Title: DR CHEAT || Written by Aooms

Hi, my name is Rose, I am in my middle 20’s but my list has been on a steady fast track, my relationship life has never been much of a story as I don’t attract a lot of guys. I cannot say I’m ugly but I am not that “everybody’s demand” kind of person Moreover, I don’t dig the idea of makeup or drama that warrants unnecessary attention.

But no matter how unattractive a woman is, she will always have her admirers, that’s I found myself in this present relationship of mine. my boyfriend is player, flirt, fling, he was very cute, so cute he had girls buying things for him, spending on him, either brostitute or gigolo or both, he is everything sef because he had sugar mummies as well. He never spent for women as long as he slept with them, they will keep spending on him. The number of girls he has slept with is boundless.

When I met him, I was really naive and innocent and I was a virgin, we became friends first before we started dating, he checked up on me few times and relationship was all rosy, he deflowered me, it was quite painful at first but after that it was all sweet and fun for me but I was stupid I lacked knowledge in cooking and sex and soon we drifted apart.

I am sure sex with him would have counted as of his worst sexual experiences. Then about a year later or so we got back together and we decided to give it a try. I learnt how to cook because he loves food. He taught me how to make love and he’s great in the bedroom and things were great. I never really let his past disturb me because I had stars in my eyes for just him.

I was madly in love with him. Most of the times we spent were indoors and I would complain that I wanted to go out with him and do stuff like a couple. After much postponing, we finally started doing things outdoors and his male friends knew we were dating and we would hangout everywhere.


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Then one fateful night while we were clubbing he got drunk and he started telling me how much he loved me and that I am a good girl he didn’t deserve. That even when he’s been with other girls and he comes to me I would accept and still love him.

This was a shocking confession and I was shaken to the root of my being. He begged for forgiveness which I accepted.

We spent more time together, I met his family and everyone in his house and his friends knew we are an item, and they all loved me.

But I had a hard time trusting him but I just let go and just let him love me the way he knows how to. 2 years after he gave me his phone to help send some things to him and after I sent them I just went through his whatsapp and I saw so many chats with so many girls that’s his been sleeping with. I confronted him about it and he didn’t deny it.

We broke up, I cried and I literally felt like my whole time I spent with him was a lie. He begged saying he was stupid and that he’s changing, that I was making him a better person but his past is really hard to let go, and he asked me not give up on him now.

After a lot of crying and begging we got back together but it was kind of hard for me to forget easily and completely.

We would fight every other day and the whole incident brought us together on a whole new level, drawing us closer and valuing each other more. But I don’t know if he will ever change or if this is true love.

He flirts a lot, at a time we started going to church, so he can be born again only for the female workers of the church to shower him with affection and attention, before I knew what was happening he had slept with half of the female workers in the church and few others were sending him nude pictures.

It isn’t as though I like all these happenings, but it’s like an impossible mission to make him stay faithful.

My mum says that all men cheat that I should better just manage him since he values me a lot. I know he loves me but will he ever change? And am I supposed to leave him and say he will never change and find someone else.  3 years and he is still all I want. He’s perfect, he spends on me, gets me the things I need and loves me but it’s just the cheating thing I don’t know if he will outgrow it. The way I see it everywoman that needs a man to cheat with on her husband or boyfriend ends up with my boyfriend, it as if he is a doctor for cheating. “DR cheat”.

I love him but I have doubts, what do I do?