It was nearing their final week in Secondary school and the air was rife with students looking to settle scores and fulfil big dreams before the last day. Mayowa was one of them.

For all of his six years in secondary school, he had always had eyes for Yemisi, a pretty student in his class. In those years, he had watched her grow from adorable to becoming a bombshell. Whereas in JSS 1, while pretty, she was flat-chested, by SS3, her bre*8ts had grown so much that they were straining seductively against her too-tight uniform top and the way her ass move underneath her skirt was enough to make mouths water. It was no wonder that randy teenagers spent years chasing after her. But one terrible thing about Yemisi was her attitude.
She was rude and looked down on people. She was only friends with a selected few and she believed that she should be nasty to people who were not her friends. She always had a reason to fight a fellow classmate at least once a day. This led the boys to have to suffer an uncomfortable blend of arousal and detest for her.

Mayowa wanted more than anything to get his hands on her but he had always believed that was unlikely until one day. He walked into his room in the boarding house to three boys making plans to have their way with Yemisi. They stopped talking as soon as he entered but after assuring them that that was also his lifelong dream, they let him in.

It was unlikely she would be able to fight them all so they hatched a plan. All four would get her alone and have their dirty way with her.

They enlisted the help of another boarder girl and Yemisi’s friend, Toyin. Toyin was to lure Yemisi out of the dorm late at night under the pretext of going to get something she forgot in class and the boys were to take over from there.
On the agreed upon night, everything went according to plan. Mayowa and four other boys stood at an inconspicuous corner of the school compound awaiting Toyin and Yemisi. They soon heard their voices and stood at alert, ready. Once the girls reached the boys, Mayowa was first to grab Yemisi as Toyin immediately ran back to the dormitory.
Yemisi soon began to struggle against them and let out a loud scream. The boys, who did not count on this, backed off from her. Mayowa was fast thinking this was a bad idea. Why the hell did he think they could pull off something like this? He was in the process of backing away along with the rest of the boys when something unbelievable happened.

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Yemisi began to gently take off her clothes one by one. With her blazing eyes on the boys, she said, “you want to f*kc? Come f*kc.”
The boys looked at each other in shock. Was this some type of game?

Yemisi was now naked and making straight for Mayowa whose d*kc was rock hard despite his immense surprise. She reached for his trousers and the other boys simply looked on, shell-shocked. She unzipped him, releasing and holding on to his d*kc. When she was satisfied with the hardness, she laid on a bed of grass, legs spread and pull$$y open. There was no way Mayowa was going to reject the invitation.
Settling himself between her legs, he entered her. He let out a groan as his d*kc was enveloped in the warmth of her tight cunt. She held onto him, moaning, “yeah, oh yeah,” over and over. Her legs were wrapped around him and his chest was grazing sweetly against her bare bre*8ts.

Mayowa plunged into her cunt a few more times then with a deep grunt, came inside her pull$$y. He got up afterwards and Yemisi looked towards the other boys whose d*kcs were threatening to rip through their shorts.

“Who’s next?”

One by one, the boys had their dirty way with her, f*kcing her and filling that hole. Yemisi moaned all through, enjoying being their object of affection and attention. She took each c*kc hungrily and gladly. This had been her fantasy for so long and she could not believe it was coming true with no effort on her part. Lying there, she accepted all four d*kcs until they all came and by the time she stood up, her pull$$y was sore and dripping with the mixture of the boys’ cum.
Wordlessly they went their separate ways.




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