg.

He stated that when he said Pato should use manhood for rituals and they won’t have children again, he meant all their children will die and they won’t have any child as well but Pato did not allow him explain the day he came back, he was just after the success of the rituals.

The couple asked the herbalist what was the next solution, “you have to confess to the world you did money rituals before your life can be normal again and your last daughter will be able to retain her life but your riches will be gone as well. You will have to start your life again as a poor person and work your back where you use to be” the herbalist replied.